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  1. Please Read: Xbox One 3.0.5 Known Issues List (06/04/2018)
  2. Xbox Series Update: Connection status remains on display in-game
  3. Only one device recognised by the game at a time.
  4. Audio version of Galnet
  5. Chieftain HUD stays in landinggear mode.
  6. 1st to discover multiple systems but no bonus credits or name on systems.
  7. Connectivity Problems
  8. Naphtha Class Tanker no longer dropping anything.
  9. Pinned blueprint - remote engineering not working
  10. Galaxy Map has defaulted to economy route plotting after logging back in.
  11. GalNet Audio Language Setting not working
  12. Lost cargo message repeating
  13. Over powered much?
  14. npc and rebuy buy
  15. No payout from mission
  16. Wing Mission related Xbox achievements not unlocking.
  17. Cannot Pay 400CR Bounty At IFC
  18. Chieftain Nameplate displaying Ship ID instead of Ship Name
  19. After latest update exploration doesn't appear to award Goldilocks value of planets
  20. Galaxy Map Services Filter Not Functioning
  21. Unable to hand in mission
  22. Livery bug game crash
  23. Game crashes every time I try to open the galaxy map
  24. Faction and government not shown in cockpit
  25. Where have all the Powerplay weapons gone?
  26. Remote Workshop will not work for legacy FSD increase jump upgrades - Felicty Farseer
  27. Cannot pay fine.
  28. Stuck in synuefe tp-f b44-0, can't load game!
  29. 100 CR Bounty in Huttn Orbital Truckers Cooperative
  30. Cannot complete approach to planetary landing surface target
  31. Rammed by NPC in haz rez and received bounty and notoriety
  32. Target Elimination Mission Missing
  33. Can't complete mission "Failed to communicate with server"
  34. no background pilot chatter on land based starports
  35. Give bromellite... get more bromellite and money?
  36. Bounty
  37. Xbox One Voice comms and wing comms dont work anymore
  38. Rescue ship stole my fuel sccop!
  39. Cannot log into game server/ stuck at main menu
  40. Starting at death screen..
  41. Notoriety Gained from Power Play In Anarchy Systems Prevents Me From Ever Using Interstellar Factors
  42. Buzz crash when more than 2 CMDRs in SRV
  43. wing delivery mission has pick up and delivery backwards
  44. False bounty gained on kill
  45. cant pay off bounty in felicia winters
  46. HOTAS forgets setting
  47. Marco Qwent Glitch (No Invitation)
  48. Missions incorrectly showing surface/Horizons requirement
  49. Skimmers not spawning
  50. Data Point Payouts give "1" instead of "3"
  51. Mettalic meteorites not spawning
  52. Missions taken in HIP 50506 Parise Stop handing off to wrong faction in HIP 50660 Armstrong Hub
  53. Dodgy Colours on Flight Suits
  54. Stuck in Stand by mode
  55. No missions
  56. Bug with paying off bounties with the Interstellar Factors
  57. cannot collect power play credits
  58. Killing NPCs with Enzyme Missile
  59. No 3.0+ Achievements
  60. Reinforced Shields Percentage Errors.
  61. chipped paint on ship kit
  62. Possible bug with the Gimbal Shock Cannon?
  63. Game logs in, "new purchase detected" and then dumps me back to "press A or = to begin"
  65. Ludicrously small engineering progress at the top end of G5
  66. Can't rebuy ship
  67. No sound when firing C3 gimbal frag cannon.
  68. Connection Error
  69. Global fines 4,824,000 credit fine on none wanted, no fines previous to being killed by commander
  70. Gained bounty while sitting idle
  71. Cant filter in gal map
  72. Cant rearm minelaunchers
  73. Game Crashes
  74. Ship names (still) not displayed.
  75. When Interdiction happens screen shakes and I can not see the exit
  76. Unidentified signal source issues
  77. Ram Tah Mission Impossible, Obelisks dont work
  78. DROKOE LN-T E3-0 Planetary Nebula does not show in skybox.
  79. Can not pay off 300 credit fine on my ship.
  80. CTD while in SRV wing
  81. high grade emissions spawn nonexistant
  82. Not able to recall ship to SRV location
  83. Mission results registering and then reducing
  84. Noteriety is at 0, but can't payoff bounty at the interstellar factors contact
