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  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    Today, 10:36 AM
    Greetings Commanders, We wanted to give you a quick heads up on some in-game changes to Holo-Me customisation that will be visible when the beta goes live and help make sure there isn’t any confusion when you see it. The first change to note is that there is now a slot for eyewear! You’ll be pleased know that you’ll be getting a fresh pair of glasses via the Frontier Store for free once 2.4 launches fully after the beta! Coming in 2.4 there will be other sets of glasses in a wide range of styles that will be available exclusively via participating in community giveaways, competitions, events and streams. You’ll also notice there are spaces for the ability to swap out the tops, sleeves and legwear of your avatar outfits. In 2.4 there will be the option to purchase a wider range of new suits from the Frontier Store. In this new range of suits, you’ll be able to switch between each part of the outfit, based on the full suits that you own.
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  • Dominic Corner's Avatar
    Today, 10:26 AM · 49 replies and 440 views.
    Hi there, Or I'm compiling... Thanks, Dom
  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    Today, 10:21 AM · 23 replies and 568 views.
    Can confirm that I am not as easy to Google as I'd like... Edward Lewis's that are more easy to search for than me: - Sir Edward Roberts Lewis (19 April 1900 – 29 January 1980) was a British businessman, best known for leading the Decca recording and technology group for five decades from 1929. He built the company up from nothing to one of the major record labels of the world. - Edward Lewis the friend of escorts in Pretty Woman (played by Richard Gere). - Ed Lewis the founder of Essence Magazine (born in the bronx)
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 10:20 AM · 1 replies and 23 views.
    Sir T.j replied to a thread buisnesses in Suggestions & Feedback
    Please continue in your existing thread. Thanks :)
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 10:18 AM · 49 replies and 440 views.
    Damn you're on fire this morning... :D
  • Dominic Corner's Avatar
    Today, 10:17 AM · 49 replies and 440 views.
    Hi there, If i understand the forum's conventions properly... No, only CMDR Thrust from Bradford... Thanks, Dom
  • Bran Tse Mallory's Avatar
    Today, 10:15 AM · 30 replies and 600 views.
    Thank you all very much. I am touched by your comments... Not in the Tj touching sort of way either. After seeing how much you folks enjoy my 'stuff' I've decided that I will make a Christmas Special. If I start now and add a little bit Ata time you'll have something quite epic right before Santa arrives. Fly safe everyone till we meet again! o7
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 10:11 AM · 8 replies and 171 views.
    Six posts and I get the blame... Must be some kind of record....
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM · 23 replies and 568 views.
    He's a little terror for nicking all the biscuits in the house I know that....
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 9:49 AM · 568 replies and 14877 views.
    Let's knock off the personal comments/ name calling please.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 9:40 AM · 49 replies and 440 views.
    Shots....Fired... :D
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 9:33 AM · 13 replies and 259 views.
    Según los reportes oficiales de FDEV se han vendido alrededor de 800-900,000 de unidades de ED en el último año fiscal (que no incluye ventas de PS4, ya que estas han comenzado en el presente año fiscal), y 2.7 millones desde que se lanzó en Diciembre 2014. más luego todo el tema de la tienda de pinturas y demás. El anuncio de Braben indica una cantidad similar de Planet Coaster. Como comenta Candido, de momento la salud económica de FDEV, la de ED y la de PC parecen seguir bastante positivas y han llevado a una recaudacion y beneficios record y que una empresa como Tencent se decida a invertir $23 millones confiando en el potencial de crecimiento. Indudablemente el período más rentable de un juego pay to play, como son ED o PC, en general y con excepciones, es al comienzo de su ciclo comercial, así que me imagino que en el presente año fiscal (2017-2018) no llegaremos a esta recaudacion record de nuevo, salvo que la nueva franquicia de FDEV se lance suficientemente antes de Mayo 2018 como para tener un...
  • Dominic Corner's Avatar
    Today, 9:30 AM · 49 replies and 440 views.
    Hi there, ... Babel... I swear... I'll turn this beta around and we'll go back to 2.3... Thanks, Dom
  • Javert's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 3468 replies and 112848 views.
    Yes - I understand to some extent the special situation here that the peace process relies on having a border that effectively does not exist. The point was that this will also become a border between the EU and a non EU country, and the UK is demanding that the EU leave this special situation in place. This creates a completely open border between the EU and outside the EU, in an environment in which the UK has threatened to undercut the EU on trade treaties. Obviously the UK will try to blame it on the EU if the EU feels this is not acceptable, forgetting that it was the UK people who voted for Brexit not the rest of the EU. Also - as I understand it even today there is a lot of "smuggling" between ROI and NI, since, for example, there are different VAT rates between the countries, but technically you should not purchase items in ROI and then sell them on in NI without charging UK VAT on them. Effectively the governments of both countries turn a blind eye to this today. Further, leaving a...
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 9:02 AM · 22 replies and 425 views.
    Thanks guys - will certainly post some FPS results. Any resolution / settings suggestions? (my monitor is 2560x1440)
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 AM · 568 replies and 14877 views.
    Indeed not - unless Monopoly also allows players to join the game when other players are in the lategame phase....
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Today, 8:45 AM · 4971 replies and 326157 views.
    I bought it in the sale. Mixed feelings, I enjoyed some of the hours I put it, but found inventory management needlessly irritating. My biggest confusion is how to navigate. I keep being told I have charted areas every time I reach a new '?' but cannot find that chart. How do I get back to where I found other things? For example I found a pod with an exo-suit upgrade in it but I lacked the units to buy it. How do I go back there? How do I cancel the '?' once I've interacted with the savepoint thing? They stay on my walking around HUD so it's hard to work out where I've been and where I need to go How do I make the '?' appear on the ship's HUD? I am currently walking until I see one, then walk backwards to the ship, take off, turn that to where I was facing, to find it has now vanished and I have to fly a bit towards it using dead reckoning.
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 8:26 AM · 11 replies and 137 views.
    Yeh that's a grind, I tend to do it in much smaller doses (one FSD at a time) because I get bored senseless. I have never had trouble finding distribution centres personally though.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 AM · 22 replies and 425 views.
    Card arrived yesterday - I received it this morning - now I have to wait until I get home to install it....
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 AM · 568 replies and 14877 views.
    A single galaxy, yes. A single mode, no. Below is a relevant extract from the FAQ thread on the forums from around the start of the Kickstarter: The last paragraph on multi-player leaves the door open for the existence of more than one Open group (mode) - "based on the play styles people prefer, and the rules in each can be different" - which rather underlines that the game was not designed for just a single mode. The game does not care about whether the targeted ship is a player or NPC (yet - although with the introduction of a karma system it may).
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 7:59 AM · 3 replies and 90 views.
    Not sure how much work it would be to support, but I guess if they are supporting the new AMD cards then maybe they will be looking into it anyway.
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 AM · 11 replies and 137 views.
    They are usually close to planets in the systems which are in famine, I recall they should appear on your navigation panel as you get closer to the planet. So try going within 1000LS of each planet in the famine system. They should appear. If you have been doing that RNG hated you that day. :(
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