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  1. Bug Reporting Guidelines
  2. Imperial Eagle missing textures
  3. Factions giving out conflict zone missions during ceasefire
  4. Station interior LOD issue when in a wing
  5. Attacking wanted ships results in getting a bounty
  6. Imperial eagle - Render layer clipping polys on side of cockpit view
  7. Texture pop-in/artifacts at edge of view. Texture culling too early.
  8. NPC has no fsd cooldown after being interdiction
  9. Can't hand in Passenger Mission
  10. NPC in allocated landing pad
  11. NPC Pilot removes jitter from weapons
  12. Hyperspace jump not aligned properly after using the camera suite
  13. ToolTip not being drawn correctly
  14. landable planets blink in and out of existence when getting closer
  15. Black Squares on planet surface
  16. Weapons were misaligned, after NPC crew controlled my ship
  17. Commodities screen faults
  18. Market Trading under Network not increasing, unable to unlock Lei Cheung.
  19. NPC says wrong phrase when SLF deployed
  20. Black Markets Not Unlocking Dweller
  21. Ship ID Poorly Placed on AspX
  22. Multicannon will not fully reload
  23. Minor texture issue on the Imperial Cutter
  24. Mission board mission text is too long and displays poorly
  25. Strange messages "$##FollowMissionFaction;"
  26. Decal facing the wrong way
  27. NPC / Cmdr ship signals displaying incorrectly
  28. Ship icons show the wrong colours
  29. Pilots Federation Local Branch @ Jameson Memorial
  30. Match Making Server error
  31. cAPI asking user to purchase ED
  32. Mission payout a bit high..
  33. Missing special characters v2
  34. Mission giver has no avatar
  35. Dates in History
  36. Routeplotter not working beyond 1000 LY
  37. Email Verification Code not returned
  38. Controls: keyboard not working
  39. Passenger missions price broken
  40. Game goes black screen and freeze when discarding a failed mission
  41. Beluga Expedition Paint job wrong colour.
  42. Welcome Voice at Engineer Stations curtailed after mic 'click'
  43. Small bugs
  44. Data missions have unreasonably long time
  45. Only 1 NPC showing as Wanted when in wing
  46. Constant crashing
  47. Plasma Acc slug is now almost invisible both the ones you fire and the ones fired at you
  48. LOCALIZATION - Community Goal shows wrong language
  49. High Resolution Screenshot tiles
  50. Eezee Killing
  51. Program crashes / freezes constantly
  52. Palin mission message give's zero time to complete mission
  53. Venting broken
  54. planets still missing after update.
  55. One-second "tick" affecting solar surface textures
  56. No audio when using Shield Cell Banks
  57. Missing traget
  58. "Error connecting to the Matchmaking Server" several times in the past hour
  59. Reading messages during flight cause disconnect
  60. Crashes as soon as I enter supercruise
  61. Cargo scoop "cargo acquired" message stays very long
  62. NPC Internal Security Service Crime Attack
  63. Getting hung up in Hyperspace a lot since the update
  64. Gal Map Mouse Hover Not Displaying Sytem Information
  65. Mini radar not indicating landing pad location when inside station.
  66. Lost all exploration data
  67. FSD range was 31Ly, applied better upgrade, now stuck at 25Ly.
  68. Honk delayed.
  69. Mission Update Emails Without Strings
  70. Bug in new C&P system
  71. Selected 'Rebuy all' and now the ship is empty
  72. Full Machine Crash when Deleting Planetary Scan Notices from Inbox
  73. Neutron/White Dwarf Boost doesn't work
  74. Message inbox text overflow, unreadable
  75. Chain mission in infinite loop
  76. floating lights around mission POI
  77. Federal corvette id livery cam clipping through hangar celing
  78. Paint not updated for Federal Corvette ship kit bumper
  79. 2.4 Borderless Window bug?
