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  6. Engineers Engineering - Ranks and Purpose
  7. Engineers Material Trader: A Better Solution
  8. Engineers A lot of the Beyond Engineering proposal is not an improvement for the player
  9. Engineers Progression through engineering levels
  10. Engineers Powercreep, Balance and 'God Rolls'
  11. Engineers No-RNG
  12. Engineers Engineer UI and info panel
  13. Engineers FSD increased ranges per FSD with engineering changes or another QoL way to travel long distances (Asking if feasible)
  14. Engineers Feedback on proposal and alternate ideas
  15. Engineers Replace pinned blueprint with aviable blueprint.
  16. Engineers Current standing with eng
  17. Engineers Engineers against game ethos!
  18. Engineers Grade 5 God Rolls, & Grade 6
  19. Engineers RnG & Uniqueness
  20. Engineers Effects Of Engineering Info
  21. Engineers I do not want to roll every single tier from G1 if i already maximized G5 at least once.
  22. Engineers Pinned Blueprints Remotely
  23. Engineers Gemma Farseer Is Moving
  24. Engineers Re-implement double neutron supercharging via FSD experimental effect
  25. Engineers USS spawn mechanic change proposition
  26. Engineers RNG changes?
  27. Engineers You're going the wrong way!
  28. Engineers Player Agency in Upgrade Results
  29. Engineers Animations while generating Engineering results
  30. Engineers Balance from a point of view of non-grinding player
  31. Engineers New Blueprints
  32. Engineers The new changes will be good for the game
  33. Engineers Incentivise G1->G5 upgrade path, but allow direct rolling to G5
  34. Engineers Overhauling Engineer Ranking
  35. Engineers Limpet ignore feature - uses/extension
  36. Engineers Engineer "Synthesis" panel/tab
  37. Engineers Show Ship Stats Before Applying an Engineer Upgrade
  38. Engineers Dimensions of Upgrades - multiple blueprints at once..
  39. Engineers Complete overhaul of engineering system
  40. Engineers The Engineers Overhaul.
  41. Engineers Secondary effects solution!
  42. Engineers Did Sandro and crew come up with this "grandfathering" idea all on their own?
  43. Engineers Liking the engineers ideas in the live stream so far
  44. Engineers Just do away with the RNG and give us sliders...
  45. Engineers favourite blueprints as well as pinned ones
  46. Engineers My Original Concept of the Engineers
  47. Engineers engineer abilities to high to soon
  48. Engineers few requests related to already upgraded ships and keeping up with the game news
  49. Engineers Grandfathering...
  50. Engineers Pinned blueprints
  51. Engineers Tradeoffs maybe?
  52. Engineers Engineering slots to blur requirements between grades and Materials/Exploration
  53. Engineers rolls for roles?
  54. Engineers Thinkingbox: how to find balance between meaningful balance and players wanting to max out Engineers as soon as possible
