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  6. Powerplay Dear Carebears (or at least some of you)
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  11. Powerplay Non-Powerplay Modes
  12. Powerplay Is pad hogging going to be the new powerplay META?
  13. Powerplay Choosing a Bonus for a Rank
  14. Powerplay With open only, is it time fortification cargo is free and the allocations / timer is dropped?
  15. Powerplay Powerplay rewards
  16. Powerplay Power Play & Ranks
  17. Powerplay Bot proofing Powerplay combat expansions (and CZs in general)
  18. Powerplay Open Only PowerPlay + Squadron Carriers
  19. Powerplay My considered feedback on whether PP should be open is
  20. Powerplay The issues people have with Open: lets dispel them...
  21. Powerplay Merit Decay and Module Shoppers and Open Play
  22. Powerplay Powerplay NPC's in Solo and Private groups.
  23. Powerplay Change to Li Yong Rui ranking required
  24. Powerplay Solo/Open compromise
  25. Powerplay Love the diection
  26. Powerplay PP Module rewards
  27. Powerplay Some ideas to reward Open instead of cutting off PG/Solo
  28. Powerplay Removing Long-Standing Features Is Not Okay
  29. Powerplay Concerns re: The Block Feature and Powerplay
  30. Powerplay Colonia the new PP frontier
  31. Powerplay Open and Inbound vs Outbound Fortification
  32. Powerplay Fortification Triggers and Ethos checks
  33. Powerplay The blocking feature shouldn't have effect if the blocked person is from an enemy Power
  34. Powerplay Ease the Transition to Open-Only PP with Heavily Discounted Rebuys
  35. Powerplay Current Powerplay Faults
  36. Powerplay suggestions on prep and fortifications
  37. Powerplay Typical Open Only blockade scenario
  38. Powerplay PowerPlay changes and Co-op players
  39. Powerplay Open PP - A gameplay suggestion
  40. Powerplay Will Navy Rank Locked Ships be available in Solo?
  41. Powerplay Power play in open only requires a change to acquire the weapons in solo
  42. Powerplay If the modes will be no longer "equal", why stop here
  43. Powerplay Please add more detail about merit decay, allocation timers, allocations, module shopping, merits
  44. Powerplay Instead of merit decay, merits act as shadow currency
  45. Powerplay Discount pp-cargo from rebuy.
  46. Powerplay Crazy idea: no fortifying, but spinning plates style undermining via spies
  47. Powerplay Fractional Merit Value - would it work?
  48. Powerplay Why the Open-only PowerPlay proposal is logical and how Solo/PG aren't affected
  49. Powerplay Grandmas Footsteps with guns mixed with PQ 17 = Powerplay?
  50. Powerplay Flying the Flag
  51. Powerplay Rival powers tempting you to the dark side & better PP NPC responses
  52. Powerplay Solo Mode only
  53. Powerplay Mining: History of Mining
  54. Powerplay Fix Instance bugs before PP Open only
  55. Powerplay Healing Beams Powerplay exploit
  56. Powerplay Bounty lists should be per platform
  57. Powerplay Should there only be one Fed, one Imp power represented in Powerplay?
  58. Powerplay Please add a heatmap of player ship destruction / collective DPS per system
  59. Powerplay Please either remove, or drastically change regen beams
  60. Powerplay Should Powers 'die'? Powerplay fail state / collapse
  61. Powerplay Why not create a similar but different system for the openers?
  62. Powerplay Scale merits awarded based on NPC ship size / class
  63. Powerplay Powerplay ethos checks- make them based on faction state and not faction gov type
  64. Powerplay Defense Stacking: Fortifiers vs. Underminers
  65. Powerplay Suggestion: Separate PvE and PvP Powerplay objectives.
  66. Powerplay PP Open Only: Block Player Exploit?
  67. Powerplay War and Peace - a PP Open only compromise
  68. Powerplay Powerplay open new start
  69. Powerplay Missions: pushing back against rivla bubbles influence (for contested systems)
  70. Powerplay Powerplay Modules should be locked to the power you are representing and active in.
  71. Powerplay @ Frontier: Flash Topic 2 weeks on
  72. Powerplay Suggestion : Powerplay Currency
  73. Powerplay Fdev if you want to entice solo players into open, why don't you lift the skirt and show some ankle?
