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  1. Engineer rep, not quite clear
  2. Understanding Vulcanism: A MWSOG Geological Survey - Beyond Chapter One BETA (We request your help)
  3. Serious- Information Request.
  4. G1 to G5: Analysis on "The added grind"
  5. So...
  6. Own Horizon's, no Horizon Access in Beta
  7. Please change to a single roll to advance through module tiers, instead of the current 2.8
  8. Power Play: Quality of Life Improvements for 3.0
  9. Not Live yet
  10. crash, connection to server lost, everytime I try to launch. Maybe server load?
  11. Ships are Pricey !
  12. Avast ye!
  13. Not unexpected, servers are jammed up, keep getting disconnected
  14. Old Rolls vs New Rolls megathread
  15. TYVM Frontier!
  16. ED Beta in Oculus
  17. No new ships at Vonarburg?
  18. Please add Fish in the next Beta!
  19. [SUGGESTION] Scrapping Engineered Modules
  20. Limpets behaviour with regards to Material Cap change
  21. Your Ship Is Hot, And So Are You. We're Impounding Your Ship, And Arresting You Too.
  22. Chieftain cockpit in VR, those panels are a bit bright...
  23. Male ship voice
  24. I think I'm in love
  25. Crime & Punishment
  26. Beyond Screenshots
  27. Data Storage
  28. Installed beta -> controlls wiped?
  29. FINALLY: turreted thrusters :D
  30. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Crime Update Rules and Feedback
  31. You can now toggle weapon/engine color
  32. Engineer UI sticks after almost every roll.
  33. FSD range increase and experimental effects?
  34. is there a fast track for materials?
  35. Control Bindings Mess
  36. AX Ammo Synthesis in 3.0 Beta!
  37. Custom bindings?
  38. Bug with GalNet Audio playback
  39. Horizons?
  40. This needs answered sooner than later...
  41. Per-Material Limits Are A Mistake
  42. So They Weaponized the Power Plant...
  43. Chieftain can be found....
  44. Find what's wrong in this picture
  45. My Scarab seems to get stuck under the Chieftain a lot
  46. Materials broker at engineer stations, PLEASE!
  47. Please shed a light on this!
  48. [Bug] Multi-cannon conversion completely removed modification
  49. Throttle set to Zero on exiting Hyperspace.
  50. legacy modules not updating after transfer
  51. Pinned blueprints - whole range or one grade only?
  52. Folder for bindings?
  53. Flight stick roll Avatar Animation is reversed.
  54. BUG: mats/commodities flipped in mission screen
  55. Steam and the beta...
  56. Engineer Access Level
  57. Bug: Chieftain external lights
  58. Please increase Callsign for Ship IDs to the maximum of 6 characters
  59. Megaship Interactions
  60. Joystick rolls the wrong direction
  61. Engineering question
  62. [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Engineering Update Rules and Feedback
  63. Missions
  64. Beta 3.0 My Feedback so far (will be updated)
  65. COVAS: Cockpit Voice Assistant
  66. [UI]Engineers
  67. Galnet and Other Audio
  68. Trade-Data Improvements
  69. Technology Brokers
  70. Gib fish pls
  71. Loving the Rail-tain
  72. ED Tracker not reconised
  73. Please add 'Apply experimental effect? YES / NO ' confirmation rather than 1 click
  74. GalNet (French-version-robot-thing)
  75. New Experimental Weapons
  76. Planetary Colours
  77. Grandfathered modules...
  78. Material brokers don't appear on galaxy map using filters unless you visited the system / starport
  79. New Thargoid Ships
  80. Alliance Chieftain
  81. Bug: Mission contract offers received in messages are extremely confusing
  82. Callsigns
  83. Galnet Audio starts talking after entering the main menu
  84. 135% -12.5% vs 143% positive feedback post...