  55. Engineers FD is looking at engineers issues from the wrong perspective, again.
  56. Engineers are there too many grade levels?
  57. Engineers Replacing Secondary effect with a new mechanic: Ship Specialization
  58. Engineers Stacking Blueprints with different grades proposal
  59. Engineers Would something like the Borderlands tokens system work for engineering?
  60. Engineers Upgrade costs (in materials) should be proportional to the module's class
  61. Engineers If collecting materials is supposed to occur while taking part in other gameplay behaviour...
  62. Engineers Get rid of the pinned blueprint limitation + some suggestions
  63. Engineers Limited Gameplay Time + Engineers: A Personal Story
  64. Engineers Engineers: making it personal with lore and missions rather than blind searching and RNG
  65. Engineers Question about Material Trader
  66. Engineers Engineer change confuses me
  67. Engineers Suggestion for engineers.
  68. Engineers A primary redesign goal should be...
  69. Engineers material quality levels for stat determination
  70. Engineers Far too complex, in concept and in use
  71. Engineers Engineers LOCO MOTIVE
  72. Engineers "fish engineering"
  73. Engineers Analyzing Data vs. actual gameplay or perhaps one should eat their vegetables
  74. Engineers Engineers and Bow Ties
  75. Engineers engineers on a mega ship
  76. Engineers Engineers should stay nearly as is.
  77. Engineers Dear Sandro: Material Market
  78. Engineers Does Colonia deserve an engineer?
  79. Engineers Multiple Modification Slots
  80. Engineers Engineers: automatic modified sub-systems detection.
  81. Engineers Code of Conduct
  82. Engineers Engineer Anywhere + G1>G5 Contradiction
  83. Engineers A new idea for Engineering
  85. Engineers Any love for module degredation with a need to top up every couple of weeks with synthesis?
  86. Engineers Naming Modules
  87. Engineers My personal views
  88. Engineers My take on "Engineering A Better Future"
  89. Engineers Total rework of engineers.
  90. Engineers Sandro confirmed roll 1-5 for every new module..
  91. Engineers How about: rolling per attribute a fixed amount depending on the material?
  92. Engineers Radical Overhaul Needed
  93. Engineers KISS - Minimalism is good.
  94. Engineers Do away entirely with engineer ranks. Feedback and ideas inside.
  95. Engineers "Might not match (today's) super ultra god rolls..."
  96. Engineers My own feedback..
  97. Engineers Alternatives to grandfathering
  98. Engineers High Grade - Unidentified Signal Sources
  99. Engineers Engineers needs to be more accessible and not require multiple ships
  100. Engineers Why not make each modification independent and cumulative, while omitting the randomness?
  101. Engineers If you are going to continue with the grind of finding materials...
  102. Update: Delay update
  103. Engineers engineer "fast tracking"
  104. Engineers Analysis of Fully Upgrading an Anaconda with the New Engineer Design
  105. Engineers Tiered Progression may be too much of a grind
  106. Engineers Descending into Crime and Punishment Beyond Engineering a better future
  107. Engineers Keep both systems to please everyone.
  108. Engineers Engineer Trees
  109. Engineers The new Engineer Grade Grind - here is a Compromise
  110. Engineers Keep randomized secondaries.
  111. Engineers Do Away With The Whole Thing
  112. Engineers Regardless of other changes, no more rng
  113. Engineers What happens to negative effects on modules?
  114. Engineers Fresh look at Engineering ... Remove levels
  115. Engineers A rework of engineering prerequisites
  116. Engineers WOAH - chill out on the progression tiered progression.
  117. Engineers About the new changes and a way to improve them
  118. Engineers New engineering: leave it out Sandy.
  119. Engineers Please add what mods/level are available to the Enigenner overview tab.
  120. Engineers Can I send an Engineer an email
  121. Engineers PlS beware when encapsuling Egnineer sin other major game features.
  122. Engineers I challenge Sandro and Fdev crew to stream themselves engineering a PVP ship from scratch under the new proposed system.
