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  2. Screen turning black.
  3. Attempting to drop to Sol's nav beacon crashes game
  4. Game crashes when more then 2 players in SRV are in the same instance (Error code is CE-38700-8)
  5. low rendering distance causing visual bugs and textures missing on the ship
  6. Unable to jump from Gnosis
  7. Mission Board Indicators for Factions with open missions missing.
  8. Crazy Asteroid Belt and Ghost Asteriods
  9. PMF Description - German Translation - Sirius Special Forces/Apadecavi
  10. All NonHuman signal sources in LHS 283 now threat 7
  11. Core Internal Money Cheat
  12. Wasted evening
  13. Source and Deliver goods error
  14. Sound cuts out on PS4 since 3.2
  15. Issue with Guardian fighters
  16. 3.2 Known Issues List (05/09/2018)
  17. Some ship UIs don't support default T.Flight HOTAS 4 controls
  18. I can't unlock "A Real Team Player" trophy
  19. Range display overestimates - includes reservoir fuel (and doesn't update it)
  20. SRV Planet Surface Crash
  21. Damaged station Valkups not shown in Galaxy Map
  22. PS Rel. 1.24 Boom Delivery issues
  23. Attacked by system authority responding to crime against me
  24. Wrong combat ranking showing
  25. Connection lost to the game : ship destroyed when back ingame
  26. rescueship wheelock ring bugged
  27. Can not pay off Bounty on self plus gained bounty unjustifiably
  28. Route Calculation Takes Way too Long for Single jump
  29. Prismatic shields - where are they??
  30. "Ghost Scouts" bug at the Gnosis
  31. The Gnosis lost me 2 Anacondas and 50M in rebuy costs :(
  32. Unable to collect mission reward / abandon mission (rescue ship gone)
  33. Will not change ships
  34. Unable to restock ammo for the small Guardian Shard Cannon (turret)
  35. Strike Mission Kills not being registered
  36. Hiʻiaka (Moon in Sol system) has impossible radius<->gravity value
  37. Collector limpet losing cargo.
  38. PS4 elite dangerous random crashes
  39. PS4 HOTAS custom mapping reset to default in-flight immediately after forming a Wing
  40. PS4 Hotas rudder pedals issue
  41. Partial Mission board load on Solo/Pvt modes. Open ok.
  42. inaccurate planet terrain
  43. Clean Kill Bonus glitch
  44. Mission "Time Bonus" Glitched
  45. Galaxy Map search bug
  46. Skimmers destroyed my krait by bumping it
  47. Unwinnable interdictions are appearing against cmdr’s
  48. Anaconda Large hardpoint multicannon pokes through cargo hatch door
  49. Trade data gives false profit info
  50. Unable to apply Experimental Effect
  51. Bugged reflections that make ships effectively see-through
  52. wing invite issues
  53. Supercruise NAV Beacon Crash
  54. Commodity Reports Can't Add
  55. Game crashes at stations after handing in exploration data
  56. Non-existant Conflict Zones
  57. Cargo Mission can‘t completed
  58. PS4 selling cartographics menů may not navigate, only showed
  59. Bugged Mission Boards
  60. Strike Missions do not Increment Kill Counter
  61. Assassination mission glitch
  62. PS4 Right joystick disabled, after evading interdiction
  63. Allegiance in System overview shown as "Thargoid"
  64. Was this bug report ever resolved?
  65. Big misson kills not counting
  66. CMDR hornedreaper333
  67. 3.3 Beta Play Lists Skips
  68. Killed by Trader's Rest for no reason
  69. SOLO SRV planet crash CE-38700-8
  70. cant hand missions in once rescue ship has left the system & scout kills do not register.
  71. In-game trade tool told me to buy cargo illegal at station of choice
  72. Potrigue - Arnold Bastion showing landmines for sale but there are none
  73. Too Many Wing Missions
  74. Problem Plotting Route
  75. Ship ID audio incorrect/glitched
  76. No longer getting notified when TXT chat message is received.
  77. Lost SRV
  78. Hera Tani went missing
  79. The Penitent
  80. How i am tired... FPS FPS AND AGAIN F P S
  81. Surface hunt for politician
  82. Black Market Bug @ System HRANIT
  83. PS4 CQC does not remember used ship and loadout
  84. Delivery Cargo Missions Bug
  85. Destroyed landing at Lei Cheung's Base
  86. PS4 Universal Cartographic Bug - Cannot scroll through System bodies on right side of screen.
  87. Refined Taste