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  1. Dinosaurs Herding
  2. Dinosaurs Hunting fixes
  3. Dinosaurs Sleep
  4. Dinosaurs Animation Variety Expansion
  5. Dinosaurs Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - Dino Pack
  6. General Gameplay Paleo Flora
  7. Buildings & Attractions Aerial Attraction
  8. Buildings & Attractions Cretaceous Cruise Style Boat Ride
  9. General Gameplay Rescue Function for ACU
  10. General Gameplay Day & Night Cycle
  11. Buildings & Attractions JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC
  12. General Gameplay More Maps for Challenge Mode
  13. General Gameplay Separate Sandbox Mode
  14. General Gameplay Custom Difficulty Mode for Challenge/Freeplay
  15. General Gameplay Improvements to Guests
  16. Buildings & Attractions Path Decorations
  17. General Gameplay Nature Decorations
  18. Dinosaurs Indominus Rex Improvement
  19. Dinosaurs Have the Brachiosaurus sound like the ones in the movies
  20. Dinosaurs Animation Variation by Opposite Outcomes [To induce unpredictability and Group Animation]
  21. General Gameplay Add as an option the star unlock of the Challenge Mode to Sandbox Mode
  22. Dinosaurs Mosasaurus
  23. General Gameplay Different colours on the map for dinosaur comfort levels
  24. Dinosaurs Marine Reptiles
  25. Dinosaurs Flying Reptiles
  26. Dinosaurs Pteranodon Longiceps
  27. Buildings & Attractions Lures & avoidance beacons
  28. General Gameplay Improvement to Tranquilizing
  29. General Gameplay Paths have Visibility Radius.
  30. Dinosaurs Add the "medium-size carnivores" class
  31. General Gameplay optional day-night cycle
  32. General Gameplay JP Japan or JP China
  33. Buildings & Attractions Rollercoasters/Rides
  34. Buildings & Attractions Gyrosphere path can be placed in water
  35. General Gameplay Fence Mechanics
  36. General Gameplay Photo Album
  37. Buildings & Attractions Deluxe/Super Deluxe Hotel
  38. General Gameplay Mutation Challenge
  39. General Gameplay More Chaos!
  40. General Gameplay Dinosaurs can attack the ranger team
  41. General Gameplay Save Slots For Gene Modifer Menu
  42. Dinosaurs Breeding
  43. Dinosaurs Need: T.Rex social limit improved/Skins
  44. Dinosaurs AI: What we need: Animations and Actions
  45. Dinosaurs Pack Behavior
  46. General Gameplay Unlocking areas on ISLA NUBLAR
  47. Dinosaurs Allosaurus pack behavior + more small carnivores
  48. Dinosaurs adding 5 more herbivorous dinosaurs
  49. Dinosaurs the crocodile and his family
  50. Dinosaurs White Indoraptor Fade/Skins
  51. Buildings & Attractions How about some OG JP stuff
  52. General Gameplay Randomized Dig Sites
  53. Dinosaurs Increase the social group and ideal population
  54. Buildings & Attractions More flexibile placement of the monorail station
  55. Dinosaurs Gene splicing
  56. Buildings & Attractions Building Colors and Lighting Too Dull
  57. Dinosaurs Fish feeder and Psicivore Diet
  58. General Gameplay Hunter mode
  59. Dinosaurs Scars
  60. General Gameplay sandbox option to trigger/turn on/select rainy weather
  61. General Gameplay Skin Previews
  62. Dinosaurs Survival Mode Future Idea
  63. Dinosaurs Remove "Sick Dinosaur" behaviors and have them be standalone features
  64. Dinosaurs adding new predators
  65. Dinosaurs Dynamic Dino population
  66. Dinosaurs Small Animals and Ideas for Adding Them
  67. Dinosaurs Hadrosaurs can eat from Tall Feeders
  68. Dinosaurs Fences and gates
  69. Dinosaurs Territorial boundaries
  70. Dinosaurs Medium carnivores should flee from large carnivores
  71. Buildings & Attractions Path through gate
  72. Dinosaurs Hungry Dinosaurs Are Angry Dinosaurs
  73. Dinosaurs room on nublar
  74. General Gameplay Islands Sectors
  75. General Gameplay Atmospheric Animals
  76. Dinosaurs Small Carnivores - Dimetrodon
  77. Dinosaurs Small Carnivores - Herrerasaurus
  78. Buildings & Attractions Atmospheric "Fish Tank" Structures
  79. Dinosaurs Small Carnivores - Troodon
  80. Dinosaurs Appropriate Dinosaur Environment Preferences
  81. Buildings & Attractions Fence Strength + Dinosaur Containment
  82. General Gameplay Expand challenge mode
  83. General Gameplay Adjustable Terrain Sliders For Sandbox Mode
  84. General Gameplay How to Improve Sorna
  85. Dinosaurs skin color customization
  86. General Gameplay Call boxes
  87. Dinosaurs Allow 2 T.Rexes
  88. General Gameplay Rangers: Resuscitating and Tranquilizing
  89. Dinosaurs diverse human kill animations
  90. Buildings & Attractions Dinosaur Visibility.
