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  1. Widescreen monitors mess up the galaxy map & system map
  2. Anonymous docking possible when Wanted and Hostile, but not when only Hostile
  3. Mod icon on enhanced performance thrusters not visible
  4. Galaxy Map shows all stars when filtering by Services
  5. Nav lock and wing signal not working properly near planets
  6. No option to store Thrusters when buying new ones
  7. HYS Canons doing 50% less damage
  8. Releasing mouse button registers as button press in Exit/Back buttons in Galaxy map
  9. Heavy duty armor/hull reinforcment blueprint worse than 2.4 armor blueprint
  10. Ambushed for no reason - Bug or feature?
  11. Audio cuts out in supercruise near Beta Sculptoris B (+video)
  12. failed to communicate with server - failed to perform mission transaction
  13. Mouse cursor shows in cockpit until mouse moved
  14. Power Play Bounty causes premium for transporting "hot" ship
  15. Tip Off Site won't let me scan the server
  16. Data Inventory Full - Can't scan ancient obelisk anymore
  17. Game freezes/crashes when docking
  18. Instancing not working on wing assasination missions
  19. Targeted ship is not bracketed in HUD
  20. storing weapon in the outfittings makes the game freeze
  21. Lei Cheung reinforced shield blueprint grade 3 missing from remote workshop
  22. Targeting disappeared during jump to system; does not affect jump
  23. MIssion load fail
  24. Targeted containers/materials missing brackets
  25. Route Plotting issue
  26. Mission Critical Message Menu - Message Grouping Pointer Chaos
  27. Outfitting infinite load screen
  28. Stops at failed to sync time
  29. Why am I not Elite yet?
  30. Shield cell banks give variable when stacked
  31. System Map Game Crash
  32. G-force limit exceeded message doesn't show up anymore
  33. cannot send/receive wing invitations
  34. Size 6E cargo not registering cargo when limpets return in burning station
  35. Material drop immediate disappear on planetary settlements
  36. X52PRO control panel settings being ignored by the game
  37. Poor instancing after interdicting near planets, moons, stars
  38. upgrade lvl 3 unavailable at remote eng.
