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  1. Selected Prospector's Rest Engineer base text not placed correctly
  2. Turrets not behaving correctly
  3. Please Read: PS4 3.0.5 Known Issues List (06/04/2018)
  4. Gyroscopic Headlook Broken
  5. Excessive Echo/Reverb on COVAS (Verity and Victor) using headphones - Seems ship dependant
  6. Inbox timestamps incorrect (150 DEC)
  7. Intermittent Screen Judder in SC around stellar bodies
  8. Server down message still displyed
  9. Poor Shadow Quality Continues in 3.0
  10. COVAS Volumes
  11. Material Trader not showing up in Galmap
  12. HUD / UI random jitter / shake / movement
  13. Custom bind for 75% throttle (R3 & triangle) no longer working
  14. Game Locks Up In Station Since Update
  15. STILL having cutter sound issues
  16. No eta to destination while in supercruise
  17. Commodoties Market screen, Trade data only selecting first commodoty on list.
  18. HOTAS throttled to 0 entering Hyperspace leaves me at 50% throttle coming out of hyperspace
  19. Unable To Pay Off Bounty With Notoriety At Zero
  20. Crackle during exit of station and boost distortion
  21. Salvage cannisters picked up on planets showing a 'bought for' value
  22. Random Crashes or Log outs due to Server issues
  23. game freeze since beyond
  24. Lost the target window for cargo scoop
  25. Strange Fire (Main Thrusters)
  26. Power Usage Bar Incorrect
  27. Engineer's Convert Modified Module message doesn't fit its window
  28. Galactic powers tab missing from left UI
  29. No "first discovered" bonus paid out after update
  30. Space objects vanish briefly during transition from supercruise to normal space
  31. Still problems with the galaxy map showing the factors.
  32. Interstellar factor are some thing else on the system map
  33. Donation Mission Bug
  34. Unidentified Signal Sources not Referencing Player Speed
  35. Incorrect Ships Appearing in Supercruise
  36. Game crash on planet surfaces in group instances
  37. Parts of Asp Scout with Tactical Graphite Paint Are Now Chromed
  38. Audio Popping and Cutting with Discovery Scanner
  39. Game disconnecting from servers while exploring.
  40. Map shows LFT 926 as raw material trader but trader is actually Encoded Material trader
  41. Unable to change power capacitator on Fer de Lance in 3.0
  42. Jumping Selector STILL OCCURRING
  43. Crosshairs not resetting correctly after untagging or destroying a target
  44. Corrupted Save Data
  45. PP Undermining of ships causes Notority
  46. Gauss rail damage feels lackluster
  47. Distribution Center collision when dropping from supercruise
  48. Bridge over pad 8 at Bill Turner engineering
  49. T7 Land 'hitbox' glitch
  50. ATR Attacking Clean Ships
  51. Type 6 - no modules!
  52. Crew lounge unavailable “Horizons Required” when I have horizons
  53. Unable to Navigate Left Hand Panel
  54. Mining Only Commodities Not Selectable
  55. Blocked player countinued to instance
  56. Cannot join wing mate
  57. Dropping two close when only halfway down
  58. Ship loss of power when it should have been OK
  59. Infinite Bounty Status, please help.
  60. When in system map sometimes can’t select destinations
  61. Mission rewards info in mission change messages needs to be clearer
  62. Ranks : Combat, trader, explorer : all blocked
  63. Return to $##DestinationStationName;
  64. Encountered target NPC; but wasn't the right one (illegal cloning?!)
  65. Fine payments screen for interstellar contacts - description text is cut short
  66. Ship cargo screen has buggy/slow load on ship change
  67. Can not take most missions.
  68. HOTAS on-screen modifier buttons
  69. Mission pay not reflecting the work need to complete a mission.
  70. Bounty in Power Faction cannot be resolved
  71. No audible cue when lining up SRV for loading bay
  72. Target Reticle Not Aligning Correctly in Lava Vent / Fumarole POI's
  73. when missions are completed icon still shows mission present on system map ...
