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    Today, 6:29 PM · 4 replies and 72 views.
    masCh replied to a thread Space hands in Virtual Reality
    I was just thinking about this when looking at the PiMax kickstarter with the $100 optional LeapMotion addon. The problem with these things however is that there is no feedback. You want to poke a button, but there is no feedback to tell your finger that it has already touched something.
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    Today, 6:17 PM · 21 replies and 288 views.
    ahh great, thanks! If HCS Voice Packs made their packs refundable then I really wouldn't be here asking these questions. Sorry for the thread hijack everyone!
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    Today, 5:20 PM · 21 replies and 288 views.
    Thanks for the replies everyone! I really liked the demo of the HCS Voice Pack with that French lady. I don't know if the voice pack "understands" what you are saying (like Siri or Cortana) and responds to that, or if it just picks up a voice command and converts that to a keyboard press. If it is the former then I'd definitely want to pick up the HCS Voice Pack.
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    Today, 5:00 PM · 100 replies and 2638 views.
    Can you point out where you got that info? Is this the 5K PiMax on Kickstarter? I am trying to decide whether to get the 5K or 8K (I only have a nVidia 1060 GPU)
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    Today, 4:08 PM · 16 replies and 335 views.
    That would definitely be nice. The disable auto panel popup is the best workaround but I kind of like that feature because it feels so futuristic. It's an immersive experience and certainly makes you want to believe that you're living in the future. But fact of the matter is, we're only annoyed of it because it blocks our (side) view. If it doesn't block our view, most of us won't think of it that much. In that sense, I would suggest FDev to move the popup panels to the top left and top right, like you have to look up to access the menus (if you disable auto popup config then they'd be to the immediate left and right just as it is now). EDITED: And similarly for the SRV, if the panels popup lower so that you have to look left and down to see it, it would solve this issue for me.
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    Today, 4:01 PM · 21 replies and 288 views.
    Oh really, so if I were to get (any) one of the HCS Voice Packs for Elite on top of VoiceAttack, most of these commands would already be set up?
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    Today, 3:45 PM · 21 replies and 288 views.
    THanks for taking the time to reply. But that's the thing though, I have to program it for each command? Thruster up, thruster down, landing gear, center HMD, launch SLF, etc? There is almost a hundred commands to set up no?
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    Today, 3:41 PM · 36 replies and 1099 views.
    Now just imagine what an upgrade it would be to change from an AMD to an nVidia. :p:D (just kidding! Enjoy your new GPU!)
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    Today, 3:18 PM · 25 replies and 356 views.
    Indeed the SRV experience in VR is spectacular isn't it. It feels like you're really there. It's almost as if you could touch the wheels. We have a mic?! My fantastic moments - well there are many but a few are stuck in my mind. In a station where I had to duck in my head because another ship just flew over me as I was exiting the station.
  • masCh's Avatar
    Today, 2:55 PM · 21 replies and 288 views.
    I wanted to give voiceattack a try. I downloaded the 30 day demo, and couldn't figure out how to set it up with Elite. I went in game and tried to issue voice commands, nothing happened. THere were tutorials online, but the ones I've seen are massive and would take too much time. If only you could just install it and fire it up and go (after the speech training)
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    Today, 2:50 PM
    Full article: "HTC has today announced it is about to halt trading of its shares tomorrow in anticipation of a “major announcement,”. Earlier this month, the company was rumored to be in the final stages of negotiating a takeover with Google, and today’s news appears to be setting the stage for that buyout becoming official." So will the future scenario be Facebook (Rift) vs Google (Vive)? (oh, and vs Pimax too.. hmm what if Alibaba buys Pimax..) Would this be a good development? or a bad one?
    4 replies and 84 views.
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    Today, 1:38 PM · 486 replies and 17218 views.
    Module repairs, synthesis, walk to the SLF, etc Any activity is better game-wise than being able to press a button and it's done.
  • masCh's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 PM · 106 replies and 2507 views.
    Well it seems there are a a couple of people that support this decision. But let me ask you, was it bothering you so much until it motivated you to write to Frontier and complain about this? Even over Multicrew? Whao!
  • masCh's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 PM · 14 replies and 374 views.
    I must say this would be awesome. I have been meaning to try this too starting with my wife who is 4000 km away around the world and later to my friends but when I bought the base account, I was also required to buy the horizons expansion. So we gave up on that idea. If they could just download a spectator game mode with no controls other than communicate or exit.. then that would be marvellous and could definitely be a +1 point for Multicrew. Bonus points if they get spacelegs to walk around the cockpit.
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    Today, 1:05 PM · 6 replies and 168 views.
    I had this problem the other day (this day last week to be accurate). What I did later was turn uPNP off and enabled the port forwarding feature. But I am not sure if it was just a temporary external network issue or it was this that fixed it for me.
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