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  1. Uploading Screenshots and Videos from Xbox One
  2. HIP 54530 Permit impossible to attain
  3. t-9 always scratches the mailslot while auto-docking
  4. Barnacle Site far above gound
  5. CQC: mini-gimbal effect on weapons is now absent; causing serious lack of explosions
  6. In-ship VI audio hiccups
  7. 2.4 ship landing hud displacement
  8. Mining Woes!
  9. Super power kicked out bug
  10. Weak Shields and Bounties
  11. Xbox crashes when typing in galaxy map search box
  12. No stars except habitable ones appear on map and route plotting fails
  13. [2.4] Connectivity Problems
  14. [2.4] Donate message error
  15. Adhoc mission rewards
  16. {2.4} Docking CPU not working on planetary bases
  17. Recalled Ship Lands in Trespass Zone (and gets destroyed this time)
  18. [2.4] Planetary Scan Missions defective
  19. Mission board empty
  20. [2.4] System enforcer killed me after beeing scanned without any bounty
  21. All passenger missions in HIP 10716 are VIP (and most other standard missions are mining)
  22. Exploration Unintended Game Mechanic
  23. My ship fell out of the sky??
  24. Solar exclusion zone doesn't appear until it's too late to change course or slow down.
  25. Can't change or transfer ships, spawn 20k ly from station
  26. Galaxy Map not working
  27. No galactic Powers background music
  28. Ship Rebuy did not replace my engineered hull packs or weapons
  29. Multi Crew rewards bug
  30. Lack of rank up data missions
  31. Powerplay bug
  32. Elite dangerous game dashboarded me fighting thargoids.
  33. Tantulum shipments not counting towards CG.
  34. [URGENT] Powerplay - Lost months of Federation Allegiance
  35. [2.4] Holo-Me Type Blend Weight Bug
  36. Stacking passenger missions
  37. Mission Targets
  38. Bug report menu
  39. xb1 heat sync and sheild cell bank random firing, occupied landing pads
  40. 2.4 Trapped in Holo Me
  41. Commander Deluxe Editioin - Cobra MKIII Military Paint Pack not appearing in Livery
  42. First discovered info not appearing
  43. Cannons not making the controller vibrate on the Federal Corvette
  44. Sounds not working on Federal Gunship
  45. Atracked megaship und nhss in wrong system?
  46. Enforcers are Nowhere to be found GT = Eag1e00
  47. [2.4] Hull damage after release Type7
  48. Frequent Connection Errors - Xbox
  49. 400 limpets bug
  50. Second Aegis Initiative not registering contribution
  51. Marco Qwent
  52. Crashing in witch space
  53. 2.4 Docking Computer on Clipper with G5 DD doesn't work well
  54. New Purchase Detected
  55. Multicrew
  56. The pirates can shoot me and not gain a bounty.
  57. Instant Death from Thargoid Tractor Beam
  58. Elite: Dangerous Xbox one server issues after 2.4
  59. Black box salvage missing
  60. Commander Deluxe Edition/Commander Pack Paintjobs Missing
  61. Frequent Connection Issues
  62. [2.4] Mining missions have disappeared
  63. Cobra MK.3 gear is duplicated and clipping
  64. Game sounds broken, distorted or nonexistent while in gunship
  66. Mission payouts are just awful now!!
  67. Reputation locked follow on mission
  68. FX17 Flight Suit not saving
  69. Exquisite focus crystals and Colonia missions
  70. I lost a ship and a crew member to a possible bug
  71. Music plays softly and briefly immediately after auto-docking with music disabled
  72. Player Faction not in system but discription is.
  73. Community Goals and and System Bounty Issues
  74. Mining payout incorrect - way less than calculated!
  75. Drunk System Security
  76. 2.4 Buzz Crash
  77. lost my ship even though I could rebuy it, but it wouldn't let me
  78. Ship destroyed twice, still have bounty?
  79. [2.4] Planet Scan Missions
  80. Cutter hard point graphic missing
  81. 2.4 Missing friendly traffic controller greetings at allied Fed stations
  82. Unknown rebuy screen while exploring.
  83. Bug or not? Engineer stacking results.
  84. Yet another board replaces contents with Colonia destinations/mining/donation missions