  74. Light in Hangar
  75. Tea is shown as 'illegal' on Galmap commodity view
  76. Wing mission BUG after 03/06/18 download
  77. Holo me helmet won't change color when flight suit is changed
  78. Rapid overheat after dropping out of hyperjump
  79. Cargo is bugged using collection limpets in degraded/high signals
  80. Received bounty for killing a wanted pirate
  81. Unable to retrieve a complete mission list from the server.
  82. Gyroscopic Headlook Still Broken
  83. Stuck on Galnet screen after viewing Galaxy Map
  85. Galne audio - skip to previous chapter/article doesn't work
  86. Cargo Bay Full Message With Capacity Left
  87. Bill Turner Base ( Engineer) - bug in Landing Pad No 8
  88. Crab Nebula Looks Horrible
  89. PowerPlay doesn't update standings
  90. Law Enforcment Crafts Attacking When I Attack Wanted Ships
  91. Control layout, randomly swapping...
  92. mission boards do not work in this game
  93. Cant play the game its stuck on the biginig image after loging in and starting
  94. Wing missions disappear for others
  95. Multiple bugs with original Ram Tah Guardian Ruins mission post Beyond 3.0 release
  96. Strange "Matt Black" Effect on Anaconda
  97. Game crashing when dropping into uss.
  98. RNG spawned POI objects in _distant_ systems .. weird
  99. Cockpit Self-Shadow Degradation (it's bad)
  100. Planet light - day/night bug ?
  101. Collector limpets from Federal Gunship
  102. Wing Mission Bug - Only the Commander who shared the Mission can affect the mission
  103. Named passenger's cargo demands don't take into account existing cargo contents.
  104. Missing stations and systems
  105. No comm's with station
  106. Logging out in the middle of game.
  107. Too many useless missions
  108. Type-9 Cockpit Causes Framerate Stutter
  109. Problem planet cant land planet
  110. Galaxy map not showing services
  111. HOTAS Flightmaster for PS4 control mapping bug.
  112. Engine Experimental
  113. Game crashing/freezing
  114. Sever connection failure (SRV)
  115. Distorted/stretched audio when leaving stations in mailslot, and also in combat situations
  116. Engineer Screen Has Wrong Info for Ishmaak
  117. 15-16/3/18 PS4 Unable to get into game due to connection issue
  118. BUG? actually just needs addressed
  119. L3 + button not working in-flight
  120. PS4 Pro Graphics Glitch/Bug/Texture Flash
  121. Can't link PSN to frontier
  122. Corrupt Data Please try again.
  123. PS4 controls keep resetting
  124. Radar Tracking Targets in System I Just Left
  125. Extreme Screen Shaking Whilst Getting Interdicted
  126. Imperial Cutter Ship kit WING dwarfed
  127. NPC Point Defense Operates Even After 0%
  128. Auto Dock Computer Crashing Ship
  129. Comms panel freeze in group instances
  130. Getting wanted for healing wingmans sheilds
  131. Mission Selection UI Remains Broken
  132. Informational Report - Angular outline to the interstellar medium a.k.a. Where's my galaxy?
  133. FPS
  134. Transport Passenger mission not increasing trade rank
  135. PS4 version is crashing from loading screen since the update
  136. unable to log into game
  137. Game times are not matching
  138. Missions underpaying your account on all missions
  139. Not able to clear a bounty
  140. Strange Color
  141. Extended time spent in SRV causes HUD to stop working and game to crash
  142. Powerplay bounty affecting ship transfer cost/resale
  143. bounty on a stored ship and cant get into it to pay off bounty
  144. Horizons - Game will not acknowledge I own it
  145. Equipment screen & messenger missions
  146. No missions with "common" micro weave cooling hoses reward
  147. Shadows over the Station, again
  148. Pulse disruptors need a buff. Desparatly.
  149. Fine Received for firing on target scanned as wanted but not targeted
  150. when playing planet side in horizons after about 1 hour on planet game crashes