  80. cockpit canopy being sole target
  81. SRV sinks in to planet surface near ship crash site
  82. Engineer unlock invite missions not spawning
  83. Anaconda corridor texture all bungled.
  84. Stuck in "Rebuy screen"
  85. Sound won't play via HMD headphones
  86. Mission credits all over the place
  87. Auto-Landing causes 2-5% Damage to the Imperial Cutter on touchdown in 95% of all landings
  88. Federation Missions in stations controlled by the empire
  89. Type 7 - hardpoints are the other side of the ship
  90. Star Emission Textures
  91. Stuck on spinning ship
  92. Station Inside Planet!
  93. Custom key bindings reset at every reload
  94. Missing Comms Uplinks at abandoned settlements
  95. route calculation don't work
  96. Unable to turn in CG at Awyra Flirble
  97. Severe shortage of Resonating Separators
  98. Ships instacharging their fsd's when i interdict them
  99. Commodities required by CG are running out at nearby stations
  100. Donation Missions always Cr1m
  101. Still ugly frame rate in Galaxy Map at Maia
  102. Passenger missions crashing client
  103. Rank mission - can't turn in
  104. I cant rank up in Imperium
  105. New suits not showing up in game after purchase
  106. Adjudication Errors when accepting missions
  107. Imperial hammer charge SFX missing
  108. Odd glitch - mission completed, cargo not removed from ship, became illicit "stolen" cargo.
  109. Offline friends showing as online
  110. NPCs flying recklessly near stations
  111. Colonia Planetary Bases Auto Dock removed
  112. lost the rescue of galactic powers
  113. Wingmate's repair limpets shot down and wingman marked as hostile.
  114. "Leaving Wing" message while in a wing
  115. Oculus Rift HMD Flickering
  116. Updated Launcher wants to do a fresh install of whole game
  117. Mission Symbol not being removed from surface stations when mission handed in
  118. Galaxy map is still wonky
  119. Several Mission Giver Oddities
  120. Constant Crashes to desktop
  121. Escape pods missing from cargo after collecting them before Thargoids
  122. Reboot/Repair fixes blown canopy
  123. Missing some livery preview items for various ships
  124. Planatary Scan Job Completes wrong Mission
  125. Sidewinder Hull Panels rendered incorrectly - transparent - you can see through the ship!
  126. Type 7 Exterior camera rotated 180
  127. Keybinding changes not saved when game restarts
  128. Beluga - Overheating Alert when ship is NOT Overheating
  129. Last chance to scoop fuel on route
  130. Flying skimmers
  131. Inbox message issues
  132. Stations HUD UI different from Station in Space
  133. Bobblehead Livery no option to swap
  134. Every passenger mission is a VIP mission
  135. Cosmetic Exploit. Able to wear a cosmetic item I do not own. (non-repeatable)
  136. Extremely slow launcher and game won't start.
  137. UI when seen in Vanity Camera is sized incorrectly or facing the wrong direction.
  138. Unrecoverable error on transaction server during bord ship with SRV
  139. CG progress under left Transaction tab does not update until logged out
  140. Camera freezes game
  141. No WANTED ships in haz res
  142. Massacre missions are now the same as "engage and destroy" missions
  143. Ship gets "stuck" in mail slot after passing inside the station - Old bug comes back
  144. "Missing file privileges" in Steam
  145. Screen Shakes Excessively during Interdiction
  146. Game refuses to update or reinstall
  147. Please correct the display of the emblems on the ships
  148. Equipment marked as supporting Multicrew
  149. Server status on launcher does not match reality
  150. PNJ pirates without bounty records or poor rewards
  151. Crash when using station services
  152. Only Federal Navy Strike Rank Up Missions Spawning
  153. Surface scan bug not fixed...just more annoying to deal with.
  154. Missing System Permit Missions of Sirius Corp
  155. Thargoid Encounter Doing Nothing After Hyperdiction
  156. "Warning Capital Class Signature Detected" playing after being scanned by Thargoid
