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  • rootsrat's Avatar
    Today, 1:04 PM · 378 replies and 20314 views.
    Nobody expects Spanish Inquisition!
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 1:02 PM · 4 replies and 90 views.
    Presume i would have to read an article or something to understand what some of these mean Fighting against human nature is a losing battle - True. Especially true when it comes to the forums. Aesthetics matter - ED nails this Resonance is important - Not sure what is meant here? Whether the game resonates with players? In that case, for me, yeah, ED does that. Make use of piggybacking - No idea. Don't confuse "interesting" with "fun" - Good point. Although both are good. I find ED both fun and interesting. Understand what emotion your game is trying to evoke - ED: Scale, sense of awe, wonder, mystery, loneliness, danger. Allow the players the ability to make the game personal - Depends on what they mean. Solo mode? A connection with the character?
  • LaveRadio's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 PM · 3 replies and 1 views.
    This Spot Reserved
  • EidLeWeise's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 PM · 3 replies and 1 views.
    Will the PS 4 allow me to use both a Hotas and a PS4 controller at the same time like we can on the PC?
  • Javert's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 PM · 2140 replies and 55055 views.
    I'm not really clear why this is a horrible attitude? I took the post to mean that from a genetic point of view, everyone is related to each other in the end - I'm not sure why that's horrible - it's what most scientists accept as stated fact today.
  • LaveRadio's Avatar
    Today, 12:55 PM
    Hi guys At Lavecon on Saturday we'll be lucky enough to be joined by Sandro Sammarco, Adam Woods, Dav Stott, Mark Allen and Steve Kirby (amongst other Devs) If you would like us to (TRY - no promises, no eta, no guarantee) and ask your question to the guys please ask it below. Fly Safe and if you can't do that, Fly Dangerous Ben Moss-Woodward aka Cmdr Eid LeWeise
    3 replies and 1 views.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 12:46 PM · 651 replies and 54100 views.
    Yes, something along those lines is still my suspicion. If the engine had been really fully converted to 64b and precision issues were not such then in principle there would not be any barrier for CIG to implement full fidelity at 1:1 scale and then adjust the ship quantum speed limits as high as necessary (beyond the ridiculously arbitrary 0.2c) to make gameplay not boring and make travel as short and sweet in time as they like. Such a system would also allow for full flight control in quantum, as opposed to just straight lines. The fact they have not done it yet suggests to me their 64b implementation is not quite as smooth as CIG claims it is. It also suggests their procedural techniques may not be able to cope with 1:1 scales.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM · 583 replies and 24198 views.
    7, 14, $, Apricot, Thursday, and 164137
  • Javert's Avatar
    Today, 12:40 PM · 26 replies and 1345 views.
    For those asking whether the PS4 version will be available at midnight on launch day, based on FD's past rollouts, this is highly unlikely. FD have, I believe, also stated that the 3.1 version that has been in beta testing on PC will also roll out to Xbox and PC on the same day. This means that the servers will be down for a period of time that day, most likely in the UK daytime, to update the live servers for 3.1, and also to support PS4. Therefore, if you base it on past history, it's highly unlikely that the PS4 version will be available to play before the UK business hours on launch day, and it's much more likely that it won't be available until later in the afternoon or early evening. It's possible that they may surprise us and completely change their way of doing things this time around, but I doubt it.
  • Javert's Avatar
    Today, 12:35 PM · 205 replies and 12480 views.
    Axe Fabrication Simulator 2018?
  • The Lone Gunman's Avatar
    Today, 12:20 PM · 2140 replies and 55055 views.
    It will affect everyone, "it's just not important" and having you think about cutting your hedge, when your cost of living could explode to the level where you drop from "middle class" to "the poor" in your lifetime is a nice way of screwing you over. *) "Don't think twice, it's all right". "you're either in or you're not, no messing about" is May rhetoric. That woman is a complete fail as a politician (as well as your press a disgrace *2) ), since instead of explaining in plain terms what her "hard brexit" means, she waffles on buzzword bingo words. Maybot. Oops sorry cut out some of your quote! but the essence is there am replying to :) Yep its not that important(and you haven't seen that hedge! ;) I get ya, i get the ramifications if it all goes wrong but what else would you like me to do, leaflet campaign? send a strongly worded e/mail to my local MP? we had elections/referendums and i go along with the results, thats democracy for ya, you might not like the outcome, you might not like our...
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 12:19 PM · 7 replies and 140 views.
    Si ves a una tal Tamara Tirjak de FDEV, salúdala de mi parte! :p
  • JeffRyan's Avatar
    Today, 12:07 PM · 207 replies and 4841 views.
    We agree on something at least Lucius.
  • Bran Tse Mallory's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 PM · 42 replies and 707 views.
    You are all very sick and need help! :D Seriously these are great and of course good to hear what you'll be up to this weekend. Verminstar, feel better soon buddy!
  • JeffRyan's Avatar
    Today, 12:03 PM · 207 replies and 4841 views.
    Harry Potter only has his heat cannons left, everything else is gone. Which raises another question...
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 7 replies and 140 views.
    Alguna cosilla, aunque sea pequeña suele caer de FDEV en Lavecon, si. Pásalo bien Aybkamen!
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM · 51 replies and 771 views.
  • EidLeWeise's Avatar
    Today, 11:26 AM · 205 replies and 12480 views.
    Damn it!!! I would be so up for that! :)
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 11:09 AM · 238 replies and 5039 views.
    The opinions of forum mods regarding exploits are about as relevant as the opinions of any other players. The only opinion that matters is that of FD. When we are not sure, we will ask FD for their opinion, usually one of the CMs. If in doubt as to whether something is an exploit, do not publish it.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 AM · 51 replies and 771 views.
    Nah Beltza, si está clarísimo que FDEV estaba compinchada con Harry. Tan encantados de sus servicios de dramatización se quedaron que le han hecho el favor de quitarle un poco de peso ingenierizado para ayudarle a que vaya mas ligero en sus correrias. Ya sabes, para agradecerle el favor de aquella jugada de manera normal. Y por supuesto, que Harry dé pataletas y arremeta contra FDEV diciendo cualquier cosa tras quedarse tan ligero no tiene tampoco ninguna razón lógica, el chico debe estar de lo más feliz y agradecido tras el adelgazamiento. :p
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