  85. UI is fixed too high in SRV on occassions preventing use of any panels
  86. Dropped frames and stutters
  87. Anomalous CMDR name in ďFirst discovered byĒ display
  88. Assissination Mission failed with 21 hours left to go.
  89. Nothing but Wing Missions
  90. Mission error!
  91. Hotas One key binding isnít fixed
  92. HUD changes perspective on planetary landings
  93. Constant Interdiction from an AI ship
  94. Crime and Punishment
  95. Noteriety at 9 for 800 Credit Bounty
  96. Infinate Stand by while accessing mission Board (XBOX)
  97. Infinate Stand by while accessing mission Board
  98. Mission Failure
  99. wing missions: wingmen get no trade/combat rank progression upon completion
  100. Cannot complete Black Box salvage mission
  101. Transferred module disappeared
  102. Guardian Structure Mission 3.0
  103. No filters on galaxy map
  104. When entering galaxy map am being sent to xbox home screen.
  105. Kicked off planet while in outfitting
  106. weapons deployed/retracted audio speech
  107. Unable to clear bounty at insterstellar factor
  108. Galaxy Map Bug
  109. Bugged listening post in the Pollux system.
  110. Ship stuck
  111. Engineer bug MCs all say grade 3 when legacy and no legacy conversion shown
  112. Galaxy map crash
  113. Getting Old Main Menu Background At Game Startup
  114. Auto Dock Doesn't Launch Ship When Landed
  115. SRV UI & Planetary Graphics Glitch
  116. Power Bounties Are Nonreconcilable
  117. Game crashes almost every time I try to drop into a location
  118. Messed up commodity market
  119. Great Battleship of Federation Invisible Walls
  120. Npc's Teleporting In Instances
  121. Passengers won't dissembark
  122. Only buttons work on Hotas One
  123. Gained unwarranted bounty
  124. Game functions limited
  125. Are Interstellar factors broken??
  126. Long Range FSD G3 not showing up in Remote workshop
  127. problem turning in wing mission
  128. Bounties will not seem to go away
  129. Problem with turretted weapons
  130. Lost Horizons?
  131. Missions Not Loading Properly
  132. NPC ships attack, don't become. wanted
  133. Strange sorting in left panel
  134. Game crashes when Three SRVs meet
  135. Missing station type icon
  136. G5 mats more or less just with wing missions
  137. Engineering wiped out 2 legacy engineered FSDs at once.
  138. Losing credits to wing missions!!!
  139. 15-16/3/18 XB1 Unable to get into game due to connection issue
  140. Data Corrupted, please try again while exploring
  141. Server error when trying to apply experimental effects
  142. Death caused Cargo Wing Mission Failure?
  143. Menus/game features lagging and loading slow
  144. Release 3.0 Nerfed All 9 of My Ships
  145. Not receiving or able to send wing invites to/from specific friend
  146. Comms Panel Crashing
  147. Incured bounty after properly scanning target and opening fire.
  148. Large Ship Dock not located properly in Station
  149. Empire Rank
  150. Game Crashed on Rewards
  151. Input lag on software keyboard in galmap
  152. Remote Release Flechette Launcher Turreted
  153. galaxy map tech brokers missing
  154. Graphical Error
  155. Unable to hand in mission
  156. All flight Suit Helmets Reverted To Colour Black
  157. Cant purchase from store
  158. Point Defence
  159. Connection Status: You client is too old.
  160. Galaxy Map Crash
  161. Comms panel frozen in open
  162. Dav's Hope TRAP
  163. FPS and bandwidth counter not working
  164. Can't rebuy ship on death (can afford) - unrecoverable transaction error
  165. KWS possibly not working as intended
  166. Mission Only Commodities not spawning as rewards (except for modular terminals)
  167. Broken immersion
  168. Route plotting extremely slow, sometimes fails
  169. Disconnects every time i try to jump sytems
  170. Ship boost sound issue
  171. Currently Stuck because of crime and punishment
  172. Game crashes when I drop out of super cruise on some planets
  173. Purchased paint jobs missing
  174. ship explodes on login
  175. FORUM BUG reset password wrong user account
  176. Stuck at Davs hope - cannot log in
  177. landing on planet with keelback bug.