  123. Engineers For the devs - what are the engineers meant to be?
  124. Engineers Performance Engineering and Tuning: A Materials-based Approach
  125. Engineers I will shave my head if anybody at Frontier has the patience to accept Punished Mobius' first challenge.
  126. Engineers Success of engineer update partially depends on improvements to supporting UI and Systems
  127. Engineers Material Acquisition
  128. Engineers Are these Ajustments better?
  129. Engineers I see the further detail requests, but I cannot seem to find the elaborations from FDev?
  130. Engineers Where Have all the Threads Gone?
  131. Engineers My Feedback
  132. Engineers Fines for AI Pilots.
  133. Engineers [The Storage] Module storage limit, storage itself and gear profiles
  134. Engineers My biggest fear with the new engineering system
  135. Engineers Squadrons(not Engineers but that's the only Prefix)
  136. Engineers I like the ideas
  137. Engineers Instead of rolling 1-5 on each module...
  138. Engineers A little re-thinking and a few ideas.
  139. Engineers Engineers as it is would be fine, IF materials were gathered in well defined, non random places
  140. Engineers If something isn't broken, don't fix it
  141. Engineers Please, remove the over-the-top blueprints!!!
  142. Engineers A few thoughts and points on engineers and materials
  143. Engineers Proposal - A new model for Engineers
  144. Engineers How would you buff the underpowered blueprints?
  145. Engineers Atmospheric landings?
  146. Engineers Engineers considerations and proposals
  147. Engineers Can we install down-force thrusters in SRV?
  148. Engineers Grandfathering: Please reconsider and give an absolute answer
  149. Engineers The engineers discussion pretty much over. are we going to get around to mining?
  150. Engineers Am I alone in that I like the current setup
  151. Engineers Materials Market - Player to Player trades
  152. Engineers Ability to apply two blueprints
  153. Engineers Beta starts Thursday 25th January
  154. Engineers Target lock breaker
  155. Engineers Turn back on - the commodity requirement(s)
  156. Engineers Resistances and diminishing returns
  157. Engineers EDDB.IO in the game?
  158. Engineers Drop Per-Material Limits
  159. Engineers Frankenbuilds
  160. Engineers Buying & Selling Commodities [Wing missions]
  161. Engineers the new "experimental effects"
  162. Engineers Focused Engineering on certain stats
  163. Engineers Is Focused Feedback "over"?
  164. Engineers Visualization of two concepts to balance engineering rolls and solve the issue with grandfathering
  165. Engineers HRP "tuning"
  166. Engineers Enzyme missile - yet another hulltank counter. WHY?
  167. Engineers Bounty Hunting -System Authorities Removal
  168. Engineers Change Engineer Specialisations
  169. Engineers Better secondary effect descriptions.
  170. Engineers [KWS] Changes to Kill Warrant Scanner
  171. Engineers What is the point of pinning the Blueprints?
  172. Engineers The point of this sub-forum?
  173. Engineers Suggestion for the new engineering after watching the lastest stream
  174. Engineers Engineer Grading Concerns Since Livestream (Pre-Beta)
  175. Engineers Per-material limits are a mistake
  176. Engineers The Engineering Updates Don't Make Much Sense
  177. Engineers Suggestion: Leave in the RNG for a supergod tier above the new maximum.
  178. Engineers Grandfathering Secondary Effects "God Rolls"
  179. Engineers Engineer Progression and Rolls per Grade Suggestion
  180. Engineers Please let Players keep the current unlocked Engineer Grades
  181. Engineers Material broker (special) on engineer sites
  182. Engineers Please Rethink Implementation
  183. Engineers Did everyone miss the double whammy?
  184. Engineers New implementation efectively ends experimentation
  185. Engineers Logic behind the new system of engineering?
  186. Engineers Lock CMDR's to Solo or PG until mods are converted
  187. Engineers I think youíre trying to solve without asking the correct audiences
  188. Engineers If we could start again...
  189. Engineers Material broker idea and pinned blueprints
  190. Engineers Nerf for Synthesis?
  191. Engineers Nomenclature / Standard / Inventory...
  192. Engineers The Grandfather issue > solution = destruction.
  193. Engineers Other games have systems that support long, drawn out progression, elite does not.
  194. Engineers The 'engineers as gradual progress' philosophy is flawed
  195. Engineers Matterial trader pre-beta considerations
  196. Engineers Solution to grandfathering
  197. Engineers Experimental effects.
  198. Engineers Sandro, I CANT READ the new stats!
  199. Engineers Material trader - balance
  200. Engineers How to balance G5 DDs + new PDs = infinite boosting issue
  201. Engineers Better ways of acquiring materials and data
  202. Engineers ATR Overkill
  203. Poor selection of planetary surface missions
  204. Engineers Go straight to grade five by summing the lower levels
  205. Engineers Raw Material Category row 6 aka GASSES
  206. Spoilers: Multicrew Life Improvement
  207. Engineers Stop this madness.
  208. Engineers Scan speed of bounty scanner doesn't improve with additional rolls
  209. Engineers Intentionally? Experimental modifications only available for gained/finished grade?
  210. Engineers First contact with THE REDEEMER
  211. Engineers Shield Generator Maximum Mass Secondary
  212. Engineers Remove the RNG from the rolls completely
  213. Engineers Allow military modules to mount civilian or military modules.
  214. Spoilers: Reducing T7 mass won't make it better
  215. Engineers Simplification for FSD and other boosts. New Core Internal Integrity module with engineering options
  216. Engineers Tinkering... How to fix the lack of secondaries!
  217. Engineers Give us Upgrade Storage
  218. Engineers Last Minute Balance + QoL Suggestion: Auto Convert Modules
  219. Engineers What happens with our current (RN)gineered modules & ships?
  221. Engineers Megaships - extended gameplay
  222. Engineers KWS - No use for bounty hunting - Bounty hunting guild
  223. Engineers pit colours and developement
  224. Engineers BIG mistakes of rewards for the wing missions
  225. Engineers Please for the love of guardians/Thargoids, stop making us shoot stuff.
  226. Engineers Rewards for Wing Missions
  227. Engineers BOOM DATA delivery missions
  228. Engineers grandfathering modules
  229. Engineers New Crime & Punishment -Awful user experience
  230. Engineers Separate Wing Mission Section, Please
  231. Engineers Pitch black on the planet
  232. Engineers Material Traders Not Trading Grade 5 Materials
  233. Engineers Market interface
  234. Engineers 800cr bounty after scan mission lead to 30+ million "cleaning" stored modules
  235. Engineers Can I please get the old version back?
  236. Engineers AI can not land a ship
  237. Engineers Anaconda burning up like crazy after Patch 3.0
  238. Engineers Skimmer Missions Working as Intended?
  239. Engineers New Crime rules or a bug?
  240. Engineers Meta Alloy Hull Reinforcements - 3% caustic resistance? That's it?
  241. Engineers PowerPlay Bounties should be removable. PPlayers are punished more than murder hobos.
  242. Engineers Meta Alloy HRP
  243. Engineers Respawning 24 light years away.... what is the point of that?
  244. Engineers 3.0 + Powerplay Undermining = No Good
  245. Engineers Encoded material description misspelling
  246. Engineers Beyond updates: new content or sugar coating a year of delays ?
  247. Engineers I cant find a reason to get Guardian Power Plant
  248. Engineers Crime and punishment power bounties
  249. Engineers Converting "old-style" modules via remote workshop
  250. Engineers Now that Commodities are usable again for engineering Please let us store them!!!
  251. Engineers Depth Of Field and focus in camera mode
  252. Engineers How I'm supposed to pay a bounty?
  253. Engineers I want version 2.3 back and I want it now!
  254. Engineers New crime and punishment - good job
  255. Engineers Notoriety cooldown isnít sitting right