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  1. Support Guidelines and Information
  2. request the Korean language.. plz
  3. Game doesn't load up for me?
  4. Game cant start - not released yet..
  5. Wrong language
  6. Wrong language
  7. Frontier Store and Jurassic World
  8. Running slowly
  9. Game doesnt Start
  10. Resolution and fps issue
  11. screen size issue bug
  12. Server not reachable!
  13. Game not starting
  14. Wrong GPU
  15. Game will not launch
  16. Game not starting properly
  17. Games crashes when I'm trying to change the island
  18. Creative Mode
  19. Bought the game, Didnt get it
  20. Mouse settings
  21. Unable to save game and settings
  22. Can't save game
  23. no screen, just mouse and sound.
  24. Pre Order dlc lost on Xbox One
  25. Game wont start
  26. Voice Actors Not Speaking
  27. Only Mouse Pointer / Game does not start
  28. Steam Preorder skins
  29. Game Crash !!! Help !!!!!!
  30. game crashes
  31. steam account says my game is not yet released
  32. Small Improvement You Can Add To The Game
  33. Just Moise Pointer and Sound | NO VIEW | NO SCREEN !!!!!!!!!!
  34. No Steam code in "my key purchases"
  35. Operation Failed / No save possible and island change
  36. please help me :( :( :( :(
  37. can i lock my fps to 30?
  38. Game won’t open
  39. Please I am lost. (Pre purchase skin bonus)
  40. Steam PC Version - Windows 10 BSOD during play - Random
  41. My Game will not start
  42. Game won't save or change islands, procmon says otherwise
  43. Languages
  44. Can't re-name my Ranger team.
  45. Buildings tool bar
  46. Please help! Can my computer run this game.
  47. Played for A day and now cant get on my island
  48. Definitely bought the game in steam before the time when there was 6 to 8 hours to release, but...
  49. Xbox One X Keyboard and Mouse Support?
  50. Game doesnt Start
  51. Game randomly crashes to desktop (but otherwise runs fine)
  52. I have only been able to have one play session, game crashes as soon as it starts every other time.
  53. [Xbox One X] after latest update 1.1.1 game always crash in loading saves.
  54. Game Crashes
  55. XBOX ONE help game not loading
  56. Toolbar doesn’t open on PS4
  57. Crash Logs?
  58. change language
  59. Game is messed up
  60. Game Lagging on 2nd Island for PS4
  61. Help! Xbox one
  62. (Xbox One X) Laggy after patch
  63. No connecting path
  64. [PC-STEAM] Game doesn't start "Unable to initialize SteamAPI"
