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  1. Annnd it's official. Let's discuss the (probable) good and bad.
  2. You got to be ting me, thank you...
  3. Dynamic Animations for Dinosaurs
  4. Bring some MMO into JWE?
  5. Any idea whether crowdfunding will be contemplated?
  6. What people loved and didn't love about Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
  7. Jurassic park building and vehicles
  8. Your wishlist for Jurassic World Evolution
  9. We Need Amazing AI learning for Dino and NPCs!
  10. Everything Wrong and Right about Jurassic World?
  11. Is JWE Planet Safari?
  12. My Jurassic World Evolution Cinematic Hype Trailer
  13. Add controller support
  14. Gameplay video
  15. Evacuation & Lock Down
  16. Dinosaurs Don't Breed
  17. Jurassic World Evolution: Expectations from an Operation Genesis fan
  18. Theory: Genome Tweaking, Hybrids, and the Indominus Rex
  19. Trees, Grass Leaves should Move
  20. Looks fun
  21. Thank you for the education!
  22. Can we pre-order the game?
  23. Game Play Suggestion: Immersion ....
  24. My dream game is coming!
  25. Parkasaurus, JWE's worst rival..
  26. What I hope for to be presented in JW :)
  27. Whens the next news update for the game?
  28. A Road System/ Transportation/ Vehicles
  29. Frontier Learn From Indie Hinterland Massive Early Access Success!
  30. Petition & Poll Anyone?
  31. So IGN First just put out another Jurassic World Evolution trailer
  32. Deinonychus model needs Improvement
  33. Polygon mentions JWE in their 50 most anticipated games of 2018
  34. A MUST SEE "The Origins of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World" with Jack Horner at Frontier Expo 2017
  35. Jurassic World Evolution info leaked
  36. Will JWE have a Site B mode?
  37. JWE exhibits
  38. Dinosaurs
  39. A look at the JWE Ingen Data Base
  40. The 5 Deaths and Isla Nublar
  41. Dinosaur's lifetime
  42. Dinosaur Computer Tracking
  43. Lethal & Non-lethal Weaponry
  44. Hopes and Worries for JWE
  45. VR VR VR VR VR????
  46. Color, Behavior and Size
  47. Hello.
  48. Dinosaur Protection Group
  49. JWE Reveal: Stegosaurus
  50. Understanding Jurassic world evolution
  51. Entertainment - Security - Science
  52. JWE Reveal: Brachiosaurus
  53. The Indoraptor
  54. The logistics of running a park
  55. Add Baby Dinosaurs
  56. Jurassic Park Music
  57. JWE announcements/news drops coming in March
  58. What Easter Eggs would you guys like to see in the game?
  59. Information coming reeealllyyy soon!
  60. No Alpha Buy In? (Probably already been asked)
  61. Jeff Goldblum to reprise Jurassic Park Role in Jurassic World Evolution
  62. Wish List - SO HAPPY!
  63. Release date leaked!
  64. Lets talk system requirements
  65. I am excited.
  66. PCGamer
  67. Add Option for Blood and Gore
  68. Only one day till the big reveal
  69. Steam release
  70. This is coming to Xbox, right?
  71. Terraforming
  72. Dinosaur Wishlist
  73. This is going to be the greatest game in the history of greatest games ever made ever.... ever.
  74. Will there be mod support?
  75. How do you call groups of dinosaurs?
  76. Pc requirements
  77. Jurassic World Evolution: AMA
  78. Spiritual successor to Operation Genesis?
  79. Tomorrow is the game-play reveal day!
  80. Wishes and Hopes for JWE!
  81. Jurassic Park Live with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  82. Bio-engineering specifics?
  83. Frothing at the opportunity this game provides....
  84. Dinosaur Open world
  85. Marine reptiles and Flying reptiles
  86. Translated German Article from reddit
  87. Nintendo Switch Port?
  88. 40 Dinosaurs at release confirmed: What do you think?
  89. Version for Mac
  90. It's here!!! Gameplay!!!
  91. just a little bit worried
  92. Add Male Dinosaurs
  93. Pre-Order Bonuses
  94. Dino-Fusing? (Plus a Thank you!)
  95. Soundtrack for Deluxe Version?
  96. No day and night cycles? Whaaaaat?
  97. Stats For Our Dinos and Naming Them
  98. The Guests...
  99. Why such a gap between physical and digital release?
  100. Jurassic Park Buildings
  101. Improvements Feedback
  102. Early demo for pre-orders?
  103. sandbox mode
  104. Where is the customization
  105. Site B ??
  106. Was just about to buy on Steam... then noticed: Denuvo
  107. Pre-ordering and Acrocanthosaurus
  108. Steam workshop
  109. Dinosaur list
  110. PS4 website says release date is 31/12/2018, is this a mistake?
  111. Ptérosaurs and Amphibiens?
  112. Not enough RAM
  113. Non-dinosaur animals?
  114. If these 2 things were in it would've been perfect
  115. Speculation on Isla Nublar?
  116. Only Steam for PC?
  117. Do you think we've seen the extent of the buildings and upgrades?
  118. Console VS PC Whats the difference ?
  119. Feedback!
  120. General Criticism Thread
  121. Demo
  122. Customization of enclosures! Terrain and Flora options
  123. First person mode to walk around in!
  124. PS4 Pro (and Xbox One X) resolution support?
  125. trees & park lamps & trash cans & restrooms ....etc
  126. The End Game
  127. Italian language for Jurassic world evolution
  128. Given the choice, which platform would you play on?
  129. Open and close
  130. will there be a physical delux or collectors edition?