  85. FSD range with no cargo shortened in 2.4?
  86. New Purchase & Lost Ship due to bug
  87. Able to fly copy of Friend's ship in multicrew
  88. HOTAS full reverse on opening Xbox Guide menu
  89. Dashboard crashes
  90. No mission objective
  91. I can't see ship names
  92. Istanu Unauthorized Installation
  93. System Influence Gains Stagnant
  94. Dropping from supercruise
  95. Ship blew up on landing
  96. Texture glitch at star port caused ship and cargo loss
  97. Modded a weapon and a different modification was added as i have accepted
  98. Diamondback Explorer showing an untextured portion of hull on inner side of nacelles
  99. [2.4] Cannot send messages whilst in normal space using T Flight One HOTAS
  100. Planetary landing bug
  101. Assassination Missions Bugged
  102. Misson Board Loading Extremely Slow or Partial Mission List Only Loading after extending period of time
  103. My Cargo Disappears after Jumping.
  104. Elite crashes when suspending to view other app
  105. Hotas Headlook Hat Y-Axis Invert
  106. Generation ship Lycaon not spawning
  107. MRP error when attacked with a heat weapon
  108. Mission Board Not Giving Proper Missions for State
  109. FSD Jumps continually causing my game to crash during Transit
  110. Type nine's not spawning in agriculture, anarchy, boom
  111. Federal Gunship Graphic Issue
  112. Rammed by Thargoid ship
  113. Mission Enemy NPCs dropping in
  114. Pulse paint job on Imperial Cutter obscures decals
  115. ED Horizons Update Not Available in Turkish XB1 Online Store
  116. Current FSD Jump range < minimum range
  117. Resource Zone bounty hunting.
  118. Connection status: Internal server error
  119. 2.4 Zombie Fed Gunships
  120. Distortion of ship's voice audio
  121. Stone appearing in mid-air when docking at planetary landing area
  122. Sound stops while playing
  123. SRV Cargo Shows Ship's Cargo
  124. Mission enemy when I haven't accepted mission
  126. cannot accept data misions
  127. Route plot disappears after multi-crew play.
  128. Submitting to interdiction blows me up
  129. Cobra Mk III thruster rendering error.
  130. Low res textures on planets
  131. BGS minor faction issues
  132. Horizons missions be offered
  133. No Warp Effect When Jumping To Super Cruise or Hyper Space
  134. Floating cargo destroyed by nothing.
  135. Xbox One X - Performance/Quality mode switch is broken.
  136. Illicit Cargo
  137. Random 'SLOW DOWN'
  138. Infinite Loading Screen
  139. Long range passenger missions
  140. Lori Jameson - Engineer Invite - In wrong language received in German not English
  141. Game crash when entering orbital cruise
  142. (2.4 X1X) Cant Login To Game
  143. No T9's spawning in supercruise anywhere in ED
  144. Massacre Mission Target Count Not Updating
  145. Xbox One X game crashing?
  146. Frequent crash-to-dashboard while driving SRV during planetary scan jobs
  147. Trouble with bindings.
  148. Elite Dangerous crashing every time I open Galaxy Map to plot route
  149. Frequent Crash on Xbox One X
  150. SRV Cargo reappearing after destruction
  151. Pilots Federation - faction not on mission board in SHINRARTA DEZHRA
  152. Permit
  153. (2.4) SLF PROBLEM
  154. Stars Not Loading In The Core
  155. Core Dynamics Sounds
  156. Viper IV Rear Camera
  157. Salvage Black Box missions spawning Trade Data in mission USS instead
  158. System map showing no 'First Discovered by...' info until after DSS scan
  159. Interdiction shows that you win, but still dropped from supercruise
  160. SRV turret glitch
  161. NPC Behavior in combat
  162. Selene Jean unlock bug
  163. Could not turn in Sensitive Supply Mission to Tanner City
  164. Unable to access frontier store on Black Friday on Xbox One Console
  165. New Bugs?
  166. Xbox one x unable to run game
  167. Asteroid mining graphical glitch
  168. Navigation screen unresponsive
  169. Anaconda Large Hardpoint Visual Bug
  170. ELW/Ammonia World Graphical Issue
