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  1. The Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance
  2. ROLEPLAYING - Introduce your Commander
  3. Roleplaying Forum Rules
  4. Suggestions for improving the roleplaying forums
  5. General discussion thread for Elite: Dangerous roleplaying
  6. [LORE OOC] Schematics
  7. [IC] Elite Pilots Federation AAR Database.
  8. TEST: Mostly Harmless (TEST:MH) Commanders are breaking records
  9. Attempt to explain propulsion as it exists in Elite
  10. Roll Play Videos
  11. [IC] Stories of War and Peace
  12. The Blue Slot
  13. [shower thought]
  14. Shield Technology - A possible hard science explination.
  15. A thought on possible RP battles.
  16. Helping Hands (Forum RP Story)
  17. The Everest Files...
  18. [LORE] The Imperial accent
  19. Elite headcanon about insurance and "immortality"
  20. Bountie Hunter role play video
  21. The diary of a Pilot
  22. Who wins those prize scams anyway?
  23. Where to start?
  24. Messages (and postcards) from space
  25. Cmdr Hyakugei - log 001 [io]
  26. Moments in Time - Reflections of a Spacer
  27. Declaration of Loyalty - Join Me in a United Empire
  28. Abandoned storage device
  29. The Commander's Logs (Role Play Video series)
  30. Diary of Commander Illu Minti Imperial Agent
  31. 13,000 Light-Years from Sol
  32. [LORE & OOC] My ship just exploded. What does this mean for a character?
  33. The original Elite rankings
  34. The Explorers Log.
  35. Any Ironman-Heavy-RP-Guilds out there?
  36. Greetings, I'm CMDR Timothy "MadRaptor" Rawlings and this is who I am................
  37. [IC] Freedom Fighter, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Insurgent
  38. Proof Read The News Ingame
  39. Another day in paradise, spacelife isn't fair
  40. [LORE / OOC / MATH] Six seconds to destination -or- Simon in Mathemagic Land
  41. [IC] My name is Taylor Vauban
  42. Thriving on the Slave Trade
  43. The cowardly bombing of Panem. Leave the Federation.
  44. Just another blue streak in the vast darkness.
  45. [IC] Commander's log, Federation Mercenary Pilot
  46. Orion Arm News - The Galaxy's largest independent news source
  47. [IC] The Eternal Void
  48. Roleplaying on Elite
  49. [LORE] [IC] New development - president disavows responsibility for Panem bombing
  50. Roleplaying in the real world
  51. [IC] Freedom, they call it... (Commander M. Volgrand's diaries)
  52. [IC] Wedding gifts
  53. [RP Disc] Wedding gifts
  54. [LORE] [IC] Torval's frees 10k slaves. (M. Volgrand's diaries)
  55. The Black Hole in the Wall
  56. The Dark Heart of the Empire
  57. The Sapphire Lotus - Wohler Terminal, Kremainn
  58. Fair warning to all Federation pilots
  59. StarDragon88 Explorers Log
  60. Somewhere in space
  61. "Invention of the Frame Shift Drive" - what was there before?
  62. [RP Disc] Commander's Log, Federation Mercenary Pilot
  63. [IC] Cmdr Log @Gagnan Terminal - Outskirts of the Il Aquarii Conflict Zones
  64. [IC] Federation Call to Action - Il Aquarii / Ross 780 Galactic Pair
  65. a beter start....what the game needs
  66. It's Eranin men
  67. Arissa for the Throne?
  68. [IC] Commander Ironfists Log
  69. the Misadventures of an Aspiring Cartographer.
  70. [VIDEO] Akward moment for a bounty hunter.
  71. Curious Federation facts!
  72. 10th Division LRRS Squadron "The Filthy Few"
  73. The Siege of Love
  74. [IC] Swords and Snakes
  75. Mir Fnar, not-so-much-a-Commander than Something Else
  76. Rallying Cry
  77. The Siege wages on!
  78. A Storey
  79. The tides shift in the Siege of Love
  80. [OOC] New arrival, old RPer
  81. Flight Logbook: CMDR NEWO
  82. My First Broken Canopy
  83. The Truckers Union files law suit against the major factions
  84. (RP) CMDRS Log 1/12/3301 I awoke lost, confused and full of fear....
