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  1. Oculus Rift sun ejections
  2. Mission icons since 1.1
  3. "First discovered by" tag missing
  4. Disappearing System data
  5. Some assassination missions with Orca targets do not complete
  6. Exploration data for first star in system is lost when using Save and Exit
  7. Asteroid Hitbox - Chunks and Ship stuck inside the Surface
  8. Delivery mission with no title or description
  9. Destroying power supply prevents bounty awarding
  10. Disapearing bulleting missions after rank gain oppornity mission
  11. Kill mission diverts reset kill count
  12. Video (and audio) stutters repeatedly after ~15-20 minutes playing.
  13. Attacked by System Authority and Minor Faction When NOT Wanted
  14. Jitter on planetary rings
  15. Left/Right thrusters not always working when landing. Always work when taking off.
  16. Navigation menu bug (disappear next distantination system)
  17. Cockpit reflections incorrect in hanger
  18. C2 missile lunchers and point defense bug still happens
  19. Destroying target's cargo hatch releases no cargo
  20. No weathering effects on a Type 6
  21. At Conflict Zones Audio cuts out/stutters SEVERELY (not small general audio stutter, TOTAL)
  22. Status Statistics: Assassinations=0 Profit from assassinations=XXXXX CR
  23. Heat temp desync
  24. Interdiction in safe zone
  25. Superfast NPC FSD Cooldown
  26. Unable to sell exploration data
  27. Pips to SYS still not fixed!
  28. Stuck at Spaceport Cowper nearest jump is 5.31LY
  29. Planet Texture LODS
  30. Sadr Region Sector DL-Y D119 always boot me to menu
  31. SLOW DOWN message persists during hyperspace
  32. SC to a Nav-Lock wing man who is in a station.
  33. HUD Display Broken
  34. "Fastest routes" needs a sticky tickbox.
