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  3. Questions for frontier.
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  6. Question regarding environments!
  7. Well done
  8. What does the game need
  9. Downgraded xbox 360
  10. My own questions
  11. What animals should debut in game for the franchise
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  14. If the One falls...
  15. The "tycoon" in Zoo Tycoon
  16. Next Press release
  17. Interview with Jorg Neumann
  18. So who has pre-ordered?
  19. News flash. Saw this and thought of ZT
  20. I'm calling a DLC
  21. Is ZT even getting an American release?
  22. Will we get an animal list before launch?
  23. USA X1 Disc is Walmart timed exclusive / also available on XBL or MSstore
  24. Enough is ENOUGH
  25. ZT will come out on PC????
  26. 14 days till 360 launch
  27. News!!
  28. [request] Avatar Awards / Avatar Store Marketplace
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  31. Xbox One Digital download is 2.6 Gb
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  33. New Dev Diary from FD!!!
  34. Give us the Exclusive list
  35. Xbox One Smartglass
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  37. Zoo Tycoon Getting Good reviews.
  38. Ability to Reset Progress
  39. Zoo limit
  40. The Ability To Customize Modes
  41. 2 things they NEED to add to ZT 2013
  42. So now that this game has bombed...
  43. This game broke my heart.
  44. Park guests spiralling into despair!
  45. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: A couple of notes about Zoo Tycoon
  46. DLC for Xbox 360 Zoo Tycoon
  47. "Close to the Animals" Achievement glitch
  48. Zoo Tycoon is awesome!
  49. Xbox One DEMO Available
  50. Help Me !!!
  51. Question and Complaints
  52. Issue: Loss of in-game audio (Xbox One)
  53. Paths
  54. What kind of a Zoo charges people to use the toilet?
  55. that happened to the PC version?
  56. Co-op/multiplayer
  57. Should have called it Sanctuary Tycoon
  58. Charity
  59. Why so difficult to Breed?
  60. Looking for Coop Partner (XONE)
  61. small step forward big leap backwards
  62. Anyone experiencing graphical glitches on the Xbox One?
  63. You people just killing the series...
  64. Privacy Bug
  65. baffles my mind
  66. New to Zoo Tycoon need friends Please :)
  67. Will a sequel be made?
  68. Gameplay Questions and Bug Report
  69. Zoo tycoon: A complete disappointment
  70. Sign and share this petition
  71. Zoo Tycoon Xbox One $39.99 @ amazon.com
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  73. Zoo Tycoon a Waste of Money (Xbox One)
  74. Xbox 360 - FREE Avatar Shirt & Bear Prop
  75. help on xbox 360 zootycoon
  76. Zoo tycoon xbox one voice commands
  77. Hi guys anyone wanna play zoo tycoon on xbox one
  78. Zoo Tycoon: New Update
  79. Anyone interested?
  80. We Need Zoo Tycoon for Android!!!!
  81. Need Co-op friend for Xbox One!
  82. Zoo Overview via Smartglass Companion App
  83. An update should be made on the limitations.
  84. Zoo Tycoon expansion in the works?
  85. need help
  86. June 2014 Title Update (2.1 Gb)
  87. Xbox One - Want Zoo Tycoon Friends
  88. Suggestions for the use of the Xbox One Smartglass Companion App
  89. Can't play online with my friend on Xbox One
  90. Please correct wording/zoopedia info in future updates
  91. Food Shortage and sick animals
  92. Are there variants of the DLC animals?
  93. Zoo Tycoon Friends (Windows 8 / Windows Phone)
  94. Needing help
  95. Future DLC question
  96. Zoo Tycoon Co-op? Xbox One
  97. Need friends for co-op zootycoon
  98. Microsoft told me to come to you with this
  99. New Animals have been added
  100. level 30
  101. Lost, one Orangutan.
  102. Is the achivement 'one of everything' has a bug?/每样一个这个成就有BUG吗?
  103. Instructions or guide to game?
  104. Zoo Tycoon ideas
  105. Where
  106. Can't connect to servers on Zoo tycoon (XB1)
  107. Petition to make a 3rd zoo tycoon for pc
  108. Staying away from this and all other Frontier Developments Games.
  109. Future of Zoo Tycoon
  110. Blue fang is making the updates
  111. PC version in 2015?
  112. What is the new zoo tycoon game?
  113. All time best tycoon game?
  114. Howdy!! New person
  115. Zoo Problems and Content that needs adding
  116. saving failed. There is not enough space to save. No progress will be saved.
  117. Zoo Tycoon Petition!
  118. Cannot play Co-op via xbox one. Zoo tycoon.
  119. What's going on?
  120. Realistic Expectations - DLC's/ Expansions
  121. Zoo tycoon questions
  122. Will there ever be any DLC or Zoo size limit increase? Or are updates completely dead.
  123. Servers down
  124. Zoo Tycoon Xbox One servers down
  125. Zoo Tycoon current Servers Status.
  127. SERVERS DOWN!!!!!!
  129. Game suggestion
  130. Another?
  131. How to get rid of zoo limit
  132. New zoo tycoon game?
  134. Hi the server for zoo tycoom are downs. Can anybody help?
  135. Zoo Tycoon Xbox one Limit
  136. Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection
  137. Saving failed. There is not enough space to save. No progress will be saved.
  138. Opinion please.
  139. Can't find sick animals in Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection WINDOWS 10
  140. Modding - Increasing buggy's top speed
  141. Zoo Tycoon (2019) PC
  142. Please Read: Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Support