  74. Powerplay Haulers are second class citizens, according to FDev
  75. Powerplay Open PowerPlay canít stop 5C
  76. Powerplay Power Play Wing Missions
  77. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 1 Preparation Cycle Split
  78. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 2 Vote to veto preparation
  79. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 3 Vote to withdraw from system
  80. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 4 Profitability modifier applied to votes and preparation
  81. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 5 Guaranteed undermine if 100% more than fortification
  82. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 6 Overhead removal and slight increase to distance cost modifier
  83. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 7 Ethos Override
  84. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 8 Missions give PowerPlay successes
  85. Powerplay Focused Feedback - Prop 9 Open Only
  86. Powerplay Powerplay is not PvP, it is GvG.
  87. Powerplay crazy idea... supplemental NPC's in PG/solo based on cmdr's in open
  88. Powerplay One way to let combat counter offline PP hauling
  89. Powerplay Open Powerplay for direct interaction, Solo PP for RP via missions?
  90. Powerplay Add Free Rebuy option but it takes time to deliver the replacement ship.
  91. Powerplay Alliance - please, make less powerplay difference for several types of governments
  92. Powerplay Why Open Only Rewards are Important in Powerplay
  93. Powerplay c'mon Sandro, just rip the band-aid off...
  94. Powerplay Open only rewards will not change a thing
  95. FLASH TOPIC Powerplay Proposal Part 2
  96. Powerplay Proposals! Lots of greats ideas from players.
  97. Powerplay Powerplay rewards to replace the special modules
  98. Powerplay Poweplay, who cares?
  99. Powerplay PP Open Bonus, AKA PP Non-Open Penalty...we did this 2 yrs ago
  100. Powerplay Weighted Merits with some caveats - who loses?
  101. Powerplay How big is the bot problem really?
  102. Powerplay FD, want people to stop complaining about the grind AND engage in PP? I may have an idea.
  103. Powerplay How to solve problem with PowerPlay modules accessibility with Open Only PowerPlay - player markets.
  104. Powerplay Allied power system material trader bonus rate
  105. Powerplay While FD is trying to fix PP...
  106. Powerplay Use Thargoids as PvE PP alley
  107. Powerplay Rebuy / undocking cooldown after killing in PP battle
  108. Powerplay PP Don't remove, but add PvP features
  109. Powerplay Power Play CQC game mechanics (Olympic Games, Big Battles...)
  110. Powerplay Kicked from PP Power after becoming a criminal ?
  111. Powerplay Powerplay: power payment in form of materials
  112. Powerplay An alternative approach to bringing Powerplay to open
  113. Powerplay NPC Megaships belonging to powers add system bonuses / perks
  114. Powerplay The elephant in the room: powers are instrinsically PvE entities
  115. Powerplay What i really wish for regarding powerplay
  116. Powerplay Fixing over-fortification.
  117. Powerplay FD is NOT removing any power play content
  118. Powerplay Why not fix the logical fallacies in powerplay before anything else ?
  119. Powerplay Do the other stuff!
  120. Powerplay Sandro's words.
  121. Powerplay Power Play Hall of Fame Top Cmdr Contributor
  122. Powerplay If you want to move people out of solo
  123. Powerplay Will the PP Changes be in 3.1?
  124. Powerplay Offensive actions Open only / Defensive actions in all modes
  125. Powerplay The real problem with current power play
  126. Powerplay Voteless Powerplay to limit 5C
  127. Powerplay Add a war board maybe?
  128. Powerplay How I see PowerPlay should work to be more consistent with the player experience
  129. Powerplay New Start Mode: LIVE PLAY (no P2P)
  130. Powerplay A suggestion .... possible expansion of powerplay ideas
  131. Powerplay PP NPCs should take your rank into consideration, not held merits
  132. Powerplay Hit the reset button.
  133. Powerplay Interdiction Blocker Module & Cooler Module (ONE PLAY MODE)
  134. Powerplay Beyond 3.2 - OPEN POWER PLAY
  135. Powerplay GNOSIS - How is this going to work ?