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  1. Frame shift drive operating beyond safety limits Alert
  2. Dolphin heats up very quickly when flying near a planet surface
  3. Two ships may spawn on the same landing pad at the same time
  4. Bug in armour resistance calculation
  5. Black Box not spawning for the mission
  6. Can't add new bookmarks
  7. Can't use navigation panel after returning from SRV
  8. Floating rocks and ground clipping
  9. Surface scan mission completion order incorrect
  10. Body Exclusion Zone
  11. Research Limpet Returns with Sample but then there is No Sample in Cargo
  12. Not Receiving Engineering Data from Scanning Surface Data Points
  13. No mining Missions
  14. Given Planetary Scan Mission to Scan the Same Faction Offering the Mission
  15. "Align with Ship Trajectory" displayed delaying jump when correctly lined up with target
  16. Dropped into black hole from hyperspace
  17. No bonus credit reward for killing Thargoid in a wing
  18. Couldn't drop on friends wing signal, missions dissapeared.
  19. Bulkheads not labelled for their appropriate ship when stored
  21. Nav panel gives wrong information during jump
  22. Message Mission Variable Exposed
  23. Bugged faction will not retreat
  24. Menu pointer appears in cockpit.
  25. Interdiction interface off-center
  26. UI Bug: Incorrect Power Utilization on System Panel
  27. "Leaving Wing" shows when joining wing
  28. Selling salvage items at a loss?
  29. Claim Reward - Required Cargo Space
  30. Numbers in module panel don't update during Auto field maintanance unit / AFMU repairs
  31. Alliance Chieftain interdiction target misaligned
  32. Destroying NPCs power plant has no effect
  33. Live NPC ship embedded in planet surface!
  34. Ram Tah - Decoding the Ancient Ruins (Old Guardian sites)
  35. Scanned skimmers not displaying details
  36. Awkward and Annoying Galaxy Map Interaction
  37. Impossible to throttle back during frameshift countdown
  38. Falling Through the Planet in SRV
  39. UI: Interstellar Factors clear bounty buttons still enabled when Notoriety>0
  40. "Hazardous substance detected" message while taking heat damage
  41. My starter system showing as not visited?
  42. Commodity selling prices drop dramatically once I land with the commodity in question.
  43. No journal message for promotion to Pioneer (Exploration)
  44. Multiple copies of pirate lord
  45. Retreat Takeover is locking Black Market state for new faction
  46. Please Read: PC + Mac 3.0.5 Known Issues List (06/04/2018)
  47. PowerPlay galactic standing calculations are broken.
  48. Missing Resource Extraction site (Hazardous)
  49. Have to relog to get SRV to show in SRV hangar after installing module from storage
  50. Collision mesh broken near downed Thargoid ship, causes material resources to fall through the world
  51. Galaxy map show by size reseting to none after selecting commodities or services
  52. System Maps are not showing fractional % for Influence Levels
  53. Planets in system map not update to reflect changes
  54. FAoff turns back on after supercruise
  55. Bindings on startup set incorrectly
  56. Main menu - black background (occurred prior to 3.0 as well)
  57. Anonymous Access notif doesn't clear
  58. Bindings Not showing USB connected devices (as per beta 1 fault)
  59. No Shipyard/Outfitting in CQC Home World (Attilius Orbital)
  60. AI ships colliding near stations
  61. Tobii Eyetracker 4C doesn't work in new update
  62. Broken Passenger Mission template
  63. Failed to start FORC-FDEV-DH-1000
  64. 0 credits for first discoveries
  65. Collected materials not showing in inventory.
  66. [BLOCKER] Title does not recognize Player input in Main Menu, blocking from entering the game
  67. The Oracle: Repaired or not?
  68. material limit reverted to 100 for all mats.
