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  1. A Guide to Minor Factions and the Background Sim
  2. [BGS] Trading for Influence
  3. How does controlling faction at a station work?
  4. BGS question: Human killing human counts for stability of system?
  5. Question About Combat Bonds
  6. Wars reduced to 14 days?
  7. Permit giving faction given automatic influence jump on Thursday ticks?
  8. Anywhere I can find a rundown on what exactly all the different system states actually mean?
  9. Huh, what?
  10. Background simulator: TL;DR (Sirius Inc's official BGS guide)
  11. Player faction and absence of CZ massacre missions
  12. Basic BGS Guide (brought to you by the AEDC)
  13. BGS guide by Turlorn
  14. BGS Cheatsheet
  15. Top 5 bounties report
  16. Query with regards to the lockdown state.
  17. Bgs question
  18. Excited by the BGS, but plenty of questions.
  19. Question About Abandoning Missions
  20. Cap per CMDR per day?
  21. So pleased to finally see this subforum!
  22. Choosing a minor faction.
  23. Debunked BGS theories
  24. How can this faction still be controlling everything? (Bug?)
  25. New Forum Moderator: Jane Turner
  26. Don't Panic: BGS guides and help
  27. Wing missions and the BGS
  28. When and what is the tick?
  29. Is this a BGS first? All factions the same government type
  30. Changes to the galaxy map in 3.0 enabling interesting BGS intelligence
  31. RIP factions with Megaships
  32. Killing sec ships of non leading faction in front of their station leads to wanted status when in SC
  33. Compromised Navigation Beacons vs Controlling Factions
  34. Faction Name Generator
  35. Player Minor Faction protection
  36. Mission logic/effectiveness of the faction that issues the tasks.
  37. Killing Wanteds vs Bounty Benefit for Controlling MF
  38. Beyond: Wing Missions and the BGS. How will they work?
  39. Confusion Regarding the Retreat State
  40. Murder
  41. Influence caps
  42. Question About Conflict Zones
  43. Expansion Help Please
  44. Question on Influence Match Trigger and Pending State
  45. The Balance of ATR response BGS-wise
  46. Wing Mission Spam
  47. Two Minor Factions TYPES were changed.
  48. Expansion by invasion: opportunity to watch
  49. Supporting the hostile faction to trigger civil war - really?!
  50. War & Civil War Base thing
  51. Beta: Something should be done urgently with log records! No influence info on completion
  52. Influence Matching Level to Trigger Conflict / Election
  53. Have no comments - just see the bug report in the thresd. 3 exceptions from normal BGS in row
  54. Black Markets will now be a benefit for Anarchy factions?
  55. Question about total control of a system
  56. What does it take to flip a system to a different controlling faction?
  57. Blackmarkets fix for Anarchy
  58. Meta-Alloy Demand
  59. Missions in Beyond: increased BGS effects
  60. Does rare good trading effect BGS?
  61. Question: Does the BGS sim affect what is seeded in Stations with outfitting?
  62. Station Lighting: Flipped stations still sporting their old allegiance colors and decals
  63. Do Recovery timers only count for conflict states?
