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  1. Squadrons SQUAD GOALS
  4. Squadrons SQUAD GOALS: ISSUES
  5. Squadrons The New Squadron Feature
  6. Squadrons What is a squadron
  7. Squadrons Fleet Carriers
  8. Squadrons Joining and Leaving Issue (inc. other ideas)
  9. Squadrons Building squadrons and player count
  10. Squadrons Coalitions and Alliances
  11. Squadrons Guild Banks/Asset sharing
  12. Squadrons How many squads per CMDR?
  13. Squadrons Instancing.. The Dreaded Problem the update will face
  14. Squadrons Squadron = again focus on pvp/combat? ...
  15. Squadrons Possible solutions for major concerns (group sizes/multiple group membership)
  16. Squadrons Squadrons.... So FD are really Making another MP only feature?
  17. Squadrons How do squadrons fit into the game?
  18. Squadrons Squadron GUI screen - what would you like to see?
  19. Squadrons Some Suggestions...
  20. Squadrons I think squadrons need a name change.
  21. Squadrons Cap limit
  22. Squadrons Squadrons and Player Minor Factions
  23. Squadrons Suggestion from our Squad
  24. Squadrons Common Goal Collaboration Mechanism
  25. Squadrons Make Capital Ships Useable!
  26. Squadrons Possibility of squadron missions and worry for solo player.
  27. Squadrons Single/solo player squardon?
  28. Squadrons How will instancing work?
  29. Squadrons Squadrons and Colonia. All new content previously was 4 the old bubble, only hope left...
  30. Squadrons Squadrons and BGS. Interconnections, dependencies, etc...
  31. Squadrons Powerplay + BGS + Squadrons = ED Battle of Midway cat and mouse?
  32. Squadrons Some suggesrions.
  33. Squadrons "Guilds" v "Super-wings" what do you want? [collected views]
  34. Squadrons Creating a Squadron and paying the fee
  35. Squadrons SUGGESTION Unlock Squadron Setup
  36. Squadrons Fleet Operations - What Squadrons could learn from us.
  37. Squadrons Suggestion: Squadron "Role" and more involved gameplay... (& allow multi-squadron membership)
  38. Squadrons Fleet Carriers with Cargo Storage
  39. Squadrons Please don't alienate the solo players with excitement for Squads.
  40. Squadrons Multiple Squads Membership
  41. Squadrons Squadrons Size and Organization Suggestion
  42. Squadrons Please make squadrons affordable for newer players
  43. Squadrons Thoughts on Squadron to Squadron Comms and Interactions
  44. Squadrons Funtionality while AFK
  45. Squadrons Ranks and Player Limit
  46. Squadrons Can you please just put the PVP players out of their misery now and let us move on with other things
  47. Squadrons [Groups Leader / Info Only] How many ranks your clan/guild/faction has?
  48. Squadrons I want to participate in several squadrons
  49. Squadrons I'm a little bit fuzzy on the entire point of squadrons, tbh
  50. Squadrons SuperPower selection should influance squadron managment/fleet carriers
  51. Squadrons Squadron linked to a private group.
  52. Squadrons A sample use for squadrons
  54. Squadrons There will be a bank mechanic (potential for player issued missions?)
  55. Squadrons Networking component
  56. Squadrons Carriers out for the solo player?
  57. Squadrons Fleet Carriers - can they be destroyed/attacked?
  58. Squadrons Squadron ranks based on Superpower affiliation, please!
  59. Squadrons What is the actual depth of "Squadrons"?
  60. Squadrons Fleet Carriers can move outwith the tick.
  61. Squadrons Squad Diplomacy- Adding Some Political Intrigue
  62. Squadrons Squadrons: Content to do together.
  63. Squadrons EGP General Squadrons Concept by CMDR Sover
  64. Squadrons Squad rank, based on in-game ranking
  65. Squadrons Squad rank based on game rank?
  66. Squadrons How many ranks should there be in a Squadron - discussion and suggestions
  67. Squadrons Tag suggestions (suggestions only please)
  68. Squadrons No carriers for solo players? You could provide an alternative!
  69. Squadrons Inselkampf in Space
  70. Squadrons Squadrons and the Galaxy Map
  71. Squadrons Wings, Instancing, and Identification
  72. Squadrons Carriers - why only for "multiplayer?"
