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  1. Beta HoloMe question for devs
  2. 2.3 Beta Testing Instructions and Information
  3. Holo-Me Feedback Thread
  4. Camera Suite and Free Camera Feedback Thread
  5. Chained Mission Testing Feedback Thread
  6. Locations Feedback Thread
  7. Beta Bailout - Experience the first ever Elite : Dangerous tourist event!
  8. Preparing for update!
  9. More challenges! Looking forward for these!
  10. Upgrade fails with validation of trader_cockpit/data.ovl
  11. Shield Booster and ship armour changes feedback thread
  12. Repeated Download Fails : Failed to read from response stream connection closed.
  13. No NPC avatars are present on your ship.
  14. How can I be part of 2.3? I have Horizons but is there something im missing here?
  15. 2.3 Beta FAQ
  16. Multi-crew pulled, so what other big feature is there...Hmmm Holo-Me?
  17. Jaques Bar Please!
  18. Asteroid bases
  19. "Ship names are server moderated" ?
  20. cant start the game
  21. Dolphin feedback thread
  22. How do you re-name your ship?
  23. Show off your Commanders
  24. ~how long before changes make it to live?
  25. How to use it
  26. Billboards abruptly vanish when docking
  27. Control bindings
  28. Still cant upgrade
  29. Prisoner cells
  30. station Disabling
  31. Launcher version as login does nothing?
  32. Default Beta Save
  33. Hidden background simulation mechanics changes - discussion
  34. Generally poor performance...
  35. Daarn, that loading time is faster :)
  36. Docking with a Mega ship (The Harmony)
  37. Megaships
  38. Silly Question
  39. Game crashes with rift or without it. after clicking on open or solo
  40. HoloMe - Post your efforts here :)
  41. Maia and Merope are permit locked
  42. Has Trappist 1 been added yet?
  43. Galaxy Map and Route Planning
  44. Outfitting "at a glance"
  45. Ancient Ruins updates
  46. Passenger missions payout adjustement
  47. "+80% and cap out at +150% from the health of the shield generator"
  48. Sync Files Issue
  49. Had passengers during the Beta save sample, now I can't get rid of them!
  50. Urr... Guys? FD? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!
  51. Alt + F10 not working | Blur a little awkward
  52. What have you done to the shields!!!
  53. Are there any engineer unlocks, fish, etc. in Beta 2.3?
  54. Helmet when window breaks?
  55. Bigger/longer stellar ejections? Great! But please fix particle rotation?
  56. Anaconda has poor textures on cockpit floor and panels?
  57. Stuck in "Loading game" (VR)
  58. Crashing when dropping out of SC to normal space
  59. * Please consider a proper GUI mod in game which does not affect menus
  60. Messy Ship name and type
  61. Stuttering.
  62. AMD Crossfire issues
  63. The new Chat Window is a step backwards
  64. Heat damage from stars.
  65. OK - who kissed their Commander in VR?
  66. Bookmarks - GalMap
  67. The Imperial Clipper has the best bridge.
  68. Why does it sound like I'm shooting a garden shed?
  69. Cmdr creator 100% broken for me, anyone else
  70. Station rotation in supercruise at last
  71. Control Bindings - Beta reset my Throttle control
  72. Says Horizons content needed
  73. Not getting interdicted by NPC's
  74. Some slight cockpit dressing?
  75. The big yellow comms box. Yes or No?
  76. NPC Pirates now demand specific cargo
  77. Do we get sent to Sirius after clearing save in 2.3 beta?
  78. Anyone else missing a few sounds
  79. Data Link Scanner
  80. Multicrew - Please add a second chair in the sidewinder
  81. Witchspace
  82. Transitions Hugely Improved!!
  83. spinning ship of doom
  84. Thank you for asteroid station
  85. VR performance
  86. Beta Loads a Previous Commander
  87. How come the engineers aren't unlocked?
  88. ROTATIONAL CORRECTION does not cut off sound as before - awefully loud always and a real problem using a mic.
  89. Galmap Blackouts
  90. Mouse does not control Pitch/Role
  91. Cannot sell Cargo rack at station
  92. Anyone else getting bad FPS?
  93. Scar choices, bumchins, and cosmetics
  94. i couldnt login game crashed, i cleared save in beta, and suddenly i could login.
