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  18. Mining Some new ideas for miners and explorers... finding gemstones and fossils to craft into charms/totems
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  21. Mining Instead of adding a new HUD use TELEPRESENCE for a dedicated MINING MODE
  22. Mining Engineering our mining equipment
  23. Mining Warning: Unexploded Bomb! (Sub-surface Displacement Missile)
  24. Mining Persistent deep core deposits and RES
  25. Mining Have areas that are off limits to mining but can be mined illegally
  26. Mining Mining changes & smaller ships. [NOT A COMPLAINT]
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  28. Mining Asteroid Persistence Is REQUIRED
  29. Mining Rival miner NPCs
  30. Mining Buy acess to a POI claim /focussed mining with structured outcome
  31. Mining Mining Megaships and Stations
  32. Mining Can we 'pork barrel' hiding the comms and info panels as part of the mining change?
  33. Mining Mining Needs to be one of the top paying things to do
  34. Mining How about special mining SLFs/SLMs instead?
  35. Mining High density asteroid rings = need for small ships / SLF to navigate and mine
  36. Mining Make the new mining mechanics more sim like instead of gamey
  37. Mining [Zorgon Peterson] Ship Launched Shuttle update
  38. Mining Mining limpets
  39. Mining Combining new mining with new exploration
  40. Mining With added bunch of scanners, tools, modules, and such how about more triggers?
  41. Mining We need Tractor Beam Back !!
  42. Mining Configurable SLF hangar- mining AND combat
  43. Mining Multiplayer Mining
  44. Mining Steamworld dig like mechanics
  45. Mining Limpet rework- all systems!
  46. Mining Analysis of 3 years of mining CGs
  47. Mining Big boy 'watering hole' persistent asteroid POI
  48. Mining concerning weapon woes
  49. Mining I think it's time to start talking about Rewards
  50. Mining Please Make Limpets Materials not cargo!
  51. Mining PROPOSAL: Introducing the TYPE 6 Mining Variant with Limpet Controllers Array and Scanners Rack
  52. Mining Vacuum Materials Cleaner for Cargo Hatch
  53. Mining Asp Explorer: the mining explorer
  54. Mining Mining Module bonuses for Lakon Ships
  55. Mining Emergent Gold Rushes from Exploration
  56. Mining Please Don't Make Miners Toothless
  57. Mining Put giant NPC mining dredges in depleted rings
  58. Mining Add vacuum lifeforms in some planetary rings
  59. Mining Wing Missions and Mining
  60. Mining Mining offensively
  61. Mining Mining: Persistent Destructable Asteroids
  62. Mining Variations
  63. Mining Nice new mining gameplay from Star Citizen, you can learn something from this FD.
  64. Mining All I want is MB4's
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  66. Mining Ignore function needs a bit of TLC
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  70. Mining Mining for materials
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  76. Mining Sensor Aggregration : Purchasable External Sensor? Computer Core module with slots?
  77. Mining Random thought: Packhound style collector drones?
  78. Mining Mining / exploration - singleplayer mobile base = Anaconda, iCutter, fCruiser
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  81. Mining Limpet Controllers with their own Cargo Space
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  83. Mining Expand cargo depot mechanic to mining missions
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