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  1. ED and the Oculus Rift DK1 Discussion Thread
  2. Elite Dangerous & the Oculus Rift DK1 Support thread
  3. ED and the Oculus Rift Developers Kit 2 (DK2) Discussion Thread
  4. How to get the DK2 working
  5. Oculus Rift General Discussion and OR Games to try out Thread
  6. Playing Elite with Google Cardboard
  7. Oculus Rift second window (useful for twitchers & youtubers)
  8. DK2 Video Request - Walking around Bridge...
  9. DK2 and GPU(s)?
  10. Welcome to the Virtual Reality forum!
  12. Leap Motion Support Later Would Be Great! :)
  13. Rift Judder and FPS discussion thread.
  14. People on low end rigs... I suggest you try disabling low persistence mode.
  15. How to record OR video?
  16. General Rift Question
  17. Thoughts on what Frontier need to address with regards to VR before ED release
  18. Interesting test..
  19. Tips & Suggestions: 'Galaxy Map' with OR
  20. Mining in the Rift
  21. Completely unreadable text in DK2
  22. Is there a way to record standard 1080p with the DK2?
  23. Oculus Rift vs Track IR 5
  24. Has something changed in the past 24 hours?
  25. Oculus Runtime and SDK Thread.
  26. Switch display modes key
  27. Poor performance in beta 3 on a relatively high end rig
  28. Just flew a Lakon 6 for the first time in DK2
  29. System Map and Oculus Rift - how can I select things on the map?
  30. How do I activate Direct mode then?
  31. My DK2 experience (Good to Bad to Great)
  32. DK2: seeing double
  33. DK2 & Elite - The Beginners Thread
  34. Did disk of Milky Way change or did my DK2 broke my GPU?
  35. Nav Panels (oculus rift) loosing focus
  36. Virtual keyboard ingame?
  37. VR lovers, one for you
  38. 980 GTX or two 780 GTX in SLI
  39. shimmering around text
  40. Different Rift experience with beta3 and latest firmware?
  41. Just a reminder of the <StereoExtraDisplay> for you DK2 users
  42. Strange discoloration of UI holograms when leaning far from center
  43. Oculus Rift and monitors
  44. Want to know what ED is like in DK2?
  45. VR Unusable After Update
  46. Just had my wow moment
  47. Please fix the System Map.
  48. There is no up.. or?
  49. Just noticed something.. worth a bug report you think?
  50. A hands on experience... Literally?
  51. Strobe effect in Direct Mode with DK2
  52. Wow! Ocurlus Rift First Impressions and Questions
  53. DK2 Position randomly resetting to odd positions
  54. Elite is not mentioned on the Oculus Rift wikipedia page
  55. UI Panels, disappear when I try to read them.
  56. Need option to disable avatar and chair
  57. DK2 and Elite gave me 'Upgraditis'
  58. Best Oculus Rift + HOTAS Controls setup
  59. Brand new GTX970 jittery now.
  60. X52 hat switch movements not registered
  61. Elite Dangerous + DK2 + Steam overlay or something similar?
  62. Oculus SDK2 no longer working
  63. Accellerometer/gyro tracking ? Smartphones ?
  64. Free Headtracking on smarthphone
  65. Too hard to read text with the Oculus Rift DK2
  66. DK2 and trading?
  67. [Proposal] GearVR demo
  68. Split screen with the rift
  69. Most memorable moment while Rifting in E: D
  70. eye tracker
  71. Optimalization for OR for release
  72. Any success with 970/980 SLI and DSR with DK2?
  73. CV version of OC and passengers
  74. Oculus + GT70 laptop -> ED not seeing secondary monitor
  75. First opinions of EDtracker with Elite: Dangerous
  76. Anyone else using GTX880M
  77. Presence, Spatial Awareness and the Method of loci
  78. I bit the bullet and ordered my Rift!
  79. [CHAT]Elite Dangerous: Dictation for Chat box
  80. DK2 images a doubled when i move my head "fast"
  81. Which Tracker to get until Oculus Rift CV
  82. Beta 3.9 oculus specific fixes
  83. 3.9 just reversed my oculus eyes images
  84. 3.9 Did the main menu get even smaller now ?