  95. No Orca buff?
  96. Can't connect - "Loading Game" forever
  97. Update Save Data for beta?
  98. Long hair
  99. The new drop down comms tab is too intrusive
  100. If there are engineering related changes we need access to fish
  101. Running hot
  102. Anybody finding that their NPC crew have changed appearance?
  103. 2.3 Beta 1B ERROR
  104. A VR "World Scale" setting is now a must
  105. Any way to disable the free look and panel switching motion glide after effect?
  106. Turreted Mining Lasers, how to use them?
  107. Sounds of some other Ship's engines are disturbingly loud in Stations
  108. Warning - Resetting Character
  109. Galaxy is low res
  110. Ship Names / Ship IDs visible on NPC ships (images inside)
  111. Agricultural Installation - Confusing the NPC
  112. No curve screen for Menu in System & Gal Maps still in VR
  113. cant go through the mail slot when leaving station
  114. Pilot still has no moving joystick when using Mouse & Keyboard
  115. Still No Persistent Visual Ship Damage - Grrrr
  116. (Passengers) Can we get clarification on trade/exploration rank increases & passenger mission types?
  117. which engineer has all the module mods?
  118. Maia Permit locked?
  119. Suns, stars popping in low res upon exiting witchspace
  120. why do some engineered module symbols show up red on th eright module panel
  121. Can see my face from inside when I choose long noses (glitch)
  122. Radio sidewinder easter egg? (spoiler)
  123. VR Menu + Mouse Control
  124. Some demonstrations of the new hull changes (videos)
  125. Thank you Frontier, the Stuttering finally disappeard in 2.3!
  126. 'ssssswhisshhh' sound at beginning of FSD jump?
  127. Simple proposal to balance shield changes, protect big-3 and Make Huge Plasmas Great Again!
  128. Keelback Multicrew
  129. Ship sounds of other Ships and Bases when should be none.
  130. Finally, you worthless Sensors.
  131. Unable to bind sensors to extend or contract
  132. Dropship (and cousins) hit too hard by SB-Nerf
  133. Meta Role of Megaships
  134. Do engineers accept fish?
  135. New SRV scanner works great!
  136. Graphics framerate has improved, especially when dropping out of supercruise
  137. Mega-ferries!
  139. The Dolphin Thread
  140. [Suggestion] Ship Registry in Station Comms
  141. Challenges?
  142. Type 7 - why no chairs in the crew stations?
  143. Module Health - HUD Element needed
  144. Holo-Me in VR is absolutely awesome!
  145. Can we have 'emotion' presets for our faces? (angry, happy etc)
  146. Some love for the Diamondback Explorer please :)
  147. SRV Traction improvement
  148. Please add a second seat to the Dolphin
  149. Jumpng with a Short Circuit
  150. Add ship names to stored ships
  151. New sounds are....unusual
  152. Where are the "new Challenge scenarios
  153. Speed docking...
  154. Explaining the Shield and Hull Changes in 2.3 (and 2.2.03)
  155. [blueprints] New Sensor and Detailled Surface Scanner Blueprints screenshots
  156. Please reconsider which engineers have grade 5 DSS upgrades
  157. SLF bugging Massacre mission credit
  158. Module and Hull Integrity Redistribution Proposal
  159. Missionboard / combat rewards
  160. Imperial Cutter fire power / hull strengh
  161. VR Users - are you finding the second window to be of much better quality?
  162. Highlight a mission that is a direct consequence of completing a previous mission?
  163. Holo-My-Co-Pilot
  164. What lies beneath Shield Health
  165. Station Stutter Still Severe
  166. Elitemeet and Hutton present the "Holo-me, Holo-you, AHA!" competition
  167. "Reality" vs Concept art - wow!