  65. JWE needs DirectX11, I have 12
  66. [XBOX] Game will not start
  67. New update crashes game [xbox one]
  68. Geting Frequent Crahes, Help would be appreciated!
  69. Streaming/Resolution issues PC
  70. Swap assets from xbox to pc
  71. Achievements not unlocking
  72. My newly updated version crashes on launch
  73. Laggy while I have a good PC
  74. Corrupt Save
  75. Can't save with game installed on E drive
  76. Improvement proposal and bug
  77. I´ve got lags when building
  78. Expedition won’t finish
  79. Save files not taking right.
  80. Game Crashes
  81. Game is unplayable :(
  82. Accessibility
  83. Very Laggy Game
  84. Isla tacaño won't load(Please help), haven't played yet but in debt ?!
  85. Games Crashing after 20-45 minutes of play.
  86. Please I am lost. (Pre purchase skin bonus)
  87. Intensive Repair modification
  88. Loading screen problem
  89. Lag or frame problems on PS4 pro
  90. Game Crashes
  91. Corrupt Save
  92. Dinos get stuck and die
  93. Denuvo? Or am I missing something
  94. Deluxe DLC dinos miissing
  95. Isla tacaño won't load(Please help)!?!?
  96. JWE Not starting after working perfectly for the first few days
  97. Bug with paths
  98. Low frame-rate when dinosaurs fight
  99. Cannot get any farther
  100. Side Menu Issues
  101. Cant travel island to island
  102. Not getting Achievements Xbox one
  103. Not getting the missions on JWE
  104. Saved game corrupt
  105. Game Crash!!!
  106. White Screen - Crash - Error
  107. No suitable 3D graphics adapter is available
  108. Land Cruiser car game crashes Xbox ? Help
  109. Isla Tacano Problems
  110. It's possible to synchronize save game between Xbox and Steam?
  111. Crashes after loading or continuing game.
  112. Blue/gray screen after around 30 mins.
  113. New languages
  114. Ranger Vehicle Horn?
  115. Planet Coaster Hel
  116. Crashing on start up
  117. Ingen Memos
  118. PC is lagging / screen stuttering while I have a monster PC
  119. where are the saves
  120. Dino Glitches
  121. Hammond creation lab glitching and disappearing after update on xbox one
  122. Electrified Concrete fencing doesn't chain electricity?
  123. Xbox one saves
  124. Gyrosphere Bug
  125. Contracts will no longer appear on ps4
  126. Cannot displaythis video mode
  127. Research Bug- PS4
  129. There is a Freeze on game loading
  130. Game Crashing upon Loading-- Xbox One
  131. Graphics Issue on Isla Pena (PC)
  132. Game crashes when loading.
  133. Is it possible to Cap FPS to 30?
  134. Is there a problem or is my PC not good enough?
  135. How to change the language of the game to latin american spanish?
  136. Can´t click Buttons when game starts
  137. Facilities not doing anything on Pena
  138. Random crashes at random times nothing specific, please help.
  139. Help-- Game Saves- Transfer?
  140. keyboard and mouse problems
  141. Will Not Install At All With New Update
  142. Game Crashes on New/Load Game
  143. Can't get on Isla Nublar - xbox one
  144. Suggestion: Rework PC controls
  145. How Do I Fix This
  146. Xbox achivements not unlocking
  147. Xbox one error when loading Isle Muerta
  148. mouse problem
  149. Crashing loading game after 3.1 update.
  150. jurassic world evo help
  151. Game won't sync
  152. Game Stops Responding after about 2-4 hours of running.
  153. Cant complete science mission on isla sorna
  154. Double End credits?
  155. Serious performance issues while playing on Playstaton 4
  156. Saves Corrupt every time the game updates. And is there a way to fix corrupt saves
  157. When the dino kill other dino there are not in range.
  158. Issue launching JWE on xbox
  159. Game not starting on PC
  160. Steam Missing File Privileges Error
  161. I can't get past Ian Malcom's intro?
  162. Expedition issues
  163. Game fails to launch since last patch
  164. They game won't Load for me
  165. Research for Mamenchisaurus Done But Dig Site Is Locked
  166. Can't find pentaceratops or apatosaurus
  167. Jurassic World Évolution doesn’’t Worlk au all
  168. Mouse and keyboard support for ps4
  169. "No suitable 3d graphics adaptor is available" message appearing
  170. Frequent game crashing.
  171. Jurassic World Evolution not installing on XBox One console
  172. Unlocked the 1993 Jeep skin, but after crash it's not there
  173. Jw evolution failed load
  174. Pre-Order Bonuses Not Included
  175. No Fallen Kingdom Update for PS4 Box version???
  176. Controller vibration seems non existent
  177. Dig site issues
  178. Unusual Game Crashes With Different Species
  179. Windows 10 problem: Saved Games folder disappears after restart
  180. Stuck on loading screen
  181. Please Help! Jurassic World Evolution slow gameplay/lag
  182. New Game, unable to use paths tool!
  184. Nothing happens when start the game
  185. Paths not working
  186. Cant breed dinosaurs on Isla Nublar
  187. Black bars
  188. What's this url question asking for
  189. In Game Structure Language
  190. help pleas the game crashed
  191. game crashes on loading
  192. Not receiving anything from Isla Sorna.
  193. Game crashes every time i create an ACU centre
  194. No new cotracts
  195. Crashing during startup
  196. Ryzen Specific CPU Crashes
  197. Game will not start on Xbox One
  198. Steam Overlay broken
  199. Acer gaming laptop?
  200. game screwing up
  201. Launching problem still persists!!!???????????
  202. dpad won't move to the right to select different fence or path options
  203. Help recovering a game file
  204. Input Not Supported?
  205. After play for some minutes JP Evolutoin crashes and restart the computer
  206. Every game I try to start I get a "missing .dll" error
  207. Game crash
  208. Lost file with new ps4
  209. Overwrite saved data
  210. Launch problem
  211. cannot search
  212. Search completely unusable
  213. PS4 1.4 Update not Updating
  214. Game freezing when I try to save.
  215. Denuvo Problems
  216. Important features of my JPE game have stopped working since the 1.4 update was downloaded to my PC
  217. Graphics Issue After 1.4 Update
  218. Erro ao iniciar jogo Steam Windos 10 (Resolvido)
  219. Storm problems Nublar
  221. Game alt-tabbing to desktop when in Fullscreen mode. Fine when in borderless.
  222. 1.4 Graphic bugs
  223. ps4 Neck wobble glitch & framerate drops.
  224. Expodition help
  225. Game Crash on Start up
  226. Would it be possible to get a daily "In The Works" thread?
  227. PS4 Can't connect Path in Jurassic Challange Campaign.
  229. Xbox One Save/Load Erreor
  230. Multiple crashes while playing JWE on PC
  231. Is there a way to limit fps in game options ?
  232. JWE won't run anymore and crashes everytime I launch it.
  233. Xbox one game won't start
  234. Size update not working
  235. Beat Jurassic Mode and no skin was unlocked
  236. Update problem
  237. Dr Will DLC PS4
  238. Crash After 1.14 patch
  239. Frontier please help!!
  240. performance keep getting worse with each update - as of 1.5 now fully unplayable
  241. Crashing After 1.5 update
  242. day-night cycle causes major fps drop
  243. Game crashes in challenge mode when selecting new contract
  244. Autosave Error when trying to load Isla Tacano
  245. Jurassic World Creation lab + Save bug
  246. Jurassic World Evolution
  247. Massive randomly crashes after Update 1.5
  248. Hi my game is really lagging after the 1.5 update
  249. game is not working at all
  250. Game crashes on start up.
  251. Crash at game start - issue with latest NVIDIA driver
  252. Sharing DLC on multiple accounts
  253. Unable to 100% Stegosaurus
  254. Arid gene not unlocking in database
  255. Game crashes when starting Challenge Mode