  35. Point Defence not refilled after insurance claim/payout
  36. Planetary Rings- Minor Visual Glitch
  37. No city lights.
  38. NPC Wings and Combat
  39. Help needed problems downloading the larger updates
  40. Problems with free pulse lasers on Eagle from "Mercenary edition" [video included]
  41. Unable to login
  42. Typo/Text Bugs found in the Commodity Market
  43. Wing attacking me, but not hostile on Radar
  44. Black hole bug
  45. limit on the number of buttons on joystick
  46. Players sometimes become unable to interact with services or leave instance
  47. "IMPACT" text on top right of screen is hidden in SC
  48. Fines and bounties overlaying
  49. Minor audio issue in Galaxy Map when route unavailable
  50. Mission/Rank progression Issue
  51. Jaque faction not moving with station
  52. cannot sell (or jettison) certain cargo, stays permanently in hold
  53. Cobra MKIII Cockpit Modelling error
  54. Problems with Phekda
  55. System permit missions show "$##destinationstationsystemname"
  56. cannot get reward from cominity goal in dornier terminal
  57. [Minor bug] T6 Ramp
  58. muliplayer issue unable to play wings feature
  59. Blinking "scanning" message when cycling targets
  60. Occasional no response for select button with X52
  61. Ship randomly exploded
  62. Docking Computer reassignment of power levels
  63. Headlook disabled during panel focus
  64. Mouse sensitivity config not working (?) in headlock mode in patch 1.2
  65. AI interdicting too agressivly
  66. Possible issue with community goal progress tracking
  67. Inaccuracies in Item description in the Commodity Market
  68. Anaconda hull damage showing 0% since 1.2
  69. Game crash and computer clock reset to 01/01/1900. No issue with motherboard battery.
  70. Coms buttons
  71. Stuck in hyperspace for long periods.
  72. Horrendously slow download speed for 1.2
  73. No leads to assasination target if mission overwritten by counteroffer
  74. Purchased Onionhead Pack items slow to appear in game
  75. Wings
  76. Inconsistent Power Specs for Disco Scanners & DSScanner
  77. [Video] Large FPS drop on FSD Charge near SagA* - Empty USS 25k Ly from Sol
  78. Blank titles/factions in Bulletin Board
  79. Cant Re-Launch game from Launcher
  80. HUD - Shield cell bank text is cut-off
  81. Can't hand in the New Yembo Community Goal Quest
  82. Economies Display in System View and Commodities Screens are Inconsistent
  83. Eta Draconis Civil War Timer
  84. [Minor Bug] assassination target didn't have a name
  85. Main menu comms UI
  86. Planet with Ice Caps towards Sun
  87. Comms Panel Not Working in Headlook Mode
  88. Debug camera warning dialog can't be closed with normal select binding
  89. crash to desktop opening system view
  90. Heat updates less frequently
  91. Laundering Illegal salvage with Wingman
  92. Translation Agency cut-off content from the GalNet news. [Russian]
  93. Missing kill credits
  94. Tanmark Community Goal
  95. Transparent part of the Asp's cockpit is not transparent
  96. Founder's World does not sell Imperial Clippers
  97. Pressing [UI Back] key in the System Map takes you to the Galaxy Map
  98. Can't connect to matchmaking server
  99. Standard Docking Computer unable to dock on outpost
  100. Sitting Vultures (Ducks)
  101. BH credits awarded not shown in Transactions
  102. "Hanger" vs "Hangar"
  103. Minor bug - Anaconda shadows weird
  104. Visual bug in outfitting - gimballed cannons pointing toward inside cobra
  105. Meet Representative at Sol mission "skipped"
  106. Crackling Audio of Doom post patch
  107. Disappearing & stuttering audio during battles
  108. Trigger locked in "fire" mode
  109. Rank progression doesnt work
  110. Log on with 0% hull strength if logged off with no shields in an Anaconda
  111. Python canopy strength, seems very low since patch
  112. AI ships do not leave Orbis starport interior
  113. Sudden increase in light intensity and disappearing rings
  114. No decals on Imperial Clipper and Pilot Head position
  115. Text boxes broken
  116. Viper too pleased to see me!
  117. Cobra Mk III Constant thermal overload on weapons
  118. German Translation missing
  119. Ship Exploded while docked for no reason
  120. Permit mission for Alioth (Alliance capital) has placeholder text
  121. Unable to collect Community Goal reward
  122. fixed cannons not fixed
  123. Joystick dead since update
  124. Erroneous warning about NPCs charging their FSD while in hard mass lock
  125. Lugh community goals have disappeared from the station
  126. Security forces attacking after I have payed fines
  127. Losing Bindings after every log in and Crashing to Desktop when changing them.
  128. Minor faction Influences in LUGH.
  129. In-Game Voice Comms Not Working When Other Voice Recording Programs are Running
  130. reload tab charges infinitely for 5th reload of shield cell.
  131. Life Support module does not recharge reserve oxygen when re-enabled
  132. Being spammed with "FSD Online" messages
  133. Panel Community Goal disappeared
  134. "Safe disengage" from SC doesn't appear inside 1000km of locked station
  135. Text window auto enabling
  136. Target Highest Threat always selects mines even when another ship is actively firing on you
  137. NPC chilling at my assigned pad
  138. Market showing different prices for two players in same instance/wing/ship
  139. Very few missions for controlling faction on Eranin
  140. Bug? fined three times in 2 minutes by the same police
  141. Warzone not available
  142. Loading into the game, Ship Exploded and cost me 5 mil :(
  143. Flight Assist Function Status Sound always says "Flight Assist On" regardless of mode.
  144. Black Market and Prohibited Goods
  145. Comunity Goal OPERATION DULLAHAN has Problems
  146. player target invisible
  147. Problems with sort of "exploiting" NPC kill stealing nerf
  148. Dead to me.
  149. My entire Galaxy map now only shows Empire and Independent allegiance systems!!
  150. Game internal Player-Reporting does not work anymore....
  151. Minor Bug found - non critical, does not break game play.
  152. "Your reward can be claimed from the X bulletin board." is a lie. :(
  153. Failures in "Wanted" processing.
  154. FPS down to 13 and lower after 20 mins of play
  155. Lost all Cartographics data when buying new ship
  156. Minor bug: fine payment timer not disappearing after paying; restarting the game "fixed" it.
  157. Market data not in sync between instances
  158. Combat Bond Credit Balance Briefly Incorrect
  159. Slight text/positional error
  160. >70% System Control War Failure
  161. Self Destruct on Alt+TAB
  162. On the French/German, the Community Goal mission not displayed
  163. Targeting subsytems on AI in High Conflict area bug
  164. Ship exploded for no reason (clipper)
  165. Landing pad bug... pad is oucpied but I am cleared to land...
  166. Station reload all option overcharging
  167. Eta Draconis Civil War Influence Bug.
  168. i am using nvida driver 347.52 and have had a serious crash. servere impact on gameplay