  73. Squadrons Problems (and solutions?) with squadron membership and carrier docking access
  74. Squadrons How to reserve minor faction name for squadron?
  75. Squadrons Communicating with a Carrier.
  76. Squadrons More Carrier Variants Please
  77. Squadrons Capital Ships Should Have the Option to Escort Carrier Ships
  78. Squadrons Let's face it, Squadrons should take a few lines from the pages of EvE
  79. Squadrons Squadron Activites - Other Usages for the treasury
  80. Squadrons Technical Limitations?
  81. Squadrons Olivia's musing on emergent behaviour due to the squadron cap.
  82. Squadrons Membership of more than one squadron - why it's needed.
  83. Squadrons and PMF - How to give Brett his life back
  84. Squadrons Fleet Carriers and solo players, advanced warning from other games.
  85. Squadrons Let's talk about the small end of the scale
  86. Squadrons The REAL URGENT issue about Carriers: will they use the cap ship jump animation and sound?
  87. Squadrons Carriers and Crime
  88. Squadrons Squadrons, PMFs and cross platform.
  89. Squadrons Hangar Showtime
  90. Squadrons Squadron's Fleet Carrier OR Asteroid Bases
  91. Squadrons Player amount for unlocking a fleet carrier
  92. Squadrons Tags.. persistent or variable?
  93. Squadrons What new game play will Squadrons enable which would otherwise be very hard or impossible?
  94. Squadrons Minimum number of accounts in a squadron?
  95. Squadrons Squadrons as a user generated content enabling feature?
  96. Squadrons linking of squadron
  97. Squadrons A Plea For Squadrons Logos And Descriptions
  98. Squadrons Is the Focused Feedback Discussion on Carriers happening before the one for Mining?
  99. Squadrons Carrier Fuel
  100. Squadrons Make Fleet Carriers attackable...
  101. Squadrons Improvements to instancing is the number one thing to look at for multiplayer.
  102. Squadrons How could the squadron officer offer content ...
  104. Squadrons Player-to-player trading
  105. Squadrons Squadron integration with Player Minor Factions
  106. Squadrons A Squadron Discussion without Fleet Carriers
  107. Squadrons Squadron Alliances
  108. Squadrons No one will join un-established Squadrons.
  109. Squadrons PMFs need some protection mechanisms.
  110. Squadrons Everything controlled by players
  111. Squadrons Frontier, could we somehow vote on features we would like instead of Squadrons?
  112. Squadrons Orders, Territory & Diplomacy
  113. Squadrons Customize Squadrons to increase immersion
  114. Squadrons Squadron Asset Transfer paired w/ PowerPlay
  115. Squadrons Squadron Voting System?
  116. Squadrons Squadron website dream thread
  117. Squadrons Telepresence to Fleet Carriers
  118. Squadrons Few suggestions for more depth in Squadron gameplay
  119. Squadrons Carrier Fuel from ship fuel opens more gameplay, like manufacturing and exploring
  120. Squadrons So fleet carriers n shizz the first step to populating empty systems?
  121. Squadrons Government and Alliances
  122. Squadrons Exploration data - sharing within a squadron
  123. Squadrons Bookmarks Overhaul
  124. Squadrons "You will see a few more threads regarding Squadrons in the near future. "
  125. Squadrons Mining: Pop quiz
  126. Squadrons Have a ship based way to post stories in a newsfeed format
  127. Squadrons Ability to share plotted routes on Galmap in squadron
  128. Squadrons Remove the sound effect overlay in wings for squadrons.
  129. Squadrons Cross platform.... But not....
  130. Squadrons No More Pandering! Make David's game!
  131. Squadrons Is multicrew while in a winged up something thats possible for squadrons release?
  132. Squadrons What is all this about?
  133. Squadrons Concept: Allow Saud Kruger passenger vessels to mount AFMS/Fuel Scoop in their "dedicated" slots.
  134. Squadrons [PROPOSAL] for exploration Multi_crew Functionality, and furthermore Squadrons applications!
  135. Squadrons [PROPOSAL] for exploration Multi_crew Functionality, and furthermore Squadrons applications!
  136. Squadrons What the purpose of Squadron ?
  137. Squadrons Squadron and player factions?