  151. battle aftermath signal
  152. Anaconda CoM correction moved internal modules outside the visual model
  153. Enabling headlook in hyperspace or during auto dock makes you look at the ceiling
  154. No longer leaving hyperspace at a safe distance to binary stars
  155. Massacre your own?
  156. Rare artwork fed navy rank up mission - instant killed by enemy
  157. Healing Beams Instakill Friends
  158. Game disconnects when choosing mission reward
  159. Anyone else experiencing Station landing pads bugs?
  160. CG problems
  161. Graphical Anomalies
  162. Cant Accept Data Courier Mission
  163. Player Legal Status Slow To Load
  164. No commodities market on station
  165. Trade data wiped/inaccessible after 3.0.4 update
  166. Federal Navy missions still not showing up.
  167. Imperial Cutter HUD not aligned correctly
  168. PowerPlay Stats Tab bugged.
  169. Completed and incomplete missions gone overnight
  170. PS4 key bind menu after long press not displaying functions mapped to R1 and L1
  171. IMperial Rank Up Bug
  172. "Incoming Mission Critical Message" -Manager Dudley
  173. Game crash on Spec Ops mission
  174. CG wrong factions at war bug
  175. Gold Sidewinder Paint Job Still Missing
  176. Heatsink 9 Quintillion Damage per Second
  177. Planetary approach graphical glitch
  178. Message for "Allied" commander while docking annoymously
  179. Ship Hung on Unknown Object Leaving Station
  180. Trophy not unlocking for "Put Your Fighters Up."
  181. Sudden explosion of wingman
  182. Game Crash using Keybind for 'Open Galaxy Map' within seconds of logging in.
  183. Repeatable BUG "connection error"
  184. Ship damage on takeoff from planetary based stations
  185. Salvage Mission Destruction
  186. Sound cuts out and makes loud popping noises
  187. BaliRoger
  188. No bounty credits on pirate destruction
  189. Connection Error whilst trying to store newly engineered items
  190. Black Squares
  191. Multi-Crew: SLF launch causing crew to disconnect
  192. Texture problem
  193. Faction Mission Generation not Tied to its State
  194. HOTAS 75% Throttle No longer works
  195. 3X Instant Death with close to full hull/Shields in Wing Thargoid Combat
  196. Decals from Ross 310 CG not showing up
  197. Impossible to acquire engineering materials
  198. Black Squares again
  199. Can't pay "Independent" bounty at interstellar factor
  200. Getting abandoned by Federation and System Security
  201. Player Contact Tab Lists Wingmate As Having Destroyed My Ship When No Ship Destruction Occurred.
  202. Pixelated Planets (Grey)
  203. Atrocious FPS drops when entering and being in hangar in engineer base
  204. Corroded Paint Job
  205. Palin's Mission not spawning
  206. Passenger missions paying double
  207. HUD stays off after thargoid hit
  208. Crime & Punishment
  209. Community goals showing incorrect tier reward
  210. Instant explosion while leaving station
  211. Non sequence stars not showing near galaxy center after all other stars filtered out
  212. Galaxy map search and route planner not woking
  213. Destination system changes at fsd engage
  214. PSN ID still black listed (being auto flagged) Name is covered by asterisks at First Discovered By
  215. Graphical issues: Game doesn't render very big/wide ring systems of gas giant &m class.
  216. Died for no reason and lost my elite pilot
  217. Cops rammed me with FSD warp in and then killed me
  218. Magical Mission Pirate
  219. attacked by 3 npcs despite Threat lvl 0 NO cargo& first entry in system, so no enemy.
  220. only 1000 cr for 10 000 merits ive recieved =(
  221. Confused by the behaviour of the Galmap population filters
  222. Outpost Approach Schematic Vs Outpost Layout Mismatch
  223. Ships turning Wanter for no reason even when docked
  224. Additional issues with inability to pay bounty in interstellar factors
  225. Salvage missions incorrectly balanced
  226. Route Plotting Taking An Age
  227. Menu Freezing
  228. Dropping on "Spec Ops Contract" Mission Target results in game crash.
  229. Bounty gained for unknown reason
  230. zacariah nemo engineer
  231. Cz not appearing
  232. Can't Log In
  233. No Missions Available
  234. Attacked & killed on arrival to The Dweller (engineer) after receiving invite
  235. Graphical tear in skybox
  236. No massacre missions for one faction in War state
  237. Empty Convoy Beacon bug is back
  238. Destroyed by the station without reason
  239. Unlinked Frontier account from PlayStation
  240. Bounty from wing assassination.
  241. Got hung on unknown object and lost ship.
  242. Wolf 363 2 B Broken Planet
  243. Wolf 363 2 B Bounty gained?
  244. Missions load forever then fail or only partial load
  245. Can't connect to server and when it does "Unrecoverable error" and or cannot retrieve menu
  246. Setting file may as well not be there
  247. Ps4- Freezing in small instances.
  248. Bounty on Stored Ship
  249. Select Highest Threat issue
  250. Crackly audio during hyperspace jumps & when pitching up and down in normal flight
  251. Bonus weekend ended early PS4
  252. Broken Engine Sounds For Adder
  253. Mitterand Hollow landing glitch
  254. Button combinations involving triggers behave in unexpected ways
  255. Instancing, AWFUL