View Full Version : 3.1.x PS4 Bugs

  1. Blurry Texture Oscillation and LOD Degradation
  2. Wing Lag/Rubberbanding and other game breaking issues.
  3. Expo 2017 flight suit
  4. Passenger Missions unable to be handed in
  5. Ship interiors STILL look HORRIBLE when over / on a planet!
  6. Cannot hand in wing missions
  7. Guardian fsd booster Failure
  8. Some missions cannot handed in
  9. Selling to stations doenst count for market network.
  10. Weirdness With Security Forces
  11. PS4 Mission board in a mass
  12. PS4 chat message & inbox time TZ mismatch
  13. Hyperspace jump to Lylis Helig system and directly crash into twin star
  14. Crash after any significant time spent in SRV on PS4
  15. global bounty has locked my ship
  16. “Invalid limpet target” mega ship interactions - hatch breaker
  17. Mission text "$###DestinationStationSystemName" issue
  18. Mission giver sends you to scan their own base
  19. Stuck Plasma Accelerator Bug Returns
  20. Comm Panel folders behave oddly if messages for different missions arrive in quick succession
  21. Cannot drop into nav beacon in witch head nebula
  22. Galaxy map Auto plotting
  23. Combat Glitch, Ships Turning Redand are clean.
  24. Angry VIP passenger
  25. Crash on Jump
  26. Crash on Jump
  27. Crew Console not updating.
  28. No bounties in SLFs
  29. Unable to hand in mission type Industry needs.
  30. Options > controller settings > hotas !take the settings from the makefile!
  31. References to Orrere crashed Anaconda missing from Orrere Herald alrticles
  32. Healing Laser causing instand destruction of friend
  33. Multi-Cannons Doesn't Fire
  34. Didn't get rewards for handing in CG
  35. Problems with SLF Recall
  36. Grade 3 engineering option missing from pinned blueprint
  37. Server Error
  38. Didn't get promoted after handing in Federal/Imperial Navy Strike Contracts
  39. PS4 DualShock Controller bug
  40. Ship's hologram avatar is different than real ship
  41. Radar still not showing difference between players and NPCs
  42. Soft Asteroids
  43. CG not credited for gold delivery
  44. No Mission Update after scannin Nav Beacon in Assassinate Pirate Lord Missions
  45. Assassination mission gives mixed location
  46. Trade rank and trade missions
  47. Type-10 Modules unable to store, sell or replace due to mis-reported ship's mass
  48. Cant wing up or send private messages
  49. Gal map lag
  50. Srv turret restarts
  51. Nav lock blue screen
  52. Missing Eng. invitation
  53. Given Mission with 0 minutes to complete
  54. Unable to complete planetary scan mission
  55. Limpits not collecting.
  56. Server Error after Landing on planet 2c in sword of Damocles (solved after waiting for some hours)
  57. Bug keeping me from turning in a boom time delivery mission
  58. Loss of progress
  59. Starfield missing, fragmented, not displaying correctly
  60. Not connected to internet message on main menu when PS4 has internet connection
  61. Colonia listening post mission
  62. PS4 Passenger Mission Destination
  63. Sound cutting out completely on entering station.
  64. Astronomical objects discovered message displays when objects do not match filter
  65. Get "Server Error" when trying to restock weapons
  66. High grade and encoded emissions content not spawning
  67. Weirdly Placed Resource Site
  68. Jump Range the same for all ships
  69. Crash at HIP 23759 Nav Beacon
  70. Wing share standby mode
  71. Dock number in Portuguese is offset, making it hard to see
  72. BGS tick not happened?
  73. Bounty gained incorrectly in Has Res post 3.1.3 patch
  74. Crashing to Blue Screen after dropping from cruise PS4Pro
  75. "Navigation" panel cursor is in an arbitrary position on entering a system
  76. Wing assassination mission target does not attack the t cargo ship in instance
  77. SRV Driving through the ground
  78. Apply experimental server error
  79. HOTAS Headlook mapping unresponsive
  80. Crash with 100% FSD Premium materials
  81. Docking Computer damaging ship?
  82. Krait ship kit lighting glitch
  83. Constant Acceleration towards a station
  84. Ships turn hostile for no reason
  85. Ransomed by pirate on planetary surface, abandon all cargos but didn't stop pirate attack
  86. Breaking Limpets
  87. Map icons flashing first time the map is loaded during a session
  88. Blown up no reason
  89. I dont know what is it
  90. Lowres textures
  91. Systems lock up on leaving station
  92. Server down, frequently
  93. HOTAS 4 not fully supported
  94. Wrong Color light hitting planets from CN/S class carbon stars
  95. SLF Aimbots.
  96. Can't deliver rescued escape pods
  97. Slavage Misson Cargo not registering
  98. Missing filters in galaxy map
  99. Targeting Not Working in SRV
  100. PMF Deleted Black Sun Crew