  69. restock auto and manual not operative
  70. Passenger missions at damaged stations are rep locked (again).
  71. Wing delivery missions payment is too low
  72. System Map not showing "first discovered" tag
  73. Mission Board Freezing
  74. Engineers demanding unlocking again
  75. Missing Passenger-Mission-reward
  76. Thargoid Interceptor kills nerfed?
  77. No limpets action in restock menu
  78. Galaxy Map Trade Mode Shows Import/Export Data for Stations With No Commodities Markets
  79. SRV Ammo, Repair & Refuel Synthesis are shown as empty
  80. Gained notoriety while doing powerplay opposition
  81. Pinned Blueprint materials a all showing as grade 1
  82. NGC 1491 Graphic Bug
  83. Power Plant at 0% no longer immobalises NPC ships
  84. PInned Modiifications arent available after swapping to a stored ship
  85. Invalid Ingame Purchase link
  86. Black square on planet texture
  87. Bag influence filter in mission
  88. FSD supercharge range not applied to Galaxy Map Route Planner
  89. Gaining bounty shooting at wanted "terrorist"
  90. Powerplay - Undermining Independent powers as an Independent provokes regular bounties and security
  91. Galaxy map: I keep deleting my bookmarks
  92. Fed Sec Kill happy ??
  93. Gaining wanted status for shooting a wanted ship
  94. Graphics glitch in VR.
  95. 3.0 Can't pay off fine/bounty
  96. Wing mission didn't allow receipt of enough cargo - impossible to complete
  97. Sent to starting system when killed.
  98. Download stops one third through
  99. SRV Data Scanner not working
  100. Spec Ops Contract offered by ruling faction in one system to system the faction also rules
  101. Armor stuck in storage
  102. Powerplay merits in transaction tab listed for incorrect power
  103. Wing Mission loss upon completion
  104. Bounty gained for police ramming me
  105. Outfitting Decal Glitch
  106. Wing Mission Reward Vanished
  107. Disregard, it's working! (Was: F10 screenshot not working)
  108. Galaxy map Filter does not persist
  109. Engineer bases still do not always occupy the top position of your Contacts Panel
  110. Galaxy Map Zooms when scrolling Map View Configuration Side-bar
  111. VR-Oculus Rift Xbox One Controller Issues With sticks
  112. Skimmer Missions
  113. Non player voice communication volume not working for flight control.
  114. Sidewinder transparent mesh
  115. Microphone activity
  116. Pinned blueprints not registering in remote workshop
  117. Scanner, Terrain, Can't dock at stations
  118. Throttle goes to full after exiting Hyperspace...
  119. Fighter bay will not stock fighters after purchase in outfitting
  120. Friendly Fire 20cr Bounty Damage Buffer
  121. Direct3D Error: A file has failed to load after multiple attempts as Direct3D cannot lock a buffer
  122. Pinned Blueprint disappears
  123. Getting wanted for fighter being attacked by wanted ship
  124. Converting G5 dirty drives to new system removes mod completely
  125. Missions Bug
  126. Possible Bug Involving Mining
  127. Shock Cannons Bounce When Firing
  128. Poor Performance in VR
  129. Flight assist mode changing automatically
  130. Lack new materials in the loot table. "Part 3"
  131. DBX exterior enginse sound bug
  132. Strange Police scanning behaviour
  133. Inactive buttons in the game main menu
  134. Navigation tab (still!!) shows incorrect destination when in hyperspace
  135. Resurfaced - alignment of arrows in System Map
  136. Not able to store Thrusters on my Vette. No option in menu at all, but there is for other ships.
  137. Surface rendering problems
  138. New Site In Colonia
  139. Bounties not sticking
  140. The Sarge, Permit locked
  141. Certain commodity markets no longer have a Foods section
  142. Underground Sentry Skimmer
  143. Dirty Drives Grade 5 is written to give 46% optimal multiplier instead of 40%
  144. EVERY previously engineered multicannon has been downgraded!
  145. System Map shows unpopulated systems with security level of Low instead of Anarchy
  146. Galaxy Map - systems with Thargoid presence
  147. 800cr bounty after scan mission lead to 30+ million "cleaning" stored modules
  148. Game causing PC restart after only 1 mnin 40 sec
  149. canister low temperature diamond catch by limpet always blow up when ship moving
  150. Cutter ship kit is clipped
  151. "Mission Updated" popup message appearing on every ship kill in winged massacre mission
  152. No Missions in Tiangchi
  153. Political Prisoners under Slavery everywhere
  154. Supercharged Frame Shift Drive no longer super jumping
  155. Manufactured Materials Traders not appearing in systems where they should - NOT a Galmap problem
  156. Market Journal file reporting demand for a commodity but market screen does not show it
  157. the galnet audio voice won't automatically pause when the station ATC says specific lines
  158. Black Markets not operational
  159. Significant Notoriety Issues
  160. Cannot hand in mission - "Failed to perform mission transaction"
  161. "Server error" when trying to apply an experimental effect on a higher grade blueprint