  157. Dolphin - external lights bleed into cockpit
  158. Client Executable Appears Suspended When In Foreground
  159. Goliath skimmer kill missions give credit for killing wrong skimmer type
  160. does not appear properly in nameplates
  161. Decoding the Ancient Ruins Reward Broken.
  162. Lakon Type-6 Panel Light Too Dim
  163. All Boom Data missions to same 2 systems
  164. Mission Pirates NOT showing up as 'wanted' in supercruise or RES sites
  165. How far? And for how much?
  166. ATC Audio Sequence wrong if Docking Computer fitted
  167. Powerplay credits not advancing me
  168. Encounters section of statistics shows integers rather than parsed data
  169. Occasionally dropping out of witch space a few light seconds sway from any stellar body
  170. Engineers Bugs? 2.4
  171. Wrong Damagetype
  172. Clipping through the planet surface.
  173. Assassination missions elite level
  174. STORED SHIPS - Heat Sink Launcher in Hardpoints
  175. Ram Tah mission reward lowered
  176. All Stellar Cartography Data Gone
  177. COL 285 SECTOR VU-M C8-1 4
  178. Lakon Type-7 Overheats from Stock Parts
  179. F63 Condor supply not updating correctly after destruction
  180. NPCs intermittently showing non-present concordant/regeneration effects
  181. no navy rank upgrade mission
  182. liberate political prisoner mission bugged?
  183. Unable to hand in at planetary beaconm Franke Beacon, Tlakum system
  184. Deliver 3 Unites of Rutile mission did not give me the Rutile to deliver.
  185. There is no mission update that allows access to the CROM system
  186. game crash opening map
  187. Landing pad under textures
  188. Max Distance Exceeded (over 20k) when route is much shorter
  189. Unexpected planetary landing
  190. Space dust almost invisible
  191. Poor performance when dropping from SC into a station
  192. fumaroles and resources disappear on approach - no materials obtainable
  193. No option to accept Ancient Ruins mission
  194. Computer voice stutter during first word said of phrase
  195. Sensor Fragments are still referred to as Unknown fragments in Palin's Engineer invite
  196. Plotted route no longer saved when logging out.
  197. Some medium surface bases have lights emitting from non-existent sources
  198. No verification code for new launcher
  199. Unused decimal places in hyperspace distance display statistics
  200. SVR Blue light board ship is"ON"
  201. Communication Scrren
  202. Missionboard broken?
  203. Ascendant suit light went from white to blue
  204. Locked out of the game: Multicrew Session Report not loading, not closing
  205. Switching role back to mothership from fighter does not work
  206. Commincation Screen -- graphical artifacts left
  207. Cupinook Andrew Dock
  208. BGS war on two fronts
  209. Game is crashing constantly
  210. Re-Install Elite Dangerous????
  211. Getting kicked to desktop at Barnacle site
  212. ATC chatter played near the end of the boost sound when near station
  213. Pressing "back" key in History tab (key 2) does not work properly
  214. Bug - CG - Second Aegis Initiative
  215. Unable to complete Passenger Mission; Missing Tourist Beacon
  216. Missing Dumbfire Missiles
  217. Severe lack of planetary surface missions (except for Delivery missions)
  218. Can't join wing
  219. Game STILL errors when boarding ship from SRV, next time I log in recall ship is not an option
  220. Cannot scan FSD High wake
  221. Elite doesn't accept any input
  222. transmission not sent unable to connect
  223. Selling unengineered stored module shows module as modified
  224. Scanning single POI reveals all POIs in a system
  225. Datamined Wake Exceptions scan yields 1 data object instead of 3
  226. Hatch Breaker Limpet Bug - Penetrating Shields
  227. collector limpets blows cargo up on cargo hatch when vessel is moving
  228. Screen frozen and does not let play.
  229. Wrong name for destroyed cargo ship
  230. No engineer upgrades available for Repair limpet controller
  232. Strange Icon Displays above Unknown Permit Locked system in the Galaxy Map
  233. AX Missiles fire on Human craft but not Thargoids
  234. Half finished mailbox. Good start, but you forgot to finish it.
  235. Thargoid (unknown) Link still not spawning
  236. No fish on markets!
  237. Miscellaneous SRV bugs
  238. Can't Launch The Game
  239. Crash during planet generation
  240. Unable to complete Palin CG for Thargoid Materials
  241. Prof. Palin unlock post 2.4
  242. up rank
  243. German [Umlaute] not displayed properly on ships name tile of the Anaconda model
  244. verification code not recieved
  245. CTD When entering the hangar
  246. convoy beacon not spawning ships
  247. Mission Payouts bugged- new insight?
  248. Not being able to transfer Prismatics on ships
  249. Chain Mission - Insufficent Faction
  250. Getting Destroyed by Stations in Eurybia (NOT WANTED)
  251. Skimmer death on launch
  252. Mission text error
  253. Navigation tab shows incorrect destination when in hyperspace
  254. Python fuel scoop message in wrong place
  255. Messages