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  1. -rangers-
  2. The Elite Armada
  3. Dangerous Groups - Forum Rules
  4. Discussion thread for improving the groups forum
  5. General discussion thread for the merits of groups
  6. [INDEPENDENT] The First Great Expedition
  7. Elite Dangerous Steam Group
  8. GBX Gaming-Community (Elite Dangerous Team)
  9. [INDEPENDENT] The Rangers
  10. Pacifist group
  11. [PRIVATE] Dedicated Private MOBIUS PVE Groups for the PC, PS4, XBOX with over 50,000 Commanders.
  12. Aussie Website
  13. [LFG] Elite Dangerous in North America
  14. ED Mumble Server (North America)
  15. Self-organization of the Community in Elite: Dangerous
  16. UK group recruiting all ages and skills
  17. TEST: Mostly Harmless
  18. looking for privateers
  19. Elite Dangerous Intel
  20. Looking for 1-2 Players for Group!
  21. How to join a group
  22. Looking for Dutch Players
  23. Anyone want friends :(
  24. [Private] Elite Bumper Car Cargo Scoop Challenge
  25. Elite Underground Alliance! Join Today!
  26. Starting a UK group, anyone want in?
  27. Looking for group in UK
  28. [Alliance] Introducing the Fighting Vipers!
  29. [Alliance] Galactic Patrol - help keep the space lanes safe
  30. Group names and usernames
  31. Looking for Members For A Group Battle starting at 1200 GMT
  32. Newer Pilot Looking For Group, And To Learn
  33. Come join Blackstar Corporation
  34. [Alliances] How to avoid hostile takeover?
  35. Johnny no mates.
  36. Oculus Rift UK players to form group
  37. Group Battles Thread
  38. ***If you are looking for a group then read***
  39. Dedicated consentual PvP group
  40. ProGaming Community
  41. [Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)
  42. The Galactic Intelligence Agency (Federal Covert Security)
  43. [PRIVATE] Deep Space Stories - a dedicated role playing environment
  44. explain the heirarchy...
  45. [Alliance] Winged Cobra Tribe
  46. Dutch Gladiators - Dutch game community
  47. Need a solid team
  48. [FEDERATION] A Different Kind =ADK=
  49. Looking for a group
  50. Need to test voice comms
  51. [LFG] Searching Swedish group!
  52. Looking for fellow bounty hunters
  53. MFG Crosswind setup
  54. Looking for North American group
  55. UK Elite 17th Gurkha
  56. lonley pilot (Denmark )
  57. [Alliance] Manifest Humanity
  58. [ Shinra .]
  59. The Sixers
  60. [Private] Woodhouse group for players in the Netherlands
  61. How does one form a "Wing?"
  62. Elite Dangerous Player event!
  63. Thargoid Huntin' Club - Aliens not allowed!
  64. Private Military Contractor/ Mercenary Group
  65. [Alliance] The Clibanarii | Recruiting all players types
  66. Elite: A single player game?
  67. Seting up Groups
  68. dogfighting, small unit coordination
  69. [LFG] Team Up with a UK fogey :)
  70. "Asp Explorer's Club"- Anyone game?
  71. [LFG] Attention Citizens of The Milky Way Galaxy
  72. Svenskar, förenen eder!
  73. Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia Players?
  74. G.P.A - General Protection Associates
  75. Any other Manx/UK players want to group up?
  76. re-name a group
  77. anyone interested in starting a party in E:D?
  78. Devon Commanders
  79. [Alliance] Dead Men Walking (dMw)
  80. In need of your guidance
  81. US Group
  82. Elite:Dangerous Community - Open Facebook Group
  83. NoMaDs - Open
  84. PVP - Pirate Group - US TZ
  85. Largest groups?
  86. Edible Poets Society?
  87. Join the Fleet today!!!
  88. {Flying Circus}: Any aerobatic groups around?