  91. Dinosaurs Turn off Dino Aging in Sandbox
  92. Dinosaurs Indominous Rex should socialise with Velociraptors
  93. General Gameplay 1st person
  94. Dinosaurs The Raptor Squad
  95. General Gameplay Nublar Park List on Island Screen
  96. General Gameplay Start with random dig sites in challenge mode
  97. Dinosaurs customize base stats in sandbox mode for each dinosaur?
  98. General Gameplay Locations
  99. General Gameplay Adjustable Weather Settings For Story Campaign Islands After Getting 5 Stars
  100. Dinosaurs Herbivores ability to eat the trees, bushes, and grass around them.
  101. General Gameplay Service Roads
  102. Dinosaurs New T.rex and Velociraptor skins
  103. Dinosaurs Microceratops
  104. Buildings & Attractions Building Tools: Grades, Meters and other Helpers
  105. General Gameplay Ranger Radio - Custom Audio
  106. Dinosaurs Let people submit skins
  107. Dinosaurs Parasaurolophus resound
  108. General Gameplay Territories and territorial combat.
  109. General Gameplay Suggestion regarding sandbox cash balance
  110. General Gameplay Enlarge island space
  111. Dinosaurs Baby Dinos
  112. Dinosaurs T-Rex Visual Overhaul
  113. Dinosaurs T-Rex Lost World Buck/JP3 Skin
  114. Buildings & Attractions I was thinking.....
  115. Dinosaurs Baryonyx and Suchomimus coexisting
  116. General Gameplay Difficulty levels
  117. General Gameplay Deeper Waters
  118. Buildings & Attractions Mosasaurus Lagoon Exhibit From Jurassic World Film
  119. Dinosaurs Dilophosaurus venom
  120. General Gameplay Passing Showers of Longer Duration and Wet Textures Take Longer To 'Dry'
  121. Dinosaurs TLW and JP3 Velociraptor Skins
  122. General Gameplay Thunder and Lightning During Storms + general improvements to Storms
  123. General Gameplay Challenge Map - Rebuild The Original Jurassic Park that was thrashed in the first movie
  124. General Gameplay sandbox dna reset
  125. Dinosaurs Flash Back DLC Pack
  126. General Gameplay Better map editing
  127. Buildings & Attractions New buildings and objects
  128. Dinosaurs Dinosaurs behaviors and interactions
  129. General Gameplay Rangers improvements
  130. Dinosaurs Raptor Skins
  131. Buildings & Attractions Food Stands and Souvenir Kiosks with small footprint
  132. General Gameplay Dino Mascots in the crowds for entertaining guests
  133. Buildings & Attractions Dino Themed Fast Food Buildings
  134. General Gameplay The Dino Social Need meter to be tweaked to be more proximity based
  135. General Gameplay Visitor incidents and more severe death penalties
  136. Dinosaurs Alphas
  137. Buildings & Attractions Guests, shops and stalls
  138. Dinosaurs DPG Dino List
  139. Dinosaurs Largest carnivores can live with another mate
  140. General Gameplay Ranger Team Automation
  141. General Gameplay ACU Automation
  142. Dinosaurs Let inquisitive Raptors detect and probe non-electrified sections of enclosures
  144. Dinosaurs Allosaurus more social and nerf
  145. Dinosaurs Parasaurolophus Skins by Evanuss
  146. Buildings & Attractions ACU TOWER
  147. General Gameplay How destructible vehicles can be added to JWE
  148. Dinosaurs Disable pronating hands option:
  149. General Gameplay Foggy Career Island
  150. Buildings & Attractions Alarm Posts/Speakers
  151. General Gameplay Contract has more relations to each department
  152. Dinosaurs Medium Carnivores Live in Pack
  153. Dinosaurs ouranosaurus
  154. General Gameplay Islands Layout
  155. Dinosaurs Add dinosaur turning animations while walking & running!!!!(Let me explain what I mean)
  156. General Gameplay More information in saved game screen
  157. Buildings & Attractions Jurassic Park/World DLC
  158. Buildings & Attractions science building
  159. Dinosaurs New species
  160. Buildings & Attractions "JPark 1993" DLC
  161. Dinosaurs Dino's interacting with the gyrosphere
  162. Buildings & Attractions Innovation Center interactive
  163. Buildings & Attractions Transport attractions
  164. Buildings & Attractions New Paths ?
  165. General Gameplay Graphic quality of water and sky very poor
  166. Dinosaurs Compys as corpse disposal
  167. Buildings & Attractions Buildings with the fancy path.
  168. Dinosaurs Fighting Animations are weak.
  169. General Gameplay Gyrosphere 1st Person View Has A Stiff Neck
  170. Buildings & Attractions A More Engaging Gyrosphere Experience
  171. General Gameplay Able to see how many dinosaurs of each species in the park
  172. General Gameplay Classify Storm Warnings as either Heavy Rain or Extreme Weather
