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  1. "Honk" results should be in standard HUD.
  2. Exploration: BETA - FSS Reaction Thread
  3. Notice: Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta (Week 1) - Known Issues
  4. UI: GalMap system selection
  5. Please Read: Beyond - Chapter Four - Beta - Feature Instructions
  6. Installations: Game says I don't have horizons.
  7. General: Thumbs up for lightning
  8. Exploration: FSS Mode broken, at least in VR
  9. Exploration: Enter/Exit FSS mode, why force two separate buttons and not just use a switch?
  10. Exploration: FSS Reaction Thread
  11. UI: Refinery and Cabins
  12. Exploration: Exploration - what did you do?
  13. General: Matchmaking server issues
  14. General: Custom Bindings - one time chance to change edit bindings before notification is removed
  15. Not Enough Unassigned Buttons Left to Play Beta
  16. Exploration: Use same controls for the probe launcher as for the FSS
  17. UI: Please add a switch for local/galactic time
  18. Exploration: Anyone else feel the lighting colour changes are too subtle?
  19. Exploration: FSS feedback Sugesstion (Sanner Feedback/Suggestion)
  20. General: Beta 3.3 Feedback - Exploration, USSes and BGS Test, Footage and Feedback
  21. General: Quantity of Bindings?
  22. Exploration: Doesn't seem to be a way to change the Deep Surface Scanner (DSS) mouse controls.
  23. General: Docking issues
  24. UI: Beta UI great job
  25. Exploration: Not a fan of these new discovery tools
  26. General: Mission Board: Unable to fetch missions.
  27. General: SRV Night vision ? *Spoiler*
  28. Exploration: Passive detection removed
  29. UI: Failed to communicate with server on selecting mission board
  30. Codex: Starships
  31. Exploration: FSS Tuning Axis should have an option to be bound like a throttle
  32. Exploration: [Known Issue] DSS now requires power. Please revert back.
  33. General: Censoring in the Beta. Good show FD, seriously.
  34. Codex: Zemina Torval biography
  35. General: Anyone else having AD server issues?
  36. General: x52 all screwed up.
  37. Exploration: FSS pitch and yaw settings can be too slow (on a HOTAS stick)
  38. Exploration: Any way to target probes in the DSS using keyboard and mouse?
  39. UI: HUD more difficult to read in certain light conditions now.
  40. Exploration: Geological and Organics Feedback Thread including FSS/Probe impressions
  41. General: New shaders make everything look overbright
  42. UI: Dont work voice acting if choose any COVAS
  43. UI: Tuning axis lacks "invert" setting
  44. UI: Sometimes you're locked out of weapons after using FSS mode.
  45. General: Now is the time: turning in cargo for a mission should have a big fat "turn in everything" button.
  46. General: General feedback, first impressions
  47. Exploration: So, about that Night Vision
  48. UI: Forgot to mark the new feature in settings
  49. Codex: Spelling
  50. Codex: No audio
  51. Codex: Did they remove "SRV Distance Traveled" statistic? Unable to find it.
  52. Codex: Inconsistent Codex entries
  53. General: Beta 4 and still nothing
  54. Codex: Stop play
  55. Codex: Audio playback cannot be stopped
  56. General: Fixed the targeting reticule displaying when the weapon is deactivated
  57. General: Some interesting videos found (potential spoilers)
  58. Exploration: VR :(
  59. General: Can no longer connect to game
  60. Exploration: Planet mapping during beta testing
  61. Exploration: Feedback Thread for Surface Probes in Open Beta 3.3
  62. General: ATR Response quicker???
  63. UI: ‘Open Discovery’ keybind not working
  64. General: Email from Frontier Developments thanking me for joining the beta
  65. General: Game crashes to desktop after loading cockpit
  66. UI: Com panel manual?
  67. Media: Misty rings
  68. General: Default key bindings for the new features
  69. Exploration: [Suggestion] Discovery scanner - total bodies in system
  70. General: ''Cannot connect to the adjudication server''
  71. General: SRV Turret wont fire
  72. Exploration: Sensitivy in
  73. BGS: Status isn't discernible in VR
  74. Exploration: Allow Quick Navigation in
  75. Exploration: FSS unintuitive
  76. Exploration: Please include ‘Sites’ info in body info in System Map
  77. General: 'Module cannot be used in this cockpit mode' message
  78. General: Russian "Maxim" Covas
  79. UI: Suggestion - Orrery - add ‘zoom to orbital group’ function and key-bind
  80. General: Conflict Zone chatter and RES sites
  81. Exploration: Discovery scanner should be a fixed internal, just like the planetary approach module
  82. General: New lighting system -- rings (still) don't cast shadows on planet
  83. Ships: New Ship ! [SPOILER] INCOMING !
  84. Media: Screenies from the Beta
  85. General: High Grade Emissions are still awful
  86. Codex: Codex