  89. Guilds, Groups, Clans, Companies
  90. New and looking for a group of active players, preferably somewhere in a GMT+1 zone
  91. [Legion Federation] Its all about Federationalism [ Humans vs Non-Humans]
  92. Explorer Group?
  93. Size limit of a group and are there already roleplaying groups out there?
  94. How do you conect once your in a groupo
  95. How do you get on the same Server
  96. [INDEPENDENT] Communism Interstellar
  97. Looking 4 US time zone group
  98. A Mostly Harmless Community TeamSpeak Server for anyone
  99. [NA] Blue Dream Mercenaries - Casual // Small Wing Squad
  100. Looking more for a partnership
  101. opps
  102. Oscura Simmetria
  103. Boondock Galactic Looking for Pilots!
  104. Where you find it
  105. Welsh Group?
  106. Best ad hoc place to hook up with other players?
  107. [Alliance]Outcast Rebel Gaming
  108. [Alliance]Outcast Rebel Gaming
  109. Afghanistan war vet looking for fellow space explorer's (or just friends rather)
  110. Looking to create a group/alliance with some cool people
  111. Loving the gamma (looking for buddies)
  112. Players in Exeter, England?
  113. Looking for Wingman or Partners near Thiin/Siren/LHS-1914 starting area
  114. Question regarding an idea of group setups
  115. Hidden Aggression Gamer Group looking for ED members to join us!
  116. Viper pilot looking for steady-handed combat scoopers from around Achenar Aldebaran
  117. [LFG] OldGamerz - 30+ Gaming Community
  118. Inglorious recruiting mature, like-minded pilots
  119. Federal Militant Alliance
  120. 25,000 LY wacky races
  121. Trader in a hauler looking for wingmen around Lave/Lessti systems
  122. Morally Fluid Piloting Group (Yarr!) - Flight Club
  123. Parents?
  124. The Forgotten 8Th Legion is Recruiting [F8L] Gmt+8/oceania
  125. Any frenchies around SOL?
  126. How do you change your group name?
  127. Mumble voice server for all
  128. Aquisition & Commerce
  129. Join the Ferengi Alliance!
  130. Are you hanging around HIP 74255?
  131. Elite: 17th Gurkha
  132. Unknown-Warriors Looking for new members NA clan/guild.
  133. US/Canadian Timezone Players
  134. The Code - A Pirate Faction
  135. 420 Heavy Industries
  136. Finnish Elite gamers, Marskin Nyrkki is recruiting! *ONLY FINNISH*
  137. =H.F= Heroic Forces [16+]
  138. looking for group in Alliance space/North American time zones
  139. Looking for group
  140. Looking for a group I can join, who can also help me
  141. Death DealerZ open for membership
  142. P!T Fighters
  143. [EVENT] Independence for Lugh - Information Thread
  144. B@ttle royal
  145. Havoc Enforcement LLC needs new pilots.
  146. [private] tokyo shipping and security (tss) pve
  147. (UK/EU open play Empire 18+) Havoc Enforcement LLC looking for new pilots.
  148. Devious Old Gamers
  149. Any greek group around here?
  150. Hell's Legion Associate is looking for pilots.
  151. The Mobocracy||Looking for mature players to explore the ED universe with||
  152. Your Emperor needs you!!!!!
  153. Slave Co.
  154. New CMDR looking for a group.
  155. [ALLIANCE] Casual Gaming Crew
  156. Aussie Gaming Community -come and say hello fellow CMDRs
  157. Demosceners
  158. [Empire] Looking for a few commanders to join me.
  159. Tau Ceti "Freedom"Wing
  160. Hidden Aggression [HAGRO] Gaming Group
  161. EU/Ger - looking for faction
  162. Grupo de Habla Hispana
  163. Starter Systems Bounty Hunter Association
  164. Would like to find a group.
  165. Looking for Teamspeak 3 + Group
  166. LHS 331 Values Party looking for pilots from all quarters
  167. [Alliance] Remnants of Achenar 6d
  168. [Alliance] Tribals
  169. Looking for a group
  170. [ALLIANCE] Komodo Collective of E:D player groups
  171. Pro Fed Group
  172. MASS
  173. New Zealand CMDRs
  174. Zarch Sqn
  175. Empire Group?
  176. looking for somebody to fly with?
  177. Callout to all Fed pilots
  178. [EMPIRE] Emperor's Grace - Your Imperial Home
  179. Looking for active buddies, and possibly a mentor. (new player, EST timezone, TS3)
  180. Code Genesis From Star Citizen (Over 1000 Members)
  181. Looking for group mof new players
  182. Established Gaming group Recruiting for Elite Dangerous
  183. [Independent] Dashing Rascals
  184. [INDEPENDENT] Greenie to the game, not to space games
  185. [INDEPENDENT] International English Teamspeak Squad With 30Year Elite Veterans
  186. [INDEPENDENT] Neue Piloten (GER)
  187. [INDEPENDENT] help finding group please
  188. [INDEPENDENT] - Brown Coats - Private Group - 5D Gaming Community, 18+
  189. [ALLIANCE] Any ED players in Orlando Florida?