  173. General Gameplay Larger Maps/Workshop Support
  174. Dinosaurs Fight animation for Pachy, Stiggy, and draco
  175. Dinosaurs Dino's with longer arms using it during a fight animation and kill animation
  176. General Gameplay Clouds
  177. General Gameplay jpog fossil hunt system
  178. Dinosaurs trike buff
  179. General Gameplay costum difficulty settings for challenge mode
  181. Dinosaurs Carnivorous dinosaurs attack the jeep, helicopter
  182. Buildings & Attractions Enclosure ideas for variety.
  183. Dinosaurs Species Behavior Request list for Frontier
  184. General Gameplay Dilophosaurus Spitting Through Fences
  185. General Gameplay Additional Sandbox only options.
  186. General Gameplay Additional division specific conditions for missions
  187. Dinosaurs Parasaurolophus
  188. Buildings & Attractions Decorations/smaller buildings/stands concept art
  189. Dinosaurs Genome modification for social and/or population meter
  190. Dinosaurs White Indoraptor
  191. Buildings & Attractions Determining the age of the dinosaurs
  192. Buildings & Attractions Improvements to the Monorail
  193. General Gameplay Hunter and Hunted Gameplay fix
  194. General Gameplay Let terrain tool affect area immediately outside map edge
  195. Dinosaurs Dig Sites That Should Have More Than One/Two Dinosaurs
  196. General Gameplay 1 new island
  197. Buildings & Attractions More vegetation possibilities
  198. General Gameplay Dinosaur Incubation.
  199. Dinosaurs How to make grazing realistic without making feeders useless
  200. General Gameplay Carnivores need to only fight when forced too.
  201. General Gameplay Dont go into the long grass
  202. Dinosaurs The great post of Dinosaur Artificial Intelligence
  203. Dinosaurs Small Skin Request (Struthi)
  204. Dinosaurs Implementing small dinosaurs into the game
  205. Dinosaurs Running and Stoping
  206. General Gameplay Animal welfare
  207. Buildings & Attractions Pre-shaped enclosures
  208. Buildings & Attractions Buldings
  209. Dinosaurs Packs (not what you may be thinking)
  210. Buildings & Attractions Adjusting Park prices for entry, new buildings and hiring staff
  211. Dinosaurs New Dinosaurs and current dinosaur changes
  212. Dinosaurs Dinosaur Edits
  213. new buildings and dinosaurs
  214. General Gameplay Hammond Foundation Fee in Sandbox Mode.
  215. General Gameplay People are not interested in Russia
  216. Dinosaurs prehistoric Fresh water crocodilians to add in Jurassic world evolution
  217. Dinosaurs South America DLC
  218. Dinosaurs Lagoons and Water enclosures
  219. General Gameplay Breeding trait
  220. Buildings & Attractions We need more types of Trees
  221. Dinosaurs New Skin's
  222. Dinosaurs North America DLC
  223. General Gameplay Enclosures consistency
  224. Buildings & Attractions We Need boulders with different colors on them
  225. General Gameplay No HUD On Console
  226. Buildings & Attractions Jurassic Park and safari cars!
  227. Dinosaurs Simple Rex idea
  228. General Gameplay Double the amount of food reserves in the feeders
  229. Dinosaurs Dinosaur Social Editing
  230. Buildings & Attractions some buildings and decorations are missing
  231. General Gameplay Alternative menu interface themes/skins
  232. Dinosaurs All big canivores should be able to kill the sauropods
  233. Dinosaurs There needs to be 3 ALLOSAURUS and ALLOSAURUS & sauropods
  234. Dinosaurs Forgotten Dlc
  235. Dinosaurs Triassic DLC
  236. General Gameplay Hunting mechanic in the current Jurassic world game
  237. General Gameplay Ingen Database
  238. Dinosaurs Pack Hunting and defence !!!
  239. Buildings & Attractions MS Paint concept- small dinosaur house
  240. Dinosaurs Unique Personalities
  241. General Gameplay The Lost World
  242. Dinosaurs Small chance of reversing death-duel winner.
  243. General Gameplay Idea for making the game more realistic to the movies
  244. Dinosaurs Velociraptor blue
  245. General Gameplay Snow In december and Christmas on Nublar
  246. Dinosaurs Iconic Dinosaurs Of The Movies
  247. General Gameplay Deeper Water and Swimming animation
  248. General Gameplay Unlockable Sandbox Options for Mission Islands
  249. Dinosaurs Dinosaurs need better skins with more variety in colors
  250. General Gameplay Dinosaur Skins Preview
  251. Dinosaurs A new dna replacement slot: Social Behavior
  252. Dinosaurs Mostly unknown and strange dinos to be added
  253. Dinosaurs No feeder for herbivores in sandbox mode
  254. Dinosaurs T.rex roars
  255. General Gameplay Statistic Tab