  169. Hangared Player Ghosting in other locations
  170. Some Thoughts on 1.2
  171. Couldnt connect to transaction server.....
  172. Debug cam not working
  173. Commmodity Market in a system will buy Salvage
  174. KWS out of range to in-range minor bug
  175. Altered sound when hyperspacing while inside mass lock limit
  176. Galaxy map bugged, 1.2
  177. Docking Computer will not land on outposts
  178. Offered an impossible mission
  179. Shield Cell Bank cannot be repaired
  180. clipping audio makes video stutters
  181. Retake BD+03 2338
  182. WARNING! Starting offline training mode screwed my controller setup!
  183. Crashes regularly exploring or entering SC.
  184. Suddenly no Bounty and No KIll recorded
  185. HIP 101110 Community goal: 0 contributors, cannot claim reward.
  186. npc spawns in supercruise still crazy
  187. Severe impact on gameplay Interdiction pirate communication multipel errors
  188. "Safe to disengage" sometimes not showing when < 1Mm
  189. Rep system broken?
  190. Missions to Kill System Authority in Anarchy systems.
  191. [Gameplay]
  192. No ring gravitational black hole
  193. Wrong system map displayed
  194. Building a wing not always possible
  195. Strong signal source too rare
  196. Imperial Navy attacking on sight in USS
  197. BUG - Interdicted NPCs Vanish After Interdicting them!
  198. Floating aimlessly in space
  199. Auto headlook not working on Systems Menu
  200. Failed to communicate with server
  201. Cannot Load Game
  202. Cannot claim "Protecting the Traders of Tanmark" reward.
  203. Contacts screen errors in empty deep space
  204. LAUNCHER KEEPS SLEEPING "no data received TEN minutes!! :(
  205. Game crashes/hang on route plotting galaxy centre
  206. Did not recive rank progression after completing the mission.
  207. Ramsbottom Port (Zeta Trianguli Australis) selling prohibited commodities
  208. existing the game using save and exit can still sometimes stuck - killing the game is the only way
  209. Turrets not firing at neutral wanted target, even with turret set to attack "target only"
  210. C3 Gimballed Cannon
  211. Im about to Rage, Help please NOW
  212. Chronic "switch" to desktop (not crash to desktop)
  213. Community goal failure, yet again. Stop betraying your combat veterans.
  214. Unable to claim community goal rewards
  215. Unable to buy/sell Albino Quechua Mammoth
  216. Mission marker showing for multiple stations with same name
  217. Minor Faction State Mismatch with Dukes of Mikunn
  218. Police Forces attacking after paying fine
  219. Bad 'variable name' text in counter mission, and unclear options afterwards
  220. Incomplete KWS removes previous KWS-revealed bounties
  221. All NPC Group members shown as "M/M"
  222. Mission summary screen does not explicitly state home system of factions mentioned
  223. Launcher always prompts to install Single Player Combat Training
  224. Select destination/route/system info buttons disappearing from galaxy map
  225. Power limit exceeded at 99% usage
  226. Contacts list not cleared after hyperspacing into new system
  227. Mission icon on galaxy map
  228. Balance indicator incorrect after redeeming bonds
  229. Splash screen audio delayed
  230. Gameplay affected. The mass-locked indicator
  231. Mission counter offer lock away original mission.
  232. Game crashes for no reason.
  233. Ship on landing pad over 30 min jammed up our landing site
  234. Wing groundless Wanted status
  235. Duplicate mission markers on map.
  236. any na galatic news text using placeholders
  237. Often missing destination lock when dropping
  238. Hunter-Killer Mission Target not Spawning
  239. Autodocking with a python
  240. The REPUTATION with the three major factions is blocked
  241. System G146-60 should have a space in the name after the G.
  242. Codorain/Cormack Hub Incorrect Economy
  243. Komovoy: Listed as anarchy but behaving as federation
  244. Large pad size ships, no ability to turn in combat bonds or bounties at outpost systems
  245. Prohibited/Illegal Goods scans still giving fine on repeat scan
  246. Welcome to Counter offer paradise!
  247. Toggle Head Look doesn't work when Headtracking
  248. No docking request in drop down
  249. Target/Destination graphics show through slot in Asp cockpit panel
  250. Mission: Impossible
  251. Explored/unredeemed systems in galaxy/system map are not forgotten on death
  252. Jumping to SC and back instantly recharges shields
  253. Jepochal G-Outpost spawns inside Jepochal-G Planet (Akhenaten)
  254. Unconnected server
  255. Exploration Data lost