View Full Version : 2.4 PS4 Bug Reports

  1. 2.4 XBOX and PS4 Universal Cartographics sub-menu not selectable
  2. Controller vibration missing from Imperial Clipper during boost
  3. Graphical Glitch in Nebula
  4. PS4 Connection to transaction server error
  5. Odd and random Ly distances showing when looking at jump destination and when jump is targeted.
  6. PS4 Pro graphics glitch/bug. Texture flashing
  7. Audio cracking, missing, slow and slow game response
  8. [PS4] Low resolution textures
  9. NPCs 'Still' occupy assigned landing pads in 2.4
  10. Scrolling issues for missions in mission boards
  11. Degraded Graphics in Update 2.4
  12. Unable to Retrieve Full Mission List from Server, Partial List Shown.
  13. Headlook works badly while jumping into hyperspace (after 2.4 this bug remain)
  14. Low resolution texture in front of landing pad at asteroid stations (also from 2.3)
  15. Black Screen Crash
  16. Screen judder in SC (2.3 bug again)
  17. Overheating between stars after jump. 2.4
  18. Frameshift info has new readability issues
  19. 2.4 Bug (PS4): Clipping Issue With Trousers
  20. Improper distance figures
  21. Npc pirates/bounties scan as clean and bounties are reset on them.
  22. Docking computer issues in 2.4
  23. Galaxy Servers Offline Message
  24. Missions not counting to empire or local faction reputation.
  25. Station announcer messages very quiet since patch 2.4
  26. Npc bug
  27. broken audio on Clipper and Courier
  28. Mission Board takes a long time to load
  29. High-paying passengers crash the app
  30. Cannot Create New Bookmarks
  31. Anaconda with 3A Power Plant can not be replaced by transfer PP
  32. Cannot start application CE-30008-1
  33. Can't vent my hopper. (Mining)
  34. Loss of Yaw issue
  35. Align with escape vector or FSD Jump
  36. Ram Tah mission payout increased
  37. Sound lacking from Hangar
  38. Multiple Crashes Accepting Passenger Missions
  39. Textures don't load on ships and structures
  40. CG second aegis initiative deliveries not registering?
  41. Free look whilst using docking computer
  42. Several different missions with identical target groups do not count the kills correctly
  43. Have Advanced Medicines been deleted from the game?
  44. Credits dissapeared
  45. Possible bug: Untypical Shield Scans
  46. Deployed SRV at planet station - ended up nearly in space!
  47. SRV cargo scoop deploys and then retracts automatically, continuously
  48. Unable to see my purchased ship after blowing up with a sidewinder
  49. Galaxy map friend / wing positions incorrect
  50. bug (with workaround): NPC crew unavailable to be assigned to SLF
  51. PS4 The client is too old
  52. Missions not paying any cr
  53. No Wanted NPCs in REZ sites or nav beacons.
  54. Federation Rank
  55. Reduced Planet Textures after
  56. Game Freeze
  57. Engineered modules disappearing from storage
  58. Where is my money
  59. High difficulty on 3rd planetary exploration training mission
  60. Galaxy map unworkable!
  61. New Unread Message Unseen
  62. Reputation mysteriously dropping.
  63. Multiple identical messages on Planetary scan missions.
  64. Bounty Countdown Timer Stuck at 2 Minutes
  65. Jumps between systems showing about 33 trillion LY
  66. Sidewinder Pre-order Gold Paint Job Disappeared Post 2.4
  67. Unable to complete passenger mission at Freeholm
  68. Zacariah Nemo invitation mission bug
  69. Fed navy mission, destination missing.
  70. Problems with interdicting
  71. Game crashes on start
  72. No engine exhaust in supercruise
  73. When in Supercruise Look Controls are reversed
  74. Planetary Data Scan missions.
  75. Game won't Start!
  76. Lakon Trans 7 autodock malfunction
  77. No Encounters of Thargoid ships count
  78. Station destroy ship for no reason
  79. Python cargo scoop misalignment.
  80. Planetary Star Port Landing and Docking Computer
  81. Rebuy Purchase are not working!
  82. Time stamps on Inbox seem to be incorrect.
  83. Can't start game
  84. Ore/Materials Collected Stopped Counting
  85. I'm Getting Angry about that things
  86. 90% of engineered ship modules deleted after Rebuy
  87. NPC's
  88. Galaxy Map - Missing Data
  89. Mission bugs
  90. Exploit mission on ED Horizons V2.4 on PS4
  91. Headlook mode disabled
  92. Failing Palin Thargoid mission at Maia
  93. Orca name plate unreadable
  94. Jarring LOD Transitions
  95. MIssion Systems not showing in Galaxy Map
  96. Bad quality FSD jump animation after patch 1.10
  97. Very Poor Shadow Quality (PS4 Slim)
  98. Python LOD Engine Glitch
  99. Headlook off-center during Auto-Dock
  100. Planetary Scan repeat bug
  101. Error linking Frontier account
  102. Prof Palin wont unlock
  103. FPS Reduction Since 1.07
  104. Sun Texture Popping
  105. Continuous Attacks from Bounty Hunters
  106. Failed missions without explanation.
  107. Market not showing cargo onboard ship. Not allowing cargo to be listed.
  108. Authentication failed
  109. Two missions failed during downtime
  110. Post 2.4.04 mission boards take up to 45 seconds to load or fail to load
  111. Random heating spikes
  112. Game crashes while plotting 17k+ ly route after supercharging FSD off Neutron Star
  113. Neutron Cone glitch?
  114. Login Failure
  115. Galaxy Map plotting issue
  116. Quality and Performance settings are exactly the same.
  117. Passenger missions
  118. Game keeps crashing to unresponsive black screen
  119. HUD elements obscured when targeting body to low wake to.
  120. Vanishing upgrades
  121. Some planetary missions cannot be completed
  122. Galaxy Map not Filtering Famine Systems