  168. Datalink Scanner
  169. Cockpit lighting
  170. Ram-scans are a thing again
  171. Is there any new gameplay mechanics other than old mechanics hidden behind new skin?
  172. Why do I only have access to the Beta 1.8 and not 2.3?
  173. Is Temporal AA coming to Elite Dangerous?
  174. Type-9 Rebalance
  175. IPv6 support
  176. Export Commander from Beta to Release
  177. Where are the fighter bays??
  178. Should the new armour hardness vary across the big 3?
  179. Still starts SteamVR when launching even when not using VR
  180. FIX for 'floating eyes'/disappearing avatar bug
  181. Galaxy / System maps don't render properly on Ultrawide displays
  182. The Beta 2.3 Photoshoot thread. (Potential Spoilers inside)
  183. Should the Commander Creator reflect disabilities?
  184. StellarForge updates on Neutron Stars
  185. Ship names lost on destruction - is this intentional?
  186. You shaved my pilots head!!!!!
  187. Optimised Graphics?
  188. Flashing squares instead of the conditions of the missions
  189. Petition to be able to pass the Helm position to other multicrew members.
  190. 5Save own preset button?
  191. Multicrew SRV
  192. Installation Scenarios Need Something to Do
  193. We need one-way passenger missions to Colonia (+mixed passenger / cargo missions)
  194. Asteroid bases.. Well done Frontier!
  195. [BUG] Name of megaship floats above surface
  196. When will we get name plates?
  197. Is hull rebalance in order?
  198. Beta 1.0.1 no connection - unable to restore user session
  199. Talking-Animation for Voice Chat is Very Important with Roleplaying
  200. What went through your mind when making your avatar?
  201. Join the IPv6 Testing Team
  202. Allow mouse-manipulation of camera
  203. Megaship Engines should Damage Player Ships
  204. I'm sorry but am I missing something in 2.3?
  205. 2.3 Threads Relevant to Explorers
  206. Is Tionisla In Game Yet??
  207. Engineering station, pip control, or whatever it's called...
  208. Approval from a dedicated simmer
  209. Still no Panther Clipper
  210. I think it's time to introduce MRPs and HRPs of bigger sizes, and give the FAS/FDS/GFS a hull hardness increase
  211. Ice Geysers - Tphen Slata C9A
  212. Getting disconnected
  213. Screen shot issues
  214. Esc key still takes a very long time to bring up the main menu
  215. First impressions VR
  216. How to cleanly uninstall beta?
  217. Are we supposed to be able to see other commanders ship names?
  218. Head Tracking
  219. Beta Location - Weeks behind live?
  220. Please add a "Mirror" Function to Scars and other facial features. And also to be able to have more than one scar active.
  221. Anyone using GEMfx/Reshade with 2.3 beta?
  222. Possible solution for shield booster stacking with out going over board.
  223. Way lower FPS at certain places than in live.
  224. Megaship Locations - Sticky perhaps ?
  225. Do we really need this?
  226. Is it me, or do the planets now look slightly less... beige?
  227. Asteroid shadows
  228. Anyone elses srv guns refusing to fire?
  229. Exploration data values
  230. GU-97 Fighter livery decal interface points to wrong side
  231. Can't name fighters
  232. Such a small thing . . . so huge. Thank You FDev for active HUD star-port orientation.
  233. Saving CUSTOM Camera Views? - Can we replace the default 9 views with modified versions?
  234. Kinetic weapon sounds muffled by lasers.
  235. "Horizons Required" for Holome, but I have a lifetime expansion pass ...
  236. A question about the beta
  237. NPC Crew and Multicrew interactions
  238. two long range weapons in the same fire group have their ranges capped to the lowest range weapon
  239. Ship Naming : My Concerned Opinion
  240. So... i got Multicrew working, kinda
  241. Any info on the Dolphin?
  242. What is going on with the sound effects?
  243. Beta save wipe question.
  244. are the dolphins thruster not supposed to be mirrored ?
  245. [Graphics] Poor GPU performance
  246. [Visual] Messages
  247. SRV Wave Scanner is working!
  248. Dear FDev: Can we get a few more shades of BROWN, please?
  249. Beta question - Canopy breach
  250. can we save several custom configs?
  251. Sounds of weapons impacting is louder than the sounds of weapons firing.
  252. Binding help
  253. Can we please have the option to change seat positions?
  254. Increase Camera Distance Please?
  255. Lost weapon color