  87. UI: I present Exhibit A in the case "PC community vs two fire buttons"
  88. General: Sweet new Lighting system.
  89. Megaships: After traveling to system to disable megaships turrets get a error
  90. Megaships: [acropolis] mission board - cannot communicate with the mission server
  91. Exploration: FSS UI/Feature/binding request
  92. Exploration: Allow charging FSD while in FSS mode
  93. Exploration: Game crashes onto desktop after a couple of detected objects and zooms in FSS mode.
  94. Exploration: How do we honk now?
  95. General: Adjudication errors crippling the beta
  96. General: Can you add shine to planets please?
  97. UI: Custom Binding Merge
  98. Exploration: Can we get a list of default key bids for FSS
  99. UI: Well I'll be dog gone
  100. UI: New Keybindings
  101. UI: Custom bindings file not merged with new bindings
  102. Codex: Add Stop/Pause function to the Codex
  103. Exploration: I can't use the FSS, the game does nothing
  104. General: Multicrew can't seen cockpit decorations
  105. Exploration: FSS Bug: After zooming out from an object, the camera is not centered any more on that object
  106. General: Connection Issues
  107. Exploration: [Idea] Please give an extra tab for Planets.
  108. Wasted evening
  109. UI: The FSS feel really bad
  110. General: Deadzone, power curve, sensitivity for mouse controls
  111. General: Servers gone
  112. General: Angle of entry to Galaxy Map in VR is too steep
  113. Exploration: The FSS should allow you to Super Cruise while using it, and should include a minimal HUD interface
  114. Exploration: Selling Cartographic Data in Same System as Scan
  115. Codex: Discoveries - Check needed by someone else, please.
  116. Codex: Will Tourist Beacon Text show up in final version of the game?
  117. General: While Rebooting ship you can turn [f - f - s] on-off
  118. Mamba anyone?
  119. UI: We should be able to switch hud mode in SHIP panel
  120. General: Can't aim while in "DSS mode"? Is that intentional?
  121. UI: [SOLVED] DSS vanishing POI
  122. First glance at beta
  123. Installations: Instalation moving at 4 km per second
  124. General: No voices even voices are set to "on"
  125. General: [Video] Beyond 3.3 chapter 4 Beta RECAP in 7 minutes
  126. UI: VR serious visual issues in analysis mode
  127. General: Updating to newest graphics drivers fixed all my stability issues
  128. Exploration: FSS Please add Roll to the controls.
  129. UI: VR: bad HUD alignement, text not readable
  130. Meta: New lightning settings and VR
  131. General: Night Vision
  132. Installations: Lighting flickers at misty attacked surface sites.
  133. General: Light from stars tinting the background
  134. UI: Allow entry into System Map from the FSS
  135. UI: FSS on/off as a toggle instead of two separate buttons
  136. Exploration: Suggestion for Navigation Pane and discovered planetary bodies (Mapped)
  137. General: Where have all the haz rez sites gone?
  138. Exploration: Cancel Error Messages in FSS
  139. Exploration: DSS - cant steer/turn ship
  140. General: Sorry...
  141. Exploration: Planets missing.
  142. Exploration: Frontier - why do we have to “leave the cockpit” for fss
  143. General: Feeling better now - was starting to think I was the only one . . .
  144. Lighting: Starlight tints background skybox
  145. General: NPC Hi Wake through a planet. Unable to follow
  146. Exploration: Help - I'm stuck in Analysis mode
  147. Exploration: Complete loss of situation awareness with new scanning methods
  148. Exploration: Merge Analysis Mode and the FSS Scanner
  149. General: SRV appears to have been seriously tweeked in a good way handling wise.
  150. Exploration: Controls Bug?
  151. Exploration: You have no system data for the ones you have already scanned before beta
  152. Exploration: Really need to number surface POI
  153. Exploration: Constant crashing in FSS mode
  154. UI: Please add link from discoveries to galaxy map
  155. UI: Anyone else having this issue? X52 Lower trigger not being identified
  156. Exploration: Why do we have to be in SC to scan stuff?
  157. General: Beta Server issues!
  158. Scenarios: Stealth builds nerfed more thanks to night vision
  159. General: Bindings not sticking ?
  160. Meta: FSSSignal Discovered Event not showing USS type
  161. Exploration: Make Night Vision a toggle in Orbital Cruise + Add marker placement for surface maps
  162. Exploration: Totally Nerfing the Honk is a Mistake
  163. UI: FD, please do something more with VR
  164. Codex: Can't sell CODEX data in station
  165. Exploration: VR related issues with
  166. Exploration: Tracking Surface Scans- Which ones completed?
  167. Exploration: Scanning (initial impressions)
  168. General: Question
  169. General: One keybind for getting in end out of FSS and DSS
  170. General: Multi-Crw features