  64. New beta Change? No more fractional %
  65. Bounties against wanted ships
  66. In what order do assets change within a System?
  67. BGS: effect of missions on already pending WAR state?
  68. Does killing wanted ships reduce faction influence?
  69. Tonight, it begins.
  70. AU Bombing or FD running a protection racket
  71. Expansion help
  72. Support Achenar Empire League
  73. Does inf from exploration data is effected by scan type
  74. How much Influence is raised per Quest
  75. Contacting PMF's
  76. Crime is Crime?
  77. Elite Factions - contacts
  78. How I would the ED BGS love to work...
  79. Aegis's Home System
  80. How does Interstellar Factors accepting credits affect BGS??
  81. Is expansion blocked by pending conflict?
  82. How can everyone in one system gain influence?
  83. Selling exploration data gives positive influence - but how?
  84. Search and Rescue contact blocked by Political Change
  85. BGS exploration data level cap?
  86. Q for BGS veterans - Outbreak & non-controlling faction
  87. Just how broken is the Retreat mechanic?
  88. Maximising influence effect from exploration data
  89. How to Trigger Civil War
  90. Does the Game Round Influence?
  91. An important civil war is coming, and we are looking for players ready to fight !
  92. Anarchy Player Minor Factions
  93. Passenger Missions & Boom
  94. Queston about war duration and influence - think i may have opened a can of worms
  95. Possible to head off a pending outbreak by delivering medicines?
  96. Lockdown questions
  97. The BGS
  98. Missions not completed
  99. Fetch missions having no effect (Or does war block non-combat action in *all* systems?)
  100. Investment
  101. Wikipedia statement - "No conflicts can happen below 7% influence" - seems not true 2 me, however...
  102. Controlling Faction
  103. Retreat, Retreat!
  104. Magic retreat in two days...
  105. Index to The BGS. Previously on the forum . . .
  106. War/Civil War/Election - Which Station is Taken First
  107. Anarchy no longer has black market
  108. Something doesn't add up
  109. Missions now add destination faction reputation change
  110. System used to be Empire, now pirate?
  111. Mission Optional Rewards : How They Display
  112. RES sites change since 3.0
  113. [3.0 Update Issues] Mission Targets AWOL?
  114. Open Missions Changed Rewards
  115. Stations reverted back to old signs (Superpower affiliation)
  116. Anomalous traffic report
  117. Bug Report : Mission Board Filters for Influence
  118. Truthful Rewards?
  119. Missing influence points in the PlayerJournal
  120. Mission end:No record in log = no data. Wanted investigator of network traffic on selection reward
  121. Post 3.0, do completed Missions still give no influence during a War/Civil War?
  122. massacre missions not showing up during civil war.
  123. Selecting missions awards and their effects.
  124. New warzone mission rewards. Do not know exactly, blame, or laugh...
  125. Trading and Influence
  126. If you could ask the Thargoids to attack your faction...
  127. was it intended to remove local news from station bulletin?