  85. Just recieved DK2 and :(
  86. DK2 in Direct Mode with AMD Graphics Card - HDMI Connection Problem
  87. Oculus Plus Getting Smacked from another player ship boosting out of the station.
  88. Best Performance From Trinus Gyre and Google Cardboard
  89. Display suggestion
  90. Text help
  91. disable chat window focus
  92. Is there a way to take a non double imaged screenshot with the OR?
  93. unusual OR use...
  94. Please allow us to turn off or adjust the 'head-sway' from accelerations!
  95. Comm panel activates in station services when you try to look up and to the left
  96. Has the quality of the "SFX" gone down for you guys?
  97. *Grr*.. I can't play E: D until VR bugs are fixed
  98. DK2: image is split when moving head
  99. SLI and flicker on DK2
  100. Been struggling for weeks now... When I play in extended mode...
  101. Upgrading Computer Questions :D
  102. Loss of control when looking up-left in starport services
  103. Head-tracking with iphone
  104. Stereoscopic rendering issues with Gamma 1.0.1?
  105. gamma 1.01 and the rift
  106. gamma 1.01 broke DK2 support
  107. Direct Mode lag and pausing
  108. VR on helmets like google cardboard or other HMD on free software Opentrack
  109. VR userbase for Elite
  110. GTX 970 to SLI or not
  111. anyone using a R9 290 with their rift?
  112. Elite: Dangerous Display Switcher
  113. Anyone else want a Rift/Monitor toggle key?
  114. Thrustmaster T.16000M or Xbox One controller +DK2
  115. DK2: completely losing head tracking, am I the only one?
  116. Adventures in Poor-Mans'-TrackIR
  117. My OR Experience
  118. FacetracknoIR tracking IR points - UI question
  119. Oculus issues
  120. Rendering to just one eye.
  121. Just got my shipment notification! Hmm, better upgrade PC...
  122. Vision Latency Resets (Positional Tracking Lost) for split second - FIX!!
  123. ED in DK2 is a drug...
  124. ED DK2 Settings.
  125. Spinny Orange Ship only in One Eye
  126. DK2 Screen lense protection
  127. ED + OR and Stereoblindness
  128. OR for iMac?
  129. Oculus and Leap Motion
  130. Is E : D actually a Rift Direct Mode application?
  131. Back to square one.. help enabling rift?
  132. Even in Gamma, the performances in Rift are ridiculously slow, play at your own risk
  133. Buy DK 2 now for ED or wait?
  134. Made it to Earth in my DK2
  135. 980 better than 780?
  136. Oculus Rift - To buy, or not to buy
  137. Is Direct Mode working well now?
  138. Hollow back Avatar
  139. Oculus DK2 demos near you
  140. Just had my first proper session with Rift and full HOTAS... OMG!
  141. Rift users: Before and After experiences
  142. Not able to see purchased ship skins in VR
  143. Headtracking Problem
  144. Mining unplayable even with GTX970?
  145. First DK2 experience, few questions;
  146. Wrong background asteroids in one eye
  147. Lakon Type-6
  148. Didn't ever feel sick in ED... until outfitting!
  149. Supersampling Guide for DK2 - 1440P Resolution! (VIDEO)
  150. Upgraded from GTX780 to GTX980 - Comments
  151. The case for both VR and triple monitors
  152. Strange fog problem
  153. DK2 Tracker
  154. Major Drift using the Rift
  155. What is your preferred Anti Aliasing type?
  156. Different copckpit view with Headtracking
  157. Smoke, very realistic, I can almost smell t
  158. Voice activated SHIP control for DK2 users
  159. Mind-controlling your ship
  160. my gtx980 arrived today.