  131. Suggestions about How visitors come to the park
  132. Microtransaction Concerns
  133. Dinosaur Nicknames
  134. big electric fences and in-gen blue helicopter and in first jurassic world evolution first trailer
  135. Herbivores eating available plants instead of dispensers
  136. the game must have big aviary for pterosaurs and Jurassic World Lagoon for marine reptiles
  137. Tracking System
  138. a T.rex Kingdom styled enclosure
  139. Cleaning those paddocks
  140. Guest interactions with dinosaurs
  141. Getting a physical copy
  142. Terrain paints!?
  143. JWE looks amazing, offers to purchase are a disappointment.
  144. Authentication
  145. Map size confirmed
  146. Dinosaur species count secretly quite high? Theory inside:
  147. Sea dinosaurs and flying dinosaurs?
  148. An option for feathers ?...
  149. Movie related content when watching JP in theatres in summer 2018?
  150. Anyone else think this is going to be a monumental let down?
  151. Interview with JWE lead writer
  152. Confirmed. Just 26 dinosaurs (Plus 5 deluxe) in game.
  153. Please stop whining about unconfirmed aspects of the game.
  154. A LETTER TO THE DEVELOPERS (from the Jurassic World Evolution Community)
  155. all fences in Jurassic World Evolution
  156. Non-Lethal ACU actions only?
  157. There ARE more than 30 dinosaurs. This number is completely false information. Proof inside.
  158. Only 2 viewing attractions?
  159. What we REALLY LIKE about what we've seen!
  160. CONCERN: Is the whole Management system too simplistic?
  161. CONCERN: Fearless goats/herbivores.
  162. 4wd mode looks amazing!!
  163. A special thanks to FDev as well as the community.
  164. The goats aren't supposed to run?
  165. Time for some positivity, no dinosaur limit, or very high limit.
  166. Worries about the game
  167. A more realistic dinosaur behavior?
  168. Names and Colors
  169. What.... playable dinosaurs?
  170. ACU Center have jeeps & use it to recapture dinosaur that can attack jeep & destroy it & kills ACU
  171. Jurassic World animals of Isla Nublar
  172. Release Dates
  173. Suggestions about decorations & terrain & other things like restrooms for Jurassic World Evo
  174. No actual islands/maps
  175. Spinosaurus
  176. If you modify genes to lower aggression...
  177. Confirmed marine and flying dinos?????
  178. Concerns and suggestions
  179. Mosasaurus?
  180. A more realistic dinosaur behavior? About Dino AI and Interaction Animations
  181. Queridos Frontier...
  182. Why Frontier Ignore Polish players?
  183. Sony error?
  184. Baby dino Petting/riding buildings
  185. Your Thoughts on Gene Traits & Genome Level
  186. A Rehashed JPOG?
  187. Microtransations confirmed, so what is your preferred way to purchase cosmetics in JWE?
  188. Isla Nublar Theory
  189. Park Status mechanics
  190. DNA - Breeding possibility
  191. What U wanna to add and hope will be in the game>_<
  192. Day/night cycles unimportant
  193. Sandbox mode
  194. This is how I want my park to look
  195. Wanted features etc
  196. Mining and selling metals
  197. Hybrid or Hybrids?
  198. A simple request about language and subtitles
  199. Should guest needs really be left out for launch?
  200. Park Shut down
  201. InGen Themed Park
  202. Dennis Nedry Event
  203. New cover for physical version
  204. Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution
  205. Nighttime in Jurassic Park - Devs please read this
  206. I'm getting genuinely excited with this game
  207. How Do Dinosaurs Breakout?
  208. Game NO fear NO suspense, security TOO easy! :(
  209. Mosasaurus and his feeding show
  210. Dutch subtitels for JWE
  211. PS4 o Xbox for JWE
  212. Planet Coaster WasserPark Dlc?
  213. Water Park dlc? Wasser Park Dlc Vorschlag
  214. Isla Nublar you have to succeed where others have failed
  215. T.Rex model was changed?
  216. Dinosaur limit?
  217. Forest Fire Events
  220. Consequences for Staff/Tourist Deaths?
  221. Sea Life
  222. I hope Frontier is listening about "Sandbox" Mode You will lose credibility if its not included.....
  223. Why dinosaurs became extinct
  224. What contracts will you pick?
  225. Question for the moderators: A poll?
  226. New Information from PC Gamer Magazine
  227. Flying and Acuatic Dinos
  228. New content
  229. Compsognathus
  230. Suchomimus?
  231. Expedition and Research Centers
  232. Transparency
  233. Why do people love Sandbox mode?
  234. "Chase" Game Mechanic Proposal
  235. Why would anyone want a console?
  236. Spinosaurus poll
  237. Let's talk about MODS
  238. Why a day/night cycle would be cool.
  239. realistically, what do you think will be fixed before launch
  240. The limit of the Cobra Engine?
  241. Dinosaur names
  243. Aviary and mosasaurus paddock in JW Evolution?
  244. Animation carnivore IA
  245. More Realistic
  246. Metriacanthosaurus looks pretty awesome
  247. Can we build anywhere on the islands?
  248. Genome Library Theft
  249. So, what are your ideas for your park?
  250. Russian localization
  251. Improvement Suggestions
  252. Non-standard playstyles/Intentional events
  253. question about fossil dig sites
  254. Jurassic world evolution game updates
  255. Какие будут гены животных в игре