  123. Texture Loading Issues for Earth on PS4 Pro
  124. Pirate mission contact does not appear at new rendezvous
  125. Followup missions bug
  126. Hanging at Initial Title Screen
  127. Opening Galaxy map causes crash
  128. Killed by NPC within 15 seconds after interdiction
  129. Mission bug, eliminate Pirates, location nonexistent
  130. Pirate lord assassination mission fail
  131. Can't see planet bases or engineers
  132. Problem with nebulas
  133. Stuck in hyperspace
  134. Encounters section of statistics information disappear
  135. Sky Motion cannot be found
  136. Galaxy map glitching
  137. Murdered twice in a row
  138. Sky Motion Beacon not reachable
  139. After resurrection i've lost half of the modules and all weapons
  140. Ship Livery switching back to default whenever swapping ships.
  141. Bug: trade mission generation scaling
  142. Bgs/missions not generated
  143. Paint not showed up
  144. Attacked by the same Assassination Target Simultaneously
  145. HOLO ME textures (specifically for tattoos) not loading properly
  146. Type 7 Invisible - Fails to render ship model on external camera view
  147. Ps4 after this new maintenance update I can't change outfitting
  148. Along with the bugs in my last post
  149. Still no fix to my issues
  150. Fighter bay is dooming me to be an outlaw...
  151. Palin Unlock
  152. Unexplained module malfunctions in supercruise
  153. Money disappearing
  154. Power distributor
  155. SRV weapons not firing
  156. Selection jumping in comms panel
  157. Comms History Bug
  158. Kill Credits shown and not credited.
  159. The dweller, grade reset bug
  160. Triangle button fails to expand menu items
  161. Missing Port
  162. Planet did not load and ship was destroyed.
  163. Minor Grammar Error: Damaged Starport Warning On Galaxy Map
  164. Updated controls switching back to default on random in gameplay ..
  165. Too Many NPCs (which causes various problems) In Large Player Instances.
  166. Wing Numbers Not Showing Correctly
  167. Salvage mission objectives don't spawn at site
  168. Constant never ending messages any time I do literally anything
  169. Module Screen Causes Significant Framerate Reduction
  170. Not a bug but the AI annoys me
  171. Decals not showing up on srvs
  172. Minor ASP Scout paintjob issiue on PS4
  173. Top hat on HOTAS glitch during menu navigation
  174. Persistent connection errors exiting sc at damaged stations
  175. Planet surface not aligned with textures and planet objects
  176. Texture issue with Neutron Stars
  177. Plotting ruote bug with star type filters
  178. PS4 with Horizons Fed rank not advancing
  179. Blown To Smitherines
  180. Button Context Menus Incorrect
  181. Bug: landing pad backwards
  182. Diamondback Explorer Paint Skin Graphics Bug
  183. Assassination Missions, Window of Opportunity always 4-6 hours from now
  184. "X has left 10 stations"
  185. Ship Ramming Me Gives Me Bounty
  186. High Grade Emissions in Civil Unrest Systems
  187. Going into Non-Human interuptions from FSD, and nothing there.
  188. Two-button mappings doesn't work correctly with HOTAS
  189. Left control stick affecting yaw movement
  190. Too Many Missions or Contracts
  191. Paint Job Loss on SLF fighters
  192. Disappearing asteroids
  193. Module type limit exceeded
  194. Missons not showing horizon dlc logo.
  195. Engine Matrix Glitch
  196. Stuck in Hyperspace
  197. Problem to change destination its keep me blocking galaxy map.
  198. Unable to scoop salvage mission cargo, displays 'requires mission' despite mission acceptance
  199. Beatis system stations do not allow to take missions or passengers
  200. Help I'm stuck in the station menu
  201. Ps4 game crash
  202. Cannot store power plant when attempting to buy another
  203. missing modules
  204. planetary approah suite
  205. Imperial Courier, still making horrible sounds
  206. Cutter ship kit. Impossible to dock in asteroid base ?????
  207. PS4 2.4 Known Issues List (22/01/2018)
  208. Message board glitched
  209. Galaxy map not plotting
  210. "Meet contact missions"
  211. Mislabeled Economy in Galaxy Map
  212. PowerPlay weapons not available since this mornings update
  213. Cargo Disappeared during server maintenance
  214. HOTAS 4 not fully supported
  215. "Not connected to the network" - can't start game though am connected
  216. Using Docking Computer causes hull damage when touching down at Platforms and Surface Bases
  217. Modified Consumer Firmware virtually impossible to find
  218. Current Jump Range less than Minimum
  219. Station Assigning already in use Landing Pads to you and making your ship to act funny lol
  220. Galaxy map very slow and causes game to hang.
  221. Mission Board Icon Error
  222. Issues with Green Pulse skin on Anaconda
  223. Gameplay Locks (Infinite loading screen) When Docking SLF with Mothership
  224. I cant take missions
  225. Beam laser turrets not locking on to targets.
  226. In-Game System Causes Crash
  227. tutorial bug and sudden failure
  228. NPC Ships Continually Fire
  229. Planetary Scan Mission reset on completion
  230. Surface scan mission bug
  231. HUD Panel random jitter / shake / movement
  232. Visible bugs found in the ship's hull animations
  233. PS4 Mission Mail overlaps on coms panel
  234. Invincible Keelback
  235. problem in VIPER MK3 external animations
  236. Fighter Weapons Keep Disabling Themselves
  237. Invite to wing (unreachable)
  238. Collected cargo from inside damaged stations not appearing in inventory
  239. Approved for Landing, yet shot down for trespassing