  128. 3.0 Missions
  129. Aggressive expansion
  130. 3.02 - Black Markets & Commodoties
  131. Fetching the Ethos: Questions on Terminology
  132. Elections : Other System Actions
  133. Lockdown questions please
  134. Donkeys for Decimals
  135. What are the conditions for ending a war / civil war?
  136. the bgs and the effect of the "new" missions
  137. BGS questions
  138. Office of Galactic Statistics - Minor Faction Summary Report
  139. Knights of Beneverchio in Avalon: struggling to take control
  140. Owning a detention centre?
  141. Attacking non-wanted faction ships with new C&P rules.
  142. How low influence needed to trigger a retreat?
  143. BGS Commodity supply relationship to Cargo Missions offered
  144. BGS Commodity supply relationship to Cargo Missions offered
  145. Helping a minor faction take over an uncontrolled system
  146. Any known links between Thargoids and BGS?
  147. Background handling of commodities
  148. Border Base Federation/Imperial Search Methods
  149. Pirate masscre missions - how to counter them?
  150. Riedquat's Black Market
  151. Massacre Missions: one of my favorite things to do in game, no longer worth doing....
  152. Unplayed PMF
  153. Promoting one of two Pending States.
  154. Interstellar Factors Missing
  155. Can Lockdown block a conflict state
  156. Rare goods - Kamitra Cigars
  157. Black Market prices
  158. Undermining a target faction's influence
  159. Minor faction in retreat, but still there after
  160. Missions and Influence...Journal file does not match
  161. Looking for BGS info
  162. Are factions that disable black markets overpowered now?
  163. PMFs: data, charts, and the coming galactic player wars...
  164. Mission influence effects on other systems
  165. Rare Commodities Trading
  166. Black Markets During Conflict
  167. Influence increase equal with missions for both factions?
  168. Retreating faction has an asset
  169. Is there a doctor in the house?
  170. For You, Johnny, The War is Over
  171. IF and bounties counting for influence: quirk or something else?
  172. Question on pending states
  173. BGS Noob... Where to begin?
  174. Does anyone else get frustrated with the time and effort they put into engineers. Only to shelve it.
  175. Conflicts from 60% Influence
  176. Retreat and War Go Pending Together
  177. Anything I should know about Colonia bubble BGS?
  178. Working on BGS and/or minor faction influence during war
  179. Civil War Didn't End
  180. What could be the reasons this conflict has not started? Boom?
  181. Flipping two systems: Trying to gain understanding by doing it
  182. Second Expansion triggered from the same system
  183. Capital ships
  184. Inner system deliveries
  185. Non landable assets: do they transfer?
  186. Anarchy controlled systems
  187. Famine with lower tier minor factions
  188. Influence caps/gains and the wine analogy
  189. Covert election massacre missions
  190. Decision Paper on Background Simulator in Elite Dangerous
  191. bgs influence
  192. What act counts as piracy, as the BGS is concerned?
  193. Welcome to Alliance Space, PMFs...
  194. Oh yes the B.G.S
  195. Transactions: BGS Guide Best Current Thinking
  196. B.G.S civil war question
  197. States: "Best Current Thinking"
  198. Fines added to bounty - what negative influence do they have?
  199. Powerplay and the bgs
  200. Expansion destination
  201. Expansions: BGS Guide Best Current Thinking
  202. Retreat: BGS guide best current thinking
  203. War and Civil War: BGS Guide - Best Current Thinking
  204. player faction administration contact?
  205. Squadrons
  206. Elections: BGS Guide-Best Current Thinking
  207. Today's population systems chart by allegiance
  208. The Great Big BGS Wishlist
  209. BGS: System Growth & Development
  210. BGS Influence calculation: Random thoughts
  211. Link for squadrons and BGS thread in Focused feedback forum. Plase,follow-BGS may change completely
  212. Faction A 'preparing for war' against Faction B
  213. Does selling at a station with a profit support the controlling faction or hurt it?
  214. Preferred Ship for BGS
  215. Powerplay proposals
  216. Making a Killing (not)
  217. Rewards of the receiver
  218. Destroying faction ships outside of their home system
  219. Single vs multiple player influence?
  220. Sudden drop in influence
  221. Fallout from the BONUS trading weekend.
  222. Black Markets and what makes them appear/disappear in a station.
  223. Question about the BGS Tick
  224. Quick Question: How Does Gaining Fines Affect Faction Influence?
  225. Retreat question
  226. Q: Minor faction influence on other systems
  227. Unable to provoke a war with the controlling faction
  228. Top PMF galactic map
  229. Defending against Murder Monkeys and other BGS attacks: Best Current Thinking
  230. Thresholds of bounties and bonds
  231. Missions and Passengers : Diifferent Buckets?
  232. Leapfrogging faction
  233. "Except in Colonia"
  234. Inf gained from trade depends on system source not market
  235. question regarding expansion courier missions
  236. BGS issue in colonia
  237. Walking away from your faction
  238. Why is the BGS not transparent?
  239. Possible to head off a pending outbreak by delivering medicines? Part 2
  240. The great data nerf?
  241. War-theme missions might be fixed finally
  242. very few if any influence heavy missions
  243. Will they fix what they broke?
  244. Question about war/civil war states.
  245. V3.1 : Inf Effect of Exploration Data nerfed significantly?
  246. Largest Expansion Distance
  247. Trade and the production of commodities
  248. Locating Parents of 'Orphan' Player Factions
  249. Influence Points Limited in Wing Misions
  250. Isn't there a BGS state missing: "Thargoid Invasion"
  251. A single player holding an entire community hostage
  252. What period does a tick cover?
  253. A Constructive Rant to Frontier
  254. TPP Faction Near Old Worlds
  255. Trading and the BGS.