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  1. HUD moves down when deploying to SRV
  2. Notice: Xbox One Bug Report Forum Guidelines
  3. Elite Dangerous
  4. Planet Prospecting bug
  5. XG9 Lance Heat/Damage Issue
  6. Missions bug
  7. Guardian Gauss Canoon Animation Stuck in Loop
  8. Security in Res Sites constantly spit projectiles post-combat
  9. Reproducible Crash with 3 commanders in SRV
  10. Krait Bobblehead Slots Order NOT FIXED!
  11. Only NHSS Threat 5 Spawning in Pleiaides
  12. Massacre missions
  13. HUD/Scanner Not Working
  14. Game crashes every time on first jump from start up (Xbox one x)
  15. 3.2 Known Issues List (05/09/2018)
  16. Station names are upside down when flying through the mail slot.
  17. Federal Navy Strike Contract; Mission Target Kills not registering
  18. Camera issue
  19. Mission Board Offers Invalid Missions
  20. Federal Propaganda Holo-ads appearing in Imperial-controlled system and station
  21. Surface generators invulnerable.
  22. 3D Guardian Shard Cannon - only 500m range in Turreted Mode
  23. unable to land at dock
  24. COVAS Disappears When Fighting in Wing
  25. New Purchase Detected
  26. Engineer module upgrade error
  27. Applied Experimental Not Shown When Continuing Engineering
  28. Not game crash, but spontaneous Xbox shutdown on game load.
  29. Mining Missions
  30. Crusader Hardpoint Covers
  31. Cannot load into game
  32. Punished for trying to defend the Gnosis
  33. Planetary scan mission bug back again
  34. I have been shot by the Gnosis.
  35. Ship large hard points not allowing certain xenon weapon transfers
  36. Butchered by The Gnosis (and friends)
  37. Duplicate system name
  38. Dav's Hope not showing on planetary map
  39. No Audio
  40. Missing skins
  41. Game crash on srv prospecting
  42. Station HUD Refuel All Incorrect number
  43. Mission Board is Broken
  44. Can't start the game
  45. Incorrect status on station
  46. bounty not gained
  47. Minor Faction Representative Bugged
  48. Cannot Complete Commodites supply mission
  49. Unable to drop from SC at various stations periodically
  50. Cannot select anything in galaxy map
  51. Guardian Vessel Blueprint- glitch while trying to drop key
  52. Missing modules
  53. Beam Lasers
  54. Thargoid Scout Missions not updating Kill Count
  55. Zirconium Discrepancy - Material Traders
  56. ED is telling me I don't own Horizons
  57. Galaxy map taking 40 sec to plot route in California Sector.......Again!
  58. Crashes as trying to leave NHSS level5 instance
  59. Asset transfered to wrong faction after war
  60. game glitch/ bad frame rate
  61. I got launched into space while doking
  62. Mission board kicks me back to main menu (Xbox One X)
  63. Xbox One X crash continues for over 6 months - Every first Jump - Game is unplayable this way
  64. Softlock on first jump in Krait
  65. Fighter not responding
  66. SRV Turret Deployment Delay
  67. Retrieving Private Groups....
  68. Farmable rocks not showing up on planets, nothing on sensors.
  69. Collector Limpet Dies if Material is Targeted
  70. Softlock on dropping out of SC
  71. Krait MKII paint job not showing in livery
  72. Palin mission mission completed not in mission board to complete
  73. No players in player log
  74. Xbox One X - 4K Graphic Setting Issues
  75. Celeste not showing / sounding
  76. Anaconda Fusion Orange Paint job Obscures Longitude
  77. Ship launch fighter bugs
  78. Community Goal bounty Vouchers not working
  79. problem picking uo hatchbraker dumpped cargo
  80. Raw materials rarity grades not matching up in right panel vs material trader
  81. Guardian Shard Cannon Turrets Not Working Correctly
  82. C2 Gimballed Shock Cannons not unlocking
  83. Problem Mining Cobalt
  84. Module upgrades are not showing up in remote workshop
  85. War but no conflict zones
  86. Freezing Thargoid Encounters
  87. bug hunt
  88. Faction in system doesn't change influence
  89. Dolphin Still overheats yet not acknowledged - fix for Q4 ? PLEASE!
  90. Store discount
  91. My kills are not being counted
  92. exploration benefices not corresponding
  93. zirconium
  94. EZ Zone Glitched Failed Rescue
  95. sell datas pannels
  96. Modules
  97. Stuck in a white Dwarf
  98. 3+ SRV
  99. Fed corvette decal problem
  100. Mars Capital Ship
  101. Was killed but Notoriety did not drop
  102. Problems getting Horizon to load
  103. Listening post signal PEP-663-A
  104. SRV issues when ship lands when recalled.
  105. Getting fine when canceling mission even without cargo
  106. Mission Boards not fully loading and then crash to main menu
  107. Decoding The Alien Ruins bug
  108. Station doesn't match Holigraphic (Sothis & Ceos)
  109. Faction had war and election on the same time in 2 systems
  110. Synuefe HT-Y B47-7 Disconnect from Server when jumping into system
  111. Denton Enterprise bugged?
  112. Unable to refit my Cutter or to swap modules
  113. Ceos Babbage Gateway Mission
  114. Game still freezes 100% of the time on first jump
  115. No way to pay fine on the Colonia Highway
  116. Stuck in Standard Flight Mkde
  117. Covas Jefferson volume very low in SRV
  118. Mail Slot Destruction
  119. Skybox completely devoid of stars while near galactic core
  120. Route Planning Very Slow
  121. srv problems
  122. Multicrew - Javelin Fighter Cant Dock
  123. SRV UI becomes blocked when ship lands
  124. T10 Black Friday Paint missing From Xbox (and PS4)
  125. Scout Mission kills not being counted in left-hand panel contract page.
  126. Sudden unexplained death
  127. Collision with other CMDR (wingman) on exit from Supercruise
  128. Crew Member Keeps Going Inactive
  129. Purchase Detected loop error
  130. Invincible Thargoid
  131. Community goal (muilty crew) not updated
  132. 2 Mission Bugs
  133. Trade rank stuck at 98% Tycoon
  134. Launching SRV
  135. GalMap Freeze
  136. Exploration: did not receive credit or payment for first discovery and and detailed planetary scan
  137. Mission Bugs
  138. Audio pings pops cutout (Xbox one x)