  171. General: I seem to have fixed my disconnection problems
  172. Exploration: Method of steering planet probe launch
  173. Exploration: Module cannot be used in this cockpit mode
  174. Megaships: Megaship Turret Mission
  175. General: Great Beta... But..!!
  176. Scenarios: Combat Zone Feedback
  177. General: Olivia's list of feedback
  178. Exploration: FSS window
  179. Exploration: Beyond 3.3 Beta - The experience so far:
  180. Exploration: Why wasn't FSS integrated more like this?
  181. Exploration: Thargoid Surface Sites shown as Human on DSS
  182. General: Fighter crew voices & general reactions.
  183. Exploration: Both old and new scanning bug?
  184. UI: When looking at chatbox in VR, cannot immediately tab
  185. Codex: Stopping audio playing in the codex
  186. UI: "Signal Analysis" Information - Did we need it?
  187. UI: Please bring back the 'Discovered N astronomical objects' text in the Info panel
  188. UI: I love the FSS
  189. Exploration: Exploration mechanics: the solution.
  190. UI: Cockpit mode problems - how to change cockpit mode (info, not feedback to FD)
  191. General: Really like the lighting improvements
  192. Exploration: Tracking planets - with locations, and scanned
  193. Exploration: Yeah... unlimited probes and umm.. dumb fired probes?
  194. Codex: What do you think to the Codex? Bit disappointing?
  195. General: German Corvas Deviation
  196. Scenarios: Mission Characters, do In-Engine, wear Proper Uniforms
  197. Exploration: A few minor annoyances
  198. General: Binding Suggestion for FSS ENTER/EXIT
  199. Exploration: System Map shows 000% system bodies mapped regardless
  200. General: Predefined reactions
  201. Codex: Add More Information from the ED Wiki on Fandom
  202. Exploration: -2 under par thus far
  203. General: [QUESTION] Where is the MC Matchmaking gone?
  204. Exploration: Chapter Four ... those blue planets!
  205. Codex: Couple of questions - where are my discoveries?
  206. Exploration: FSS/Probe Mode/Nightvision Impressions
  207. Exploration: Add a bit extra Feedback to Honk
  208. Exploration: Some FSS observations
  209. Exploration: Really needs a bindings setup guide
  210. UI: How does one do a planetary scan mission with the FSS?
  211. Exploration: Controls, the First bit of feedback
  212. Scenarios: Resource Extraction Sites missing?
  213. Exploration: "System Scan Complete" Message plays multiple times
  214. Exploration: Not a bug, as much as an oversight.
  215. Exploration: Recommendation on DSS Zoom in and Zoom out
  216. Exploration: Exploration Payouts and also 0 credits?
  217. Installations: All Bindings fail.
  218. UI: The mysterious disappearance of ship names
  219. Exploration: Should water geysers look like this?
  220. UI: No cockpit mode button in the ship functions UI.
  221. Exploration: New unmapped planets showing blue grid
  222. BGS: BGS conflict Zone and Scenario Objectives
  223. General: General Review of Beta
  224. Exploration: DSS issue
  225. UI: Stuck at scanner UI interface even after dropping to normal space
  226. General: Controls sharing bindings frustration
  227. Exploration: First impressions of new exploration system: Much information is unclear
  228. Scenarios: Anyone figured out how to differentiate and find scenarios?
  229. Exploration: Visual guide: Using the new discovery scanner
  230. Codex: Why do I not return to the codex when closing the galaxy map (got there from codex)?
  231. Exploration: Surface Scanning: Unable to track my mapped/probed planets in navigation tab
  232. General: Where did the community mission go?
  233. UI: font / items size in Codex too large ?!
  234. Exploration: First impressions of the FSS - Good job!
  235. Exploration: Use fo the FSS without the Discovery Scanner
  236. Exploration: Please show position of own ship, wing memebrs and USS in Orrey map
  237. UI: Remove "Switch HUD Mode"
  238. General: Love the new graphics
  239. UI: The combat vs exploration mode - why
  240. Exploration: Axis controls for Detailed Surface Scanner
  241. Exploration: Questions about interface and comments
  242. UI: System map - 000% mapped information totally random placement - why not in the system info box?
  243. UI: Add number of bodies in "Orbital plane established"
  244. General: Beta 3.3
  245. UI: Can we have a wizard to setup keybindings?
  246. Exploration: Surface Scanner Is Not Rotating For Me
  247. General: Night Vision Killing Silent Running?
  248. UI: Can we have a search field in the key binds?
  249. Exploration: First day impressions and feedback
  250. Installations: Mega ships and structures added
  251. Exploration: Suggestion: Improve the flow of using the FSS.
  252. Exploration: DSS Controls in VR Issue
  253. UI: Suggested keybinds?
  254. Exploration: Probes and planetary mapping - Nice :)
  255. General: New lighting is Great(ish)