  161. DK2 Help
  162. Menu's and fonts.
  163. I thought this was interesting
  164. Best sound settings?
  165. It's just not the same on a monitor :-/
  166. List of Oculus Rift DK2 settings for ED
  167. MSAA vs downsampling
  168. GTX 980 - My VR Settings
  169. SDK 0.4.4
  170. VRCovers, anyone use them?
  171. Brightness and saturation shift when losing positional tracking, DK2
  172. Imperial capital ship
  173. Just posting for people to take interest.
  174. Watching ED Oculus Rift youtube videos in 3D .. on a standard monitor
  175. 2014 VR Awards
  176. SDK 0.4.4 FOV change has magnified ED Image
  177. New DK2 user, prepping for day 1
  178. Oculus Rift and colours in Elite Dangerous thread
  179. Alternative PC to Android video streaming
  180. Oculus Rifts Running Maxed Settings, please add your hardware here
  181. The VR Gods have smiled upon me..... for now
  182. OVR Server Running?
  183. ED in OR on a win 8 Tablet?
  184. ED as primary (and only) monitor
  185. Fix the disappearing menu
  186. An issue that needs fixed while using the station menu
  187. Gamma 2.00 oculus specific fixes
  188. Place your bets now please
  189. DK2 not detected with gamma 2.0
  190. Lakon 7 omg
  191. White ship on the launcher screen...
  192. Gamma 2.0 broke Oculus Rift support (memory leak?)
  193. Misconceptions about VR
  194. ED DK2 Noob Questions & Thoughts
  195. Saving graphics configurations - toggle between configurations?
  196. Oculus Rift DK2 text clarity
  197. Comprehensive Thread for DK2 Bugs
  198. Voice attack issues in gamma 2
  199. New "Head-Lock" feature in the Galaxy Map is one of the worst, most annoying things..
  200. Gamma 2.0 - 2.2 am I seeing things?
  201. TIP: Turning off the side panels
  202. Elite Dangerous, the DK2 and SLI discussion thread.
  203. Oculus acquires Nimble to get your hands in VR
  204. Screenshots for open play?
  205. New DK2 question and general computer question
  206. Rift positional camera crashing?
  207. Asp cockpit view
  208. Hyperspace long jumps
  209. Disable your Monitors to Increase DK2 Performance
  210. Free Headtracking on Windows smartphone
  211. image constantly slightly jumping up and down
  212. Standardised measurements
  213. How to reduce the screen door effect
  214. Blow your friends' minds with Steam broadcasting
  215. No Rift with Gamma 2.04 DK2
  216. Where can I buy TrackIR in the UK
  217. Twitch chat intrigration
  218. Performance hit whilst tweaking
  219. sdsdsdfddfd
  220. Gamma 2.05 huge improvement in text legibility !
  221. Texts (contracts details, galaxy map) issue
  222. Black smear
  223. Oculus and VR users. Now you can steer without a joystick!
  224. Right eye still slightly darker in the rift?
  225. Any way to make it clearer?
  226. wow..... super sampling is unreal...
  227. Graphics Tweaking Guide
  228. Asteroid Fields draw distance... strange 3d effect
  229. Control Music Players with VoiceAttack
  230. Antialiasing
  231. A couple of trivial additions that would make the world of difference.
  232. Benchmarking/Setup locations
  233. Screenshots
  234. Thank you Frontier!
  235. OR text chat
  236. Large FPS drops.
  237. Just a quick question for those with a rift
  238. IPD setting
  239. Down sampling GTX 980 4k in DK2
  240. New Geforce4 beta drivers out with Elite mentioned in release notes..
  241. The Rift and NVIDIA Cards thread for ED
  242. How to get working with DK2 with ED Version 1?
  243. Problem with anaglyph and red/cyan glasses
  244. intel hd graphics 4000. Help!
  245. Oculus Option Gone?
  246. Swappable Config file for Rift/No Rift?
  247. Is this displaying normal
  248. Latest game update ... big problems, help!
  249. Force another Apect Ratio without change the resolution?
  250. Do Not Install nVidia Driver 347.09 if You're Using Oculus Rift
  251. Dk2 users, how do you "use Flight Controls" w DK2 covering your face?Joystick a must?
  252. Dk2 Elite Dangerous Blurry Text Solution found!?
  253. Oculus Rift working on the Training Demo, but not the full game
  254. VR presets changed?
  255. Razer Hydra Pro headset microphone inop in final release