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  1. Hot Ships and Bounties
  2. A Simple Approach to Crime and Punishment
  3. Issue encountered in new C&P system
  4. and Fines: What Did I do?
  5. Make C&P a feature, and a career
  6. Bounty Thresholds
  7. Treat Commander as "Hot" when Hostile, allow docking with Anonymous Protocols
  8. Notoriety timer and map markers.
  9. 3.0 Bounty hunting - Limited bounty collection
  10. Suggestion that PowerPlay bounties not be called bounties
  11. Notoriety and PvP impact
  12. Legislative text for clarification
  13. COVAS as a C&P warning/training system (example)?
  14. The Two Pillars of a Successful C&P System
  15. Feedback: Megaships & Collector Limpets
  17. C&P system, missions and mission givers, works against all logic
  18. Back to the drawing board
  19. Working.
  20. I am not new, but I am new to C&P
  21. Notoriety cooldown needs faster decay.
  22. Forgiveness timer on 'friendly fire' and other ideas
  23. Confusing behaviour when receiving a bounty for scanning a private datapoint in SRV
  24. 3.0 PvE Piracy broken in C&NP (Crime & No Punishment)
  25. scan security stations to clear wanted status
  26. Alternative approach: Politics and Consequences
  27. Killing Pirates Wing Mission Target Quantity too high
  28. You have totally screwed the justice system up
  29. Keep it simple
  30. So How Is This Still A Thing??
  31. Make crime registration system belivable.
  32. change pirate demand message
  33. Prison sentence in form of ship impound penalty.
  34. - Mission Discussion -
  35. Crime Update
  37. Weird behavior on planets- NPC ships and bases
  38. deadlock with new C&P system