  39. Echoing Static SFX on planetary surfaces
  40. A minor spelling mistake
  41. Getting killed by npc bounty hunters doesn't remove your bounty
  42. Frequent partial mission list and error connecting to adjudication server
  43. Angry Limpets
  44. Ship getting scanned while docked
  45. PRU AESCS HW-S B3 1-2 CD 1
  46. Possible Kill Warrent Scanner bug?
  47. Powerplay adjusters & security ships do nothing
  48. Having negative reputation with the federation causes non federation stations to occasionally attack
  49. Surface scanner fast scan modification not working?
  50. Cursor Flickering with Nvidia Graphics Drivers 388.71, 391.35, 397.64
  51. Game crashes and unable to close. Task manager doesn't hidden below
  52. Occasional "teleport" of ship
  53. Strange noise every 65 seconds
  54. Seeing CMDRs in Solo
  55. Instancing cap is a real problem and you should do something about it
  56. BGS Station News Incorrect
  57. comms history in cocpiit doesnt work
  58. Asteroid graphical glitch
  59. Expirimental effects application consumes materials without applying effect
  60. Square blocks of stars in sky box
  61. Sound Gradually decreases until you exit to menu and back
  62. SRV takes more damage with other players in the instance
  63. Dazzle and Pulse skin do not display correctly
  64. Crash in (High)-RES
  65. Recalled Ship wont land on the planet
  66. Spec Ops mission CTD when dropping into mission-related signal source
  67. Controller Random Disconnects and Unable to reconnect
  68. Undying NPC Ships
  69. Mission USS keeps showing up after the mission has been completed
  70. Ships no longer provide cover to the SRV from weapons fire/splash damage
  71. Unusual shadow behavior
  72. Bug - Power Plant Experimental effect not showing up in ship module info
  73. Collector limpets not functioning
  74. Game crash on tab out.
  75. Wing assassination mission - failed when we killed the target
  76. Game crashes in crowded areas (open mode) while using VR
  77. Display settings
  78. Data scanning pointless mails still marked as unread after being read. (Still unfixed 2 years on).
  79. Mission reward sometimes mixed on-click
  80. Previously acquired missions are gone from transaction panel after the update.
  81. Engineering recipes in remote workshop completely wrong
  82. Krait mk2 limpets and danger lights
  83. Connection status: Your client is too new.
  84. Can't hand in source and return missions [WORKAROUND FOUND]
  85. Can't wing up with another CMDR
  86. Lakon Alliance Challenger Livery issues
  87. Engineers failing to update unlock count
  88. Faulcon DeLacy Krait MkII livery issues
  89. Krait canopy reflection looks horrible
  90. Colonia Bastion Installation CTD
  91. LYR pledged CMDRs do not enjoy the 15% discount on controlled systems
  92. Guardian FSD booster does not work on extreme long range synthesized jumps
  93. Imperial Slaves available for sale at Aisling Duval control system
  94. Engineer server error.
  95. System name showing $##SystemName variable, instead of actual system in starport services
  96. Industry needs mission problem
  97. Bounties, wanted, authority ships after me for "wet work" mission which states this wont happen
  99. Game crashes when dropping out at military installation
  100. Pledged Faction Merits shown wrongly
  101. Crime sweeps, other powerplay CZ does not work
  102. mission text bug "$###DestinationStationName"
  103. Visual Issue when Outfitting Krait
  104. FSD safe disengage bugged at resource sites
  105. Notoriety still there after 2 Hours
  106. Cmdr Statistics (and therefore Engineer unlock requirements, and pilot ranks) Are not updating
  107. 0% Power Plant STILL has no effect on NPCS in 3.1
  108. Killed while docked at a station.
  109. Type-9 Heavy thruster glow/light detached from ship.
  110. Turreted Flechette Launcher still broken
  111. Wrong materials and not consumed materials for blueprints
  112. Cant synthesis small ammo
  113. ED rebooted PC
  114. No contacts in range
  115. Ship rebuy cost is ignoring modules that have been engineered.
  116. Digital throttle controls still disabled during hyper jump
  117. FSD Booster extra jump range not being considered when plotting route in galaxy map
  118. Landscape at incorrect height causing clipping & floating objects
  119. Wake scanner doesn't work in supercruise anymore.
  120. Guardian modules missing after being unlocked
  121. Transfering Reactive Surface Armor from Storage to Krait Fails
  122. threat level 5. no threat!
  123. Krait deploys hardpoints not in currernt fire group
  124. Kill faction ships in conflict zone target count issues
  125. Planetary surface, performance degradation.
  126. Mission Board at stations really slow coming up
  127. Type-10 winglets don't animate properly
  128. Surface station defences and POI's defences
  129. Guardian Power Distributor does not boost power plant output
  130. System Security attacking each other
  131. Stars not loading when exploring.
  132. A couple of questions re bug reports
  133. Passenger mission problem
  134. Cops open fire with no warning message, no fine, and no bounty
  135. ED-launch update failed
  136. Background video on main menu not playing
  137. ALT key modifier for YAW/ROLL freezes mouse control while lowering landing gear
  138. Systematic crash when I enter a USS mission
  139. Log in details incorrect
  140. No Contacts in Range Message
  141. "Rotational correction disabled!" annoying loop sound...