  171. Aegis trade CG tier thresholds are unachievable
  172. Instant Death on low gravity landing, full shields
  173. Asterope and Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65 Not Spawning missions
  174. haz substance detected
  175. Lot of planetary bugs at one place
  176. Video Gitter/Interdication
  177. Lost engineer access levels with Tod 'The Blaster' McQuinn?
  178. very minor cockpit bug
  179. (2.4 X1X) Wierd Ghosting
  180. No contacts at all
  181. Ax weapons
  182. Cant get past loading screen to get to the main menu
  183. Xbox One X Unable to start game
  184. Missions to outposts despite being in a large ship.
  185. Missions to some starports have the symbol for a planet base.
  186. Canít get past logo splash screen
  187. game crashing
  188. Missing sound when surfacing from large bay
  189. Difficulty scaling fixed?
  190. Latest patch made my Xbox Scorpio unstable
  191. [Xbox One X] Resolution setting regularly switches back to 4K
  192. No "Incoming torpedoes or missile" Warning
  193. Hotas one movement and thrust
  194. no replotting route
  195. Cobra Mk4 No Longer Available
  196. string lighting in imperial fighter
  197. Killed before I had even properly left the space staion??
  198. Spammed With Mission Update Messages
  199. Mission timers lose 20 mins instantly as soon as mission accepted (video provided)
  200. Stuck rebuy screen
  201. Trying to leave a Private Group results in an endless "Waiting for server response, please wait," prompt.
  202. Members donít show in Private Group
  203. Lost Progress Loading into a new game
  204. Vocal prompt glitch
  205. Half of the Wade Terminal under the surface
  206. The cargo hatch bug again
  207. Federa Gunship doesnít play computer sounds and eliminates station and alerts sounds +some ship sounds
  208. Limpets Fail To Pick Up Escape Pods In Titan's Daughter And The Oracle
  209. Cutter ship kit, and ship kits in general different colours
  210. Type 10 Defender: Hardpoint not firing correctly
  211. Missing Ship
  212. SRV Steering Axis not linear
  213. [2.4] Repeated hanging when dropping from supercruise
  214. T9 and T10 severe texture issues
  215. Cyclops thargoids are bugged.
  216. Gal-map crash with Jet-Cone boost.
  217. Ship Recall Instant-Destruction
  218. Loading Problem Dropping On Damaged Station
  219. I Cant Move XBOX
  220. Flight controls not inverting
  221. Pirate NPC'S don't have a wanted levels till after they attack system authorities.
  222. Commander Pack Not Showing Purchase In Game
  223. Eudoxus Dock
  224. Passenger mission additional requests bug
  225. Cockpit view zooms when landing on planet in T10 (Deciat 6D)
  226. Continued BGS mission spawn issues
  227. Federal Gunship audio issue
  228. Scanning problems
  229. Frame shift drive
  230. Can't disembark passenger
  231. Disc not recognised.
  232. Multi-Crew Voice Communications Are Unidirectional
  233. Celaeno 1 Relay Ruined me
  234. Cannot load up game
  235. Bugged Surface Scan mission
  236. Ceremonial comms POI are always empty
  237. planetary scan job - building or search zone doesnt show up on planet
  238. I got legendary edition on disc but no horizons
  239. Gold FDL Paintjob not appearing in Livery
  240. Connection Error in Open,private group or solo
  241. Ship Insurance Bug
  242. Interdicted while interdicting
  243. Cartographics Data To Be Sold Not Showing As Scanned In System Map
  244. Route Plotting Failed
  245. Lakon Type 10 Defender - Landing gear bug when loading back in to the game when in SRV.
  246. Elite Dangerous
  247. Cannot connect to matchmaking server error
  248. missing contacts
  249. [v2.4] Shadows in Corvette Cockpit missing
  250. Right Stick Intermittent Responsiveness
  251. Body kit colour issue
  252. ECM and Mine interaction causes crashes
  253. Other player ship names not displayed
  254. Crash to dashboard when route plotting
  255. Type-10 Defender won't come to complete stop when not in Supercruise