View Full Version : 3.0 Open Beta: Requires More Information

  1. Text error on Tech Broker Enzyme Missile Rack
  2. Unable to collect cargo for wing mission
  3. CTD when trying to join any mode. (Engineer's Crash)
  4. Total Freeze on selecting Legal from Transport Options On Mission Screen
  5. interdiction issue
  6. Wing Mission Frame Rate Drop
  7. Crashes when Alt-tabbing
  8. Lighting of Anaconda broken
  9. Crashes when I get killed
  10. Soft Crash
  11. Materials trader screen locks up on purchase
  12. terrain arround planitarysettlements not loding properly
  13. Holo-Me got shaved
  14. Main Menu - All Controls Unresponsive, Can't Click
  15. Entering Planetary Shadows affect rendering of other nearby planets
  16. CHIEFTAN - PVP - Hardpoints and Optional Modules Emptied On Getting Destroyed
  17. Wing Massacre Mission : Mission Signal Source, Enemy not marked as Mission Objective
  18. Stuck Screen at Pillar of Fortitude Detention Facility
  19. UI BUG Rank Progression Difficult to View and minor alignments
  20. Inventory material and data description issues
  21. Ground textures on planets seem low res and strangely off
  22. Attempting to fly SLF causes CTD
  23. No Thargoid Missions in Pleiades
  24. View Blueprint Crash to desktop
  25. Clearning Legal Issues module crashes to desktop
  26. Station flight control muted
  27. Anonymous Access Overlapping GalNet
  28. seeing "This effect will override the effect that is already installed" when no effect installed
  29. Game Crashes alot while in the cheiftain
  30. Target info HUD element overlapping
  31. Prevented from firing weapons or boosting
  32. Blurred graphics in windowed mode
  33. Thargoid Thread 4 - Marauder Framerate drop
  34. Overlapping text bottom right when changing between complete and greyed out modification grades
  35. Wing missions hang in solo and private modes
  36. Frame rate swings 60/30fps random planet surfaces.
  37. Boom-time delivery
  38. Follow-on mission contract details message wrong
  39. Targetting Subtargets of an Another ship causes the Targeted Information Panel to Stretch
  40. Light flash issues
  41. Galaxy map - show by size - reseting to none when changing maps
  42. Chieftan "Boost Failed" despite perfect conditions
  43. Items (dropped cargo) disappears from radar
  44. Can only play in Solo after clearing save and fast start option
  45. Instantly Interdicted by player - no interdiction minigame
  46. Right Panel Texture Error
  47. DWELLER takes materials to add effect but no effect added to module (ie. dazzle)
  48. Top5 and Bounties issued/claimed do not show PowerPlay activity.
  49. Starport Services news item button reappear over a news item 47 seconds after opening.
  50. Got Bounty when firing on wanted ship.
  51. AI Pilot Progression not showing correctly within ship
  52. No audio or visual indication of FSD supercharge
  53. New trade data screen, in commodities
  54. The contacts menu's ADHD syndrome.
  55. UI locks up going to Advanced Maintenance
  56. Nav Beacon around Katta 4 F
  57. Voice of new male option
  58. Commander name doesn't work
  59. Unable to map controls to devices.
  60. Outfitting: Detailed Surface Scannerr unable to store.
  61. assassination missions
  62. Shadows appear pixelated above Chieftain. More details in the image links.
  63. flashing line in chieftain line of sight
  64. Nebula look terrible! Heavy Banding!
  65. Audio Issue w/ Ship announcer
  66. Can't apply experimentals if there are not enough materials for a new modification
  67. Planet surface glitche/floating rocks
  68. Station continued allow me to dock after scan when seriously wanted
  69. Multi-Crew Partner Has the Helm
  70. Planet Day-side-surfaces too dark
  71. planetary surface visible when platform lowers, not the hangar
  72. NPCs highwaking from within stations or after successful interdiction with no colldown
  73. Module list empty after leaving outfitting
  74. Top 5 Powerplay Bounties report does not generate
  75. Camera suite Stabalizer on
  76. Wing missions disapear
  77. "Unrecoverable transaction" when collecting materials
  78. NPCs unable to scan players at nav beacon until the player activates their FSD
  79. Occasional screen freezes where game continues in background - End Task required.
  80. interdiction
  81. Random disconnect/crash
  82. Material Trader at Abnett Platform in LHS 2884 hanging on opening & not visible in Gal Map.
  83. engineering freeze
  84. Have to relog to reload weapons
  85. Cargo Missions: Multi-player vs single missions not balanced
  86. Weapon stuck
  87. Ignore list for limpets missing
  88. Bad pilot/cockpit lighting inside foggy stations
  89. Notoriety gained while undermining in powerplay
  90. Known Engineers / View Pinned Blueprint (Nomenclature) Descriptions missing
  91. Bug: another player appeared in Solo mode
  92. Buying ship totally locks PC