  85. Galactic Adventures of CMDR Zylark
  86. Calling all pilots: Join the War on Drugs. Besiege Kappa Forcanis!
  87. The Preamble to the Federal Constitution (among other things)
  88. [IC] A Founder's Progress
  89. A short story: Transmit
  90. Memiors of a Bounty Hunter - Sometimes the Bear Gets You
  91. Memiors of a Bounty Hunter - No Old Bounty Hunters
  92. [IC] The Onionhead News Network
  93. Empire Scum! A warning
  94. IC RANT Imperial Slavery is still Slavery
  95. CMDR Carbs McMooncheese: Log 21.01.3300, local time 21:30
  96. Den Berg Refinery Gazette
  97. Mossfoot's Continuing Tales of Woe...
  98. [OC] Looking for Lore and Background info.
  99. [IC] Type 9 Trader Journal
  100. Story from an old timer
  101. Logbook of Commander Pavel Chokev
  102. Personal Journal of Phaedrus Rynith.
  103. Commander's Log of CMDR Zephyrrial
  104. [OOC] question on state of RP
  105. [IC]For the governor of Lava System and its neighborhood (open)
  106. NGALIBA BLOCKADE: Make a difference and save lives today
  107. THE CODES Winter sale startes today
  108. An Explorer's Diary: Photo and Video Journal of the Orion Nebula
  109. Lore Q: Alliance/Empire relations
  110. [OC] Lore for Flight Physics in Elite: Dangerous?
  111. "Maddog" Goldman's Personal Log
  112. Imperial Cartography Bureau Correspondence
  113. We are Anarchy
  114. Adventures of the Dread Pirate Roberts
  115. Stories from Valhalla: Avenging the Fallen
  116. [OOC] how active is the rp comunity here both fourms and ingame?
  117. Roleplaying Aid: Trucker Communication
  118. Roleplaying Aid: Bounty Hunter Lingo
  119. Roleplaying Aid: Talk like a Pirate (or Privateer)
  120. GNN BREAKING NEWS: Federation fools pilots into Frontier System! Yembo Project an Elaborate Scam!
  121. I'm the most notorious outlaw in the universe!
  122. Pilot log - A new start
  123. Roleplaying Aid: Explorer's Lexicon
  124. Roleplaying Aid: The Digger's Dictionary (Miner Slang)
  125. A Story called Elite: Dangerous - Vigilante Justice
  126. The CODE introduce the TRAVEL PASS
  127. [IC] Commander Ironfists Log #2
  128. [IC] Hoax News: Crisis in the Universal Cartographics
  130. The Code announces it's "Kill A Competitor" Week.
  131. OrbitalFM is recruiting!
  132. Nostalgia
  133. Galnet News: Outbreak in Riedquat
  134. On the Periphery of Lugh
  135. How are the Elite books?
  136. [IC] Independent Pilots Syndicate - Comms chatter
  137. What is Torval up to?
  138. The Code Disassociates itself from The East India Company
  139. Maiden Voyage of the AIEL Muirín
  140. Assault on the FNS Nevermore
  141. [LORE] The role of AI in Elite
  142. Ngaiawang mystery disease.
  143. The CODE introduce the GROUP TRAVEL PASS
  144. My Name is Rawley, And I have no idea what the frakk I'm doing...
  145. To the Enemies of The Code: Where to find us
  146. The Code recognise we are at war with following collections
  147. Stop the WAR movement
  148. By Leave of His Imperial Majesty / Noblesse Oblige
  149. CMDR Deathlyklown's Journal
  150. A Bowmans Brabble.
  151. My mind is playing tricks on me...
  152. Tales from an Imperial Convert
  153. Anaconda blew up. Now back down to a Sidewinder... :-(
  154. Looking for a nice bar...
  155. An Arms Dealer's Plight (Open Letter to President Halsey)
  156. Space Ration Recipies
  157. Please help. Either Dev or knowledgable mod Re: Guardians of Free Spirit / Sublime Order
  158. Daughter of the Empire
  159. Pirates V Griefers
  160. I know you, Ciguru
  161. Vethrenian Ventures
  162. Free Leesti from Incompetent Alliance Government! Support Reinhardt!
  163. "Senator Torval will hate to hear this report. No one knew Aisling Duval was a political genius."