  85. BETA: Wing mining missions anyone seen them?
  86. Constantly unable to now load into the beta - Instant crash
  87. Planets/moons appearance
  88. Add Planetary Collector Limpets
  89. Experimental effects for fuel scoops?
  90. Beta 3.0 First Impressions - Engineering
  91. For some reason my Launcher is stuck.
  92. Chieftain to hot under weapons?
  93. Credits and a different ship?
  94. Upgrading to G5... My Experience
  95. [CRASH] Problem when applying experimental effect
  96. Wings: Mission Depot crashes to menu every time
  97. Multiple Issues engineering
  98. Modifications are a lot of clicking.
  99. New Alliance ships rank locked when Beta goes real
  100. Galnet Audio Volume
  101. Download
  102. Throttle Resets to ZERO On Jump Exit in 3.0 BETA
  103. Chieftain armour exceptionally heavy
  104. Game Crashes on Entering
  106. Engineering and Material Brokers, I'm Not Happy
  107. Class 5 Shield on Imperial Cutter: is it possible?
  108. Mining and materials issue
  109. DEVS.. where to get Cracked Industrial Firmware in beta?!
  110. FDev, please change the new engineering system to be per blueprint and not per module.
  111. Default Upgrade
  112. Chieftain : What were you thinking FD?
  113. New Delivery Missions EDITED
  114. Awesome job, FD. Thank you!!!!
  115. New Feature to Add - being able to review INFO pannel
  116. First impressions of the new engineers....how many things can be wrong at once?
  117. ATR - One Dimensional God Mode Ships
  118. Suggestion: Let us see how many jumps WITHIN the Galaxy MAP
  119. Default playback device oddity (beta broke non-beta audio... dont ask!)
  120. Typo megathread
  121. Anyone else having trouble Approaching Black Hide?
  122. GamePad/Controller Stops Working Intermittently Across the 3.0 Beta
  123. just thought id say thnks :)
