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  1. "Bounty Incurred" for legally destroying defense turrets
  2. Missing sound effects when flying Vulture
  3. dav's hope launches srv into space
  4. Overpowered Pirate Bug
  5. Materials stuck inside of objects
  6. Receive Power Play Bounty in Own Control System
  7. Codex error during Guardians Missions
  8. Improper Control of Station War
  9. Thargoid Scout Missions aren't completing.
  10. Freezing when jumping
  11. modules keep disappearing
  12. Missing merit points
  13. Cannot deliver boom cargo mission
  14. No landing radar
  15. Interdicting CMDRs not instancing
  16. Game Freezes on Jump
  17. Jameson memorial bugs
  18. [ Horizons] Elections are bugged