  164. [EIC Statement] The Company's Stance on Torval vs. Asiling
  165. Loot and Murder!
  166. The ultimate "Oh crap"-moment in Sci-Fi
  167. Role Playing... Just an Idea
  168. Safer travel in Leesti as The Code announce a pirate free zone.
  169. Going against the CODE!
  170. Kieth Eaton's Captian Log
  171. "Three Minutes"
  172. Cmdr Norre's venture to Saga and back again
  173. [Lore] Faction Colours
  174. Announcing 'The Edge Syndicate' - GalNET is history
  175. Gauging interest in a roleplaying community hub...
  176. Gauging interest in a roleplaying community hub...
  177. Reported Post by Hett [PID: 2098557] [TID: 137190] [ASSIGNED: Kerrash]
  178. Rogue Imperial Fleet attacks Earth!
  179. Announcing the Elite Dangerous Community Roleplayers Hub
  180. System Guides
  181. A Newbies Guide to Role Playing...
  182. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Roleplayers Chat Chanel - No software required!
  183. Lore of Phantom Orion and the Freelancer Assassins
  184. Need More Sacrifices for the Blood God
  185. Gauging interest in an RP group centered around Marlin Duval
  186. The worst day ever.[Story]
  187. Music that describes/suits your character?
  188. First Luxurious Tour of an active Combat Zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  189. The Earth Defense Fleet would like to thank an unamed Empier group
  190. [Alliance] Latest News from Alliance Space
  191. The conflicted mercenary - reflections on the outcome of Kui Hsein
  192. Is Darkness Decending?
  193. One rock ball after another [Story]
  194. Emperor's Grace Declares State of Emergency
  195. Mission Report From The Frontline
  196. [Writing] Dreadful Notions
  197. Economy types – Lore (information request)
  198. The Code would like to anounce we have a new revenue stream
  199. The conflicted mercenary and the tail of the tiger - on HR 706 and Kui Hsien
  200. BANG and the Pirates have gone!
  201. To some of my fellow imperial Commanders, what's wrong with you??
  202. Zaonce community goal. Pirates fight back
  203. Radio Sidewinder's weird transmission
  204. Question to Imperial commanders from an Outsider
  205. ‘A rude awakening’ (introducing Cmdr J’Cry)
  206. The Code oppose legal highs in DISO
  207. Rare Trade Runs
  208. [IC] Requesting Support for Anti-Patreus/Quivira Defensive Operations
  209. Apology to Type 7 in Lave
  210. Canon Lore?
  211. The Beginning Ryushihan
  212. Emperor's Grace - Power Play Declaration of Intent.
  213. Calling all Federation Commanders - The Battle for Liaedin begins now
  214. Role Playing - The Pilots Federation Elite War Room
  215. Cepadeus the Oniongod
  216. Role Playing - Are you a steam punk player?
  217. Code's Activity in Wolf 406
  218. Operation Empire Strikes Back
  219. Official Statement from Aisling's Angels regarding Quiviran Refugees, Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Patreus
  220. Calling Federation pilots - Battle for Yinjian
  221. Spaceship One missing
  222. From the Desk of CMDR Jason Pegasi, Head of Public Relations for Aisling's Angels
  223. An Open Letter to Her Highness, Princess Aisling Duval
  224. Operation "Get off my lawn"-Dark Echo destroys CODE members
  225. The Exploration Log of CMDR TheCyanDragon.
  226. Noah Mitchell, Freelance Pilot
  227. Meet the new CEO of the Angeli Imperial
  228. [IC] Top Secret Report on the Galactic Powers
  229. Encyclopaedia Galactica
  230. Commander's Log - Commander Ren "Ash" Ashfield
  231. A Message from Archon Delaine
  232. Musing in witch-space
  233. [IC] Ex C.A.G. Fleet Cmdr Phoenix Warlock [OPEN]
  234. Imperials and the Power Plays people make
  235. How to roleplay in powerplay?
  236. Betelgeuse
  237. A new beginning for Kappa Fornacis
  238. Downward spiral
  239. [NEWSFEED] TWP a developing Communist Power
  240. The Dark Wheel is Seeking help solving a particular mystery...
  241. Frontier Development - please respond.
  242. Genesis II
  243. A thought occurred to me while bounty hunting.
  244. [Cosmic State] Sword Time, Axe Time, Shields are cloven!
  245. Bartenders, Jobs & Gossip
  246. Jump Drive Failure
  247. Life support countdown: two minutes left to live.
  248. What is life like in the Empire?
  249. A slave obeys...
  250. Beyond Mikunn...
  251. Senator Wagar has updated Senator Loren's Profile
  252. [Culturae Imperium Exclusive 11/7/3301] Sabotage attempt quashed by Lavigny-Duval
  253. One man and his ship.
  254. East India Company buys out Zemina Torval's shares and withdraws financial support. [RP & Non-RP]
  255. Has the Empire just been retconned?