  124. Trade Info is Clunky
  125. I don't think I like the boost pips change
  126. Engineering in the future: My Suggestions.
  127. New top engineering changes makes an existing module a lot worst
  128. Please allow multiple grade blueprints pinned for remote workshop
  129. New engineering tier climb very tedious
  130. control settings don't seem to work in the Beta
  131. Fast Start Option?
  132. Resolution Issues in 4K (and graphics error?)
  133. The Alliance Chieftain might as well not exist
  134. Interstellar Factors: Excessively exorbitant?
  135. Bug - deployment weapons on joystick hi-hat up
  136. Make the new menu for galnet and engineeres loopable
  137. Holo-Me in Anaconda too low
  138. Bug: Engineering Interface
  139. Graphics are blurry
  140. Beta so far...
  141. Federal ATR superpolice arrives
  142. If you were worried, RNGneers are still here
  143. SRV Reticle
  144. This G1 to G5 on every module needs some exemptions if I understood correctly...
  145. Engineers: so what's my improvement??
  146. Anybody willing to multicrew so I can see the new Thargoid scouts in action??
  147. Target triangles around stations and bases in VR
  148. Stuck at davs hope.
  149. I believe the new engineers will need a bit of "randomness"
  150. Exploration First Discoveries not paying bonus.
  151. Galmap Filters
  152. QUESTION re: Material Traders have only a limited subset of ingredients?
  153. VR - bad graphics performance
  154. Material distributions have changed: beta bug or huge impact ?
  155. ATR and general beyond feedback
  156. Engineers: mix old system with new
  157. My tip is....
  158. Horizon owner - but simple elite in beta ?????
  159. Please give us some proper experimental effects for non-weapon modules
  160. The gap between combat focused ships and allrounders keeps increasing.
  161. Have an option to Install the Beta into another hard drive not the Primary SSD C:\
  162. Wing Missions - Massacre Contracts
  163. Unable to play beta?
  164. Pinning blueprints - need more than one
  165. I'm liking how the friendly fire changes are working out
  166. The Goids
  167. Voice Attack in Beta?
  168. Missing Horizons ships
  169. converting grandfathered module of grade 1 will result in a stock module
  170. New Engineering Screen text too small
  171. The Chieftain in Beta first Look
  172. Bug. Engineering buttons losing focus
  173. No money in Beta
  174. Xeno Trader?
  175. Hud Colors
  176. VR - Modification's text hard to read.
  177. Hardpoints screen selection
  178. New thargoids!
  179. Engineers - is this right, rep needed for EVERY individual module?
  180. Data-Link Scanner Effect should be added to other scanners too.
  181. Pinned blueprints mis-represented in beta? Dev input welcome!
  182. Friends List Missing MANY Friends
  183. Units vs Weight - Is There A Ref Chart?
  184. Bug: unbalanced mission rewards
  185. How do the new Engineers affect the new C&P?
  186. Engineering changes are very bad and chieftain is laughable
  187. Please Increase Storage In 2.4 Before 3.0 Goes Live
  188. Keeps dropping me out of session
  189. Surface scanner still too silent
  190. UI suggestion for engineers
  191. Lost 7 Million Cr Ship... 13 Million in Credits... 2 Federation Ranks... ?!
  192. Bug with Module swapping
  193. So... What can an FSD get up to with the new engineers? 56.0%
  194. Beta generates a lot of CPU heat
  195. Missing modules
  196. Missing devices: T16000M
  197. Change Chieftain paint
  198. The new engineer system is BAD
  199. ATR: Where is the Shock & Awe?
  200. Knock knock, who's there? Not me, at all...
  201. New collector limpets are WORSE than older ones.
  202. Player Journal/Logs in Beta 3.0: A Question....
  203. cant get the beta to run, what are the system requirements?
  204. did the FPS drop to almost half of what it was pre-beta for anyone else?
  205. Wing mission timers need to be changed
  206. materials trader and technology broker broken
  207. The Criminals: Got the stick, but need BGS activities and impact
  208. Increase the need for material requirement? Getready for the pain of material collection.
  209. HOTAS, HAT menu control disabling during engineer upgrades?
  210. Creating experimentals without paying
  211. Game claims I'm selling salvaged cargo at a loss
  212. List of all trader material groups
  213. Material trader locations?
  214. Move the ship voice to the functions panel
  215. Planetary buggs!
  216. Play regular game while beta downloading.
  217. Is anyone else having trouble finding Interstellar Factors contacts?
  218. My number 1 tip for 3.0
  219. GUI Bug In Engineering AFM Modules
  220. How do I log onto the Beta Server?
  221. My take on Sandro's 1/25 update
  222. Discrepancy between terrain render and terrain model on Listeri
  223. Cutter's seat position
  224. "Victor" voice in ship but not in SRV?
  225. Grade 5 materials are removed from some planets, bug?
  226. Sales of found commodities shown as loss even as credit balance increases
  227. The Return of The Darkness?
  228. "We dont want to waste your time."--Best joke 2018.
  229. Experimental Effect - Imgur Album
  230. Vin's 3.0 Beta Feedback Post - Part 1: Engineers
  231. Engineer Experimental Effects need a confirmation screen
  232. BUG: Weapon type indicator does not match actual weapon type
  233. [Material Broker] Exchange rates for materials
  234. HRP - Heavy Duty
  235. Galnet audio should play over non-important ship audio
  236. Material brokers - Reduce trade rates
  237. G1 Low Emissions Power Plant inferior to current system; buff suggestions
  238. Bug still when taking off planet menu system cannot be used
  239. I want to play more of the Beta
  240. Beyond Beta Engineers
  241. Type-9 Cargo Space Buffed to 788!
  242. Game Crashes in Beta 3 EDH
  243. Favours with engineers cost you 2 levels...
  244. Chiefain vs FAS
  245. wing mission
  246. Fdev... heres an hint for further development...
  247. OCULUS RIFT 3.0 WOES!
  248. [Suggestion] Font color for materials in system map planet detail
  249. [Suggestion] Annoymous Access - Minor Infractions
  250. Extra USB Peripherals unrecognized
  251. Problems with Wing Missions
  252. Unpopular suggestion: Iron Man Godrolls
  253. Question on Ranks and Credits in Beta
  254. Beta C&P Response Test - Medium Security (mostly PvE)
  255. More information while applying secondary effects //Consider adding a material broker to engineers