  178. Having issues plotting routes, need assistance please.
  179. Voice comms on Xbox broken since 3.0
  180. Broken missions from Ram Tah
  181. Planetary Landing and game lock out
  182. frontier - why are you not addressing the galaxy map txt input lag ?
  183. Guardian Structure Mission
  184. Rare good "Blood Bores" are no longer found in Terra Mater
  185. No contacts in contacts tab
  186. Empire Bounty Bonus is Not Being Paid
  187. Switching targets crashes game
  188. Trapped on Synuefe VM-D C15-10 2 A
  189. Teleporting away from planet when getting close
  190. Unable to visit Exbeur despite having permit
  191. ship exploding on entry through letterbox
  192. Capitol Ships not launching fighters in Conflict Zones
  193. Unable to log in to game after visiting Davs Hope
  194. Graphic issues on Broos Legacy
  195. mission board disconnection
  196. Interstellar Factors not spawning
  197. Game says my client is old, update.
  198. Can't get commodities data on the Galactic map since 3.04 update
  199. Owned Paintjobs locked
  200. Scratchy audio everywhere since patch?
  201. [XB1] Station alignment in SC HUD incorrect.
  202. Possible Rank Exploit
  203. Xbox1x unable to access outfitting a jameson
  204. xboxone Elite Dangerous taking too long to start (0x8027025a)
  205. Constant Crashing when trying to open Galaxy Map
  206. Never ending retreat state
  207. Safe Disengage Issue
  208. Xbox Commodity Issue
  209. Planetary Turrets with Wanted NPC
  210. Crashing and stuttering load screen
  212. Anonymous Access unable to be cleared
  213. Wing beacon placement error
  214. Unable to pay off bounty after Notoriety resets to 0
  215. Picture of a girl in every icon
  216. Lost my rep with Sirius?
  217. Impossible to compete in the Combat CG due to players cheating
  218. "Home, Sweet Home" XBox One achievement doesn't work
  219. Problem with conflict zone related to current CG
  220. Elite Dangerous can't count
  221. Crew member taking 54% profit share instead of 12%
  222. Instancing Issues
  223. Cannot get level 3 engineering with an engineer to which I already have grade 5 access
  224. Planetary game Crash
  225. Interdictions happening close to planets causing crash into exclusion zone
  226. cant land/dock on certain type of stations
  227. NPCs have turreted weapons despite there not being a turreted version of that weapon
  228. OUT OF STOCK shown when not actually out of stock in specific situations
  229. XB1X 3.0.5 Stars not visible in the Galactic Core
  230. Stuck at Blank GalNet Window
  231. No Guardian Shard Cannon (fixed) available after unlock
  232. Givin missions to stations that donít exist?
  233. no navy mission
  234. Game crash when switching deployed fighter via orders screen via button shortcut
  235. no shield's and not recharging
  236. Unable to exit at Wing Signal or Wake Signal near planets
  237. super jump bug
  238. station "proceed to landing pad etc etc " not deleting once docked .
  239. Game locking and closing when connecting Hyperspace Jump and Supercruise
  240. Getting stuck in planetary rings.
  241. Systems showing as unexplored with no 'first discovery' GT credited either
  242. SRV Clipping through terrain at Guardin Structure
  243. prospector limpets passing through asteroids
  244. Plotting route from mission panel doesn't plot at all
  245. Unable To Clear Trade Data Icon
  246. SRV internal camera - can't dock
  247. No cargo reward given
  248. Docking Request DEnied
  249. Interstellar factors sometimes want more bounty than shown in transactions
  250. Cannot turn in salvaged materials
  251. No Guardian Data Terminals
  252. Route Plotter "use jet-cone boost" rarely works
  253. Could not connect to adjudication server /could not connect to server
  254. Landing pad issues
  255. Engineered rail guns not getting correct thermal load reduction