View Full Version : 3.1.x XB1 Bugs

  1. Still no friendly greeting when approaching an allied station.
  2. Hotas One Yaw to the left randomly
  3. Game crashes entering Mission Target Signal source for Spec Ops mission
  4. Achivements
  5. Ceiling Missing at back of Tourism Station Hanger
  6. Unable to choose mission reward.
  7. Missions gone after 3.1 Chapter Two update
  8. Game not loading
  9. Challanger ID on the wrong side
  10. System Names not Showing Correctly
  11. Im not getting credit for black market networking in my quest to reach The Dweller
  12. Mining statistics are no longer increasing.
  13. HOTAS not working in map and mission board.
  14. Broken and unbalanced missions rewards
  15. Connection Error After Update
  16. Krait multicannons clipping.
  17. Game Disconnects Upon Approach To New Ground Site
  18. Fed rank up mission completed but rank remained the same -- twice in a row
  19. 3 Reward choices become 2 when you get the option of a bonus
  20. Unable to select systems in GalMap
  21. Alliance Challenger Ship ID Nameplate Camera Issue
  22. Crash if multiple srv in instance
  23. 3.1 Wing Source mission bug.
  24. System Security attacking eachother
  25. No credits from conflict zone
  26. Notariety
  27. Crash when jumping out of surface site and Thargoid present
  28. Xbox One X fan very high revelations when running 4K
  29. Can't accept several missions, despite meeting all requirements. No reason given for non acceptance.
  30. Can't Join Wing Since latest update
  31. Random hostility
  32. 3.1 Still missing friendly traffic controller at allied stations, reported since 2.4
  33. Problem with wingmen dropping in on wing assassination missions
  34. kill the pirate missions
  35. [v3.1] Game Lock Up Randomly
  36. stars missing in the core
  37. Game freezes when loading!!!
  38. GalNet Audio Language Setting not working
  39. 3.1 not letting me access shipyard, outfitting, mission boards, etc
  40. XBOX and PS4 Universal Cartographics sub-menu not selectable
  41. Unable to log in
  42. Outfiting, not fully possible
  43. Engineer Experimentals Can Be Applied On Grades Beyond The Engineers Max Level
  44. Game crashing when entering hyperspace
  45. SRV Half A Cockpit Screen
  46. Planetary Scan Missions Not Showing System
  47. Crash upon killing thargoid
  48. NPC randomly turning hostile/attacking everything
  49. Game crash at Evans Port , Parutas
  50. Exploration Rank Not Increasing
  51. unlocked guardian tech not in outfitting
  52. Planetary mineral percentages not appearing in Paroja
  53. Enzyme missiles
  54. Powerplay
  55. Wanted ship outfitting
  56. Some Missions Either Have No Rewards or No Options For Rewards
  57. Game Crashing While Driving Planetside
  58. Haz rez ship population
  59. Game freezes after frame shift countdown 100% of the time on first jump
  60. Ram Tah guardian log mission
  61. Nav Beacon Wont Update Mission Details
  62. Dolphin still overheating :(
  63. Scarab bug
  64. Top right panel displayed incorrect star
  65. Grandfathered lightweight sensor mod superior to current blueprint
  66. NPCs Not Affected by Module Incapacitation
  67. Unable to Choose reward and finish mission.
  68. System Authority Vessels attacked me for no reason
  69. Connection Adjudication Error
  70. Combat Zones bug/Issue
  71. First Discovered naming bug
  72. Can't Transfer Bulkheads to Ship from Storage
  73. Outfitting Bug
  74. Explorer and Combat rank not changing/ progressing incredibly slowly
  75. Thargoids massacre misson not working correctly
  76. Voice Comms not working
  77. Game crashes when SRV touches deployed SLF bay.
  78. Achievements Not Unlocking
  79. Cargo Bug still a thing
  80. Nebula textures look incorrect on consoles
  81. First discovered tag doesn't show until body scanned
  82. MAJOR glitches (plural) with planet-fall missions/scenarios/SRV
  83. Blown up at point of docking
  84. Guardian sites causing constant crashes
  85. Legitimate powerplay pvp made me wanted
  86. Cobra Mk-III Thruster LOD Misalignment
  87. Wrong hand movement direction
  88. "PASSENGER I" (i) ship decal is not centered, especially when used in middle livery decal slots
  89. Cannot transfer module back to ship
  90. Game freezes on first jump (from last update ) 100% of the time
  91. New update : game problems
  92. Galaxy map not showing stars in filter mode
  93. game will not launch after today's upate(xb1)
  94. Ancient Obelisk Bugs - Ram Tahs Mission
  95. Xbox Elite store
  96. Frame rate issues in SRV
  97. Mission objectives not spawning/ progessing
  98. [XB1 v1.3.3 Blue docking bay assignment stays on screen after docking in external view
  99. Minor Faction Influence displays in UI don't match
  100. Cmdr name not shown in HUD & Combat Rank wrong when targeted
  101. PC Games Network Exclusive Cobra Skin Render Issue
  103. Stuck in system no supercruise!
  104. Class 5 Optional Internal Slot (Dolphin) bugged
  105. class 3 beam long range with regen
  106. here we go again
  107. Rocks Spawning inside Docking Bays, Planetary Bases, Installations and Settlements
  108. Route Plotting Failed
  109. Elite Dangerous won't install even after clear cache xbox one x
  110. Community Goal Resource extraction Sites Dead
  111. Stuck on Loading Screen
  112. Power Player Defection issue
  113. Horizons bug, preventing me from entering the game
  114. Commodities tools, saying commodities are exported, and there not
  115. Open play and solo play wont load
  116. Verbindungsfehler am Schwarzen brett / Conect bug at black board
  117. Beluga has no option for ship launched fighter hangar
  118. Logged into the wrong Hire Port
  119. Game crashed after purchasing new ship and wont re-start in the station
  120. No Mission Specific Signal Sources Showing
  121. Mission Board Favoritism?
  122. Entry of ship name and number freezes using HOTAS One
  123. Shard Cannon Range Error
  124. Loss of credits
  125. Engineering Attribute Glitch
  126. aligning ship up with stargazer asteroid base
  127. Jet cone boost not reliably boosting
  128. Game Wont Start
  130. I believe I have discovered the reason for the missing skybox glitch
  131. Crab Nebula anyone
  132. Random bunty for nothing!
  133. My xbox one account wont let me get past title screen
  134. Feedback Cascade Failing
  135. landing pad glitch + damage and shoves ship to right
  136. Dolphin still overheating :(
  137. Cleared Bounty Remains in Top 5 Bounty Board
  138. Hostile Cops?
  139. XBox One X - SRV Bug