  162. Powerplay Top 5 Bounties report does not generate
  163. Shipyards in Colonia have lost almost all their ships for sale
  164. Scanning ships for data not functioning
  165. Holo-Me Helmet not matching suit colors
  166. Guardian terminal only gives one data piece instead of three
  167. Expansion by invasion: bug with inconsistent faction states
  168. Heat Sink/Chaff Launcher Ammo mod not able to be grandfathered at Ram Tah
  169. ANACONDA PULSE PURPLE PAINT JOB (mayby all pulse on anconda) mising texture
  170. Game menu not working after every major update
  171. Flight Assist Off Setting Resets When Using Supercruise
  172. Dismiss ship makes bounties on you disappear
  173. Skimmer not taking off properly
  174. SRV is going underground
  175. Interdictor Issues
  176. Audio issue with fixed and gimballed Multi-Cannons
  177. Anaconda 3 losses
  178. Inertial impact extra damage not shown if main blueprint doesn't effect damage
  179. BINDS USB Controls being trashed!
  180. Selling stored modules
  181. Suddenly in different system after "Failed to perform mission transaction"
  182. External Cam Bug
  183. Heavy crashing in Type 9
  184. Material (rarity) icon is incorrect for certain materials
  185. Bug with asteroids disappearing
  186. Nortes 2 C Rock Fumarole in space, not on planet
  187. Instadeath in normally non-fatal collision
  188. stuck in empty Galnet Today screen (HOTAS menu buttons have no effect, had to use mouse to leave)
  189. Chemical Storage Units storage space wrong
  190. Only low tier material rewards from rescue passenger missions
  191. Huge Heal Beams audio issue
  192. Skimmers won't spawn at Bova Point +
  193. Galactica Map Laggy - sound slow as well
  194. Speed set to 0 after evert FSD jump
  195. Skimmers are missing all info in target information panel
  196. Drop into distribution centre put on collision course with Type 9s
  197. Is it possible flight assist is no longer working with thrusters?
  198. Wrong Superpower symbols shown on Stations
  199. Trouble with Hyperjump and Supercruise
  200. Missions rarely spawning
  201. Failed to Communicate With Server
  202. NPCs not disabled when power plant at 0%
  203. Tracker not working ingame
  204. Passenger Mission Bug Report
  205. Unexplained exceeded powerplant capacity
  206. Cannot save HoloMe with Frontier Expo Suit
  207. Start Menu not displaying Backdrop image
  208. material scanning on planets
  209. Notoriety not decreasing
  210. Scan needed for low wakes?
  211. NPC After "Incoming Enemy Alert" message, no Mission Targets appearing
  212. Life pods are illegal salvage again
  213. Stars change color a few moments after exiting witchspace.
  214. Notoriety/Bounty Issues
  215. Wing Delivery Missions deadlocked
  216. Galnet Audio keeps stuttering
  217. Heat Sink capacity recipe unbalanced with new Engineers
  218. Old news is well... old!
  219. Ammo counts not being updated in Modules panel
  220. Crashed due to ship not decelerating when I reduced thrust
  221. SC Objects Move Relative To My Ship
  222. Notoriety and bounty gained in anarchy system nav beacon
  223. Materials reset from legacy 420/200 amount to 200/200 by transaction server error
  224. Locked Into Starport Services
  225. C4 Multicannon audio rate capped
  226. CE Bootis lost its nav beacon
  227. Services filter only remembers stations for current session
  228. mission's target terminal does not show up on targets list during assassination mission
  229. Evacuation missions require above-Neutral Reputation when they should only require Neutral
  230. Mining with friends is Broken.
  231. Stuck in the rebuy screen
  232. Random RES Site Bounty
  233. Menu navigation lag
  234. Datalink Scanner Does Not Work on Chieftain
  235. Completed cargo delivery wing mission, did not receive reward
  236. Missing Cargo
  237. Still no War-theme missions when in a War state
  238. Bugged Sound File
  239. Steam VR Power Management forcing Elite Dangerous to quit
  240. Bounty earned and noteriety not reducing any after being in game for hours.
  241. Material Trader now showing all materials, only 4 of each category
  242. Got not rewarded after completing Mission
  243. Was in Colonia, blew up while in wing mission - now back in bubble, please help
  244. Powerplay Tick did not work
  245. There's a minor typo in the Denton Patreus Status overview
  246. Wanted after 2 hits from pulse laser turrets from NPC flying in front of me
  247. Game crashng claiming reward for certain missons
  248. Typo/Inconsistency in multi-crew (BOUNTY HUNTING and others) "CRIMES IN MULTI-CREW" dialog
  249. Typo in the Options/Audio/GalNet Audio/Taking Fire description
  250. Galactic Map VERY slow around Pleiades Area
  251. Trading with new galmap overlay
  252. Unable to target Planet I'm on in the SRV
  253. Superpower rank-up assassination mission: no target
  254. Multi-cannons with Autoloader have no firing sound
  255. Celeste "landing gear deployed" line delayed, prevents landing