  142. Most Text/Other errors NOT fixed untill now...
  143. Connection problems
  144. New money exploit - 500 mill/h
  145. Most bugs reported still not fixed...
  146. Mission Symbol not removed from planet missions when mission complete...
  147. Max module storage increases when swapping modules
  148. Transations
  149. Ship lost
  150. Notority 1 not gone after 10 hours?!
  151. Guardian Module Reinforcement side effect doesn't seem to work
  152. Our station now has Black Market
  153. Toggle FSD not assigned with XBOX One Controller
  154. Mystery Antennas On Krait
  155. Power Usage Bar is bugged out
  156. Can't complete last week's bounty hunting CG
  157. Green friendlies turn red for no cause (CG, RES site)
  158. Missing 6A Shield Generator
  159. Guardian Gauss Cannon No "Charge Up" Sound.
  160. Missing Armour Rating Statistic
  161. Can't scan "ship data core" and can't find any of the cargo mantioned in "Tip Off" mission
  162. Bug with Ram Tah's decoding ancient ruins mission
  163. Random softlocks when dropping out/entering frame shift
  165. Game keeps crashing
  166. Krait bobbleheads aren't displayed in the correct order
  167. Wing Assassination Missions are now underpaid
  168. Players are unable to hand in/accept missions due to 'Requirements not Met' reason - "Destination"
  169. launcher opens microsft edge
  170. No 'Incoming Emeny Alert' messages (nor enemy NPCs appearing) for Source & Return missions
  171. Chieftain/Challenger: disabled custom engine colours only work for main thrusters (update)
  172. Wierd anti-clockwise rotation since 3.1.. help! Actually inducing nausea in VR.
  173. Material trader requires obsurd amount to trade up in higher tiers
  174. Bug with powerdistributor!
  175. No more refil for missiles ?
  176. View moved inside ship for one frame in VR
  177. Teсhnical name turrets on FNV Formidable and Valiant at Ru version
  178. Missing Mission Destination
  179. Passenger missions not appearing on mission board of issuing station following completion.
  180. Can't turn in mission items
  181. Typo in Nav Panel for "System Map" choice
  182. Engineer Lei Cheung Markets Traded counter is stuck and not increasing
  183. Error redeeming mission
  184. (please delete) Krait MKII
  185. Game will not respond to input after update
  186. Oculus Rift 3.1 - No sound & XBox controller + mouse + keyboard do not work!!!
  187. False prices: Getting clean modules
  188. Russian translation mistake
  189. Shields are rising up after entering supercruise
  190. Visual glitches on the planet surfaces.
  191. Col 173 sector GS-J B25-4 guardian site
  192. Several Livery Bugs for Alliance Challenger
  193. Intro music and "incoming message" sound cuts off
  194. During upgrade, launcher tries to install to DVD drive
  195. Reboot/Repair and Self-destruct are missing
  196. Materials can sometimes fall through planet surface
  197. Guardian Shield Reinforcement Packages prevent shields restoring after reboot/repair
  198. Generation ship Achlys improperly warns against weapon discharge
  199. SLI still not working
  200. Board Generating/Filtering missions wrong.
  201. Technology broker unlocks gone
  202. Conflict Zone factions showing as both reds and blues, acting as both enemies and allies
  203. Federal Navy Strike Contract
  204. Imperial navy rank missions
  205. Mission board text error
  206. Krait cannot scan planetary outposts (Planetary scan missions)
  207. Killed by station after collision with goliath
  208. Game just says stand by when trying to go to a completed wing mission
  209. No Stdtem Name Blues
  210. Powerplay bounties appear to still be bugged
  211. Ship destroyed for no reason while landed by defences in HIP 16217
  212. Second mission offer
  213. Krait lighting is too bright
  214. Sourcing Missions Not giving Reward
  215. Chieftain/Challenger Interdiction UI misaligned
  216. Crystalline Cluster Model Normals Reversed
  217. Small new bug introduced with persistent FA Off
  218. Neutron Stars not showing up on Galactic Map
  219. when i try payment of fine move me to prison. what happend?
  220. Misalignment between the position indicator and the planetary base
  221. NPCs spawned from other human players, vanish when they leave the instance
  222. "Temperature Critical" message delayed until exiting next jump
  223. Unregistered Comms Beacon missing from system Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192, for Conflux Delta site.
  224. G-Sync doesn't work in Window nor broderless mode
  225. Constant crashing at stations with Military Emplacements
  226. Symbols near guardian modules are broken.
  227. VR: Krait Reprojection
  228. Penal Colony Disabled by Thargoids bugged and fired on my Ship
  229. In Game Trade Tools | Best seller can't be sold
  230. Targeting reticules are still borked
  231. Incoming mission
  232. Powerplay PvP: Killing enemy CMDRs treated as regular crime
  233. Federal rank not increasing after mission completion
  234. After exceeding maximum boost speed, thrusters no longer work(planetary flight)[Krait]
  235. Unable to board ship
  236. CZ Kills not applying to massacre mission
  237. Achenar Permit Received without Empire Rank
  238. No Destroy Scouts "Mission Objective" signal source
  239. Assassination target in follow-on mission not revealed
  240. Absence of target minor-factions for VIP/named passenger missions
  241. Plasma Flare has reverted to tiny balls since 3.1
  242. Turret Large Shock Cannon - thumbnail missing
  243. Planetary surface texture visible semm
  244. Difficulties of translation[RU]
  245. Powerplay power stats "Exploitation impact" column broken
  246. Please fix the security services!
  247. Dual display
  248. Buy back sold items is broken for the Powerplay faction weapons and modules.
  249. Galaxy Map stopped working in VR.
  250. Passenger Missions no longer group simlilalr cabins as one unit
  251. Bindings are lost when xbox controller is turned off on booting the game
  252. The Dweller not unlocking/updating
  253. VIP Passenger Transports are now very rare, and there are missions to strange systems
  254. FELICITY FARSEER - No Thruster Mod
  255. Commodity Export icons missing from System name in Galaxy Map