  190. [INDEPENDENT] Spear of Odin - a Pirate Faction
  191. [LFG] LF Experienced Gamers (Details Inside)
  192. [INDEPENDENT] Dutch Gladiators
  193. [ALLIANCE] Colours Elite UK Lives Again!!!
  194. team?
  195. [LFG] {POLL} What Research Do You Do...
  196. [INDEPENDENT] EST player looking for new-player-friendly group
  197. [LFG] Looking for eu tz group
  198. [LFG] New player LFG
  199. [INDEPENDENT] NoVuS UK Community Group Looking for new members!
  200. [FEDERATION] want start a group
  201. [LFG] AU TZ or West US TZ
  202. [EMPIRE] ISS recruitment program
  203. [EVENT] Forming SPLINTER group to assist in causing Civil War in Lugh
  204. [INDEPENDENT] Looking for group to play with
  205. [ALLIANCE] Elite Diplomatic Corps - Open for business
  206. [EMPIRE] Where can I find people in online mode?
  207. [LFG] Looking for (small) EU group
  208. [LFG] {POLL / survey} International English Teamspeak Squad With 30Year Elite Veterans
  209. [LFG] Looking for constant active buddies to chat/play alongside
  210. [ALLIANCE] Sim Racers In Space
  211. [LFG] Group feature is severely lacking something
  212. [INDEPENDENT] Twelve Years A Slave Trader
  213. [INDEPENDENT] Hammer of Light - Secret organisation looking for members
  214. [FEDERATION] SCE Gaming, Medium community looking for members. ( 18+)
  215. [INDEPENDENT] Bounty Hunter's Guild?
  216. [EMPIRE] Imperial Royal Guard Looking for YOU!
  217. [LFG] Looking For other players {just for talking and maby doin random stuff}
  218. [LFG] New to Elite, Rusty with a joystick
  219. [INDEPENDENT] Blue Orchid Network - Smugglers, Claim Jumpers, Bootleggers, Blockade Runners, ECT.
  220. [LFG] Crime and Punishment crew (EVE online players)
  221. [LFG] New to ELITE DANGEROUS and space/flight sim
  222. [LFG] Looking for Portuguese speakers!
  223. [INDEPENDENT] Merry Christmas to One and All
  224. [INDEPENDENT] Smugglers ring
  225. [EMPIRE] Durius - A Call to Arms
  226. [EMPIRE] Looking for a large group of empire people.
  227. [LFG] Filipino or Asian Group
  228. [LFG] NA Player - Multi Role
  229. [INDEPENDENT] Federal Information Service
  230. [LFG] New guy looking for group
  231. [INDEPENDENT] New and looking
  232. [INDEPENDENT] Looking for a Elite Dangerous Group to play with, Rp with.
  233. [LFG] EU based co-op group (?)
  234. [FEDERATION] Co Op Group Bounty Hunting.
  236. [EMPIRE] I have problems advancing through "Squire" in Empire.
  237. $$$ Get What's Yours! Class Action, DogDog & Dogdoor et al. v. The Federation Gov.
  238. [LFG] New Player, looking for a group
  239. [EVENT] Eta Cassiopoeia - Federal Navy Home Base - Join the Struggle!
  240. Mother Cobra searching for nestlings to protect
  241. [EMPIRE] Achenar Syndicate Bounty Hunting and Assassination Guild
  242. [EMPIRE] Looking for 25+ people to form a group
  243. [LFG] Wandering CMDR LFG - Exploration, Bounty Hunting, Military
  244. [LFG] British Expat in Dubai - Am I alone in ED?
  245. [INDEPENDENT] The Essex Thread
  246. [INDEPENDENT] The Red Fist Squadron are recruiting!
  247. [INDEPENDENT] Explorers Unite!
  248. [LFG] Come Fly With US! Warrior Poets Gaming
  249. [INDEPENDENT] how many anomelys can their bne in one system
  250. [INDEPENDENT] JICAREX - Looking for people to help kicking out the pirates
  251. [LFG] Join Serenity
  252. [EMPIRE] Achenar Syndicate (Bounty Hunter's Guild)
  253. [FEDERATION] Looking to start a Federation group, all players welcome
  254. [LFG] still looking
  255. [PRIVATE] Closed