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    Today, 11:23 PM · 1509 replies and 85409 views.
    01 - Frank - This might not be my entry 02 - JetsonRING - (Don't) Wash Me 03 - Listeri69 - Grandads War: A tale of Honour, Bravery and Diving... 04 - Edith_The_Hutt - Careless Talk Costs Teeth 05 - cleonymus - Even a pirate has a past. 06 - Simoof - The last stand. A Tale of 2 bits. And 1 of those bits is the end. 07 - Massey - Lucrative Rare trade 08 - Listeri69 - A misunderstanding by Cmdr Ermyntrudethenoob aged like milk on a warm day.... 09 - Bikky - A nice collection 10 - RoyalHankey - Synchronization always looks good...........Sometimes.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 PM · 3 replies and 71 views.
    Thanks Saool! Great feedback. There's actually very little that can be done with reddit CSS as far as I'm aware so a lot has to do with presenting info and making it easy to find. I'd ve very keen to see a screenshot of what you see as Im aware that variosu browsers displaying things differently. Noyt sure what you mean by whit interaction elements. Remember Im not techie ad a lot of what you are saying is shop talk jargon to the likes of me. We put the buttons under the banner so that people can find the key topics activities immediately without having to use search or hunt through threads. Reddit works like a forum. As a new thread is posted it pushed the previous one down. It is also limited to only two fixed thread at the top of the page. So kind of went with the one click to get info rule rather than index pages or leaving people to search / brosw through outdated info. Alternative ideas would be great!
  • Wishblend's Avatar
    Today, 10:50 PM · 286 replies and 80015 views.
    All we need know is an engineer to give us something special in the Colonia region.
  • Arn's Avatar
    Today, 10:49 PM · 4124 replies and 226382 views.
    Kleymor Как то так?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 10:42 PM · 637 replies and 13588 views.
    That's right. The benefit is reduced consumption and more reliance on (hopefully sustainable) production. In case hadn't noticed, millions were using food banks even five years ago in the UK, the NHS nearing the funding edge, personal debt at record highs 'as members' of the EU. Money fleeing the country untaxed doesn't help that.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 PM · 100 replies and 1719 views.
    3 different currencies. Hardcore :)
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 PM · 100 replies and 1719 views.
    Thank you to the devs and all the team for creating a game that I can completely lose myself in. The many, many hours that I've spent in the game has been worth far more than the amount I have paid. I look forward to many more years... and some exploration mechanics ;)
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 10:33 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    It's also a political situation
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 PM · 637 replies and 13588 views.
    Looking forward more maybe to the import duty, tax revenue, on UK's 60bn p.a. trade deficit with the EU (in addition to the 350m/ week)?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 10:24 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    Yes. Apart from two things. One, they're not internal and two at what priority level (eg. compared to getting multicrew working or making sure the API dodges exploits if possible) does API porting happen? Am all for the 3rd party sites, they're awesome but do I approve of these tactics? Not sure. A fan site, knowingly setting out to cause damage to the game it's a fan of, is a bit hmmm. Maybe they tried other things but it's the first I'd heard of their disquiet, maybe away from subforum threads if clues exist there.
  • BongoBaggins's Avatar
    Today, 10:19 PM · 6 replies and 55 views.
    That wasn't The Fuel Rats, that was Newcastle United FC
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 10:10 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not denigrating the sites - at all. They produce meta data that in ED, where the data is more raw, is less easy to access. But all the data does come from ED in the first place. The concern I'd have is Frontier feeling constrained from changing the API as the game develops, as they see fit and radically if necessary, for fear of upsetting the API developers. That would be a bad result, the meta-tail wagging the game-build dog.
  • T.j's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 PM · 100 replies and 1719 views.
    Oh go on then... But only because they know where I live... I have not been threatened in any way... :D Thanks to all the folks at FD you do a tough job.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 9:38 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    'Kind of' .. I don't use them at all (or a pen and paper) and get on just fine in the game. You've got to enjoy a good revolution now and then though.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 9:35 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    I'm still interested to know what level of priority you think you "suggestions" should get. I am only putting this to highlight it for you
  • Arn's Avatar
    Today, 9:30 PM · 3137 replies and 181109 views.
    Это конечно ура. Но не в каждой же теме форума.
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 PM · 637 replies and 13588 views.
    A new and interesting concept for them.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 9:23 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    More like 'Blackmail' I think .. In blackmail there doesn't need to be a profit motive, damage is enough.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    Me neither, but I wasn't actually there for the Jarrow March or the Tolpuddle Martyrs .. Finding it fascinating to think of the Elite Pilots Federation really becoming a thing (in a way) But not something to worry too much about in the round, for reasons.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    My hat is firmly off, hence my signature, hence my personal opinion. I am allowed one yes? I have not broken any forum rules in expressing my opinion. Would you prefer the prefix of 3rd party :p Anyone who's actually read my posts will know my interaction with the tools and some of the developers from an early stage, but you cannot throw a blanket over them. I have not, and never will, deny the amount of effort that has been put in, or the usefulness of the apps. However I, personally, don't think that the fact we are where we are only happened by people taking it upon themselves originally without permission (and sometimes expressly against permission) of FD, should be forgotten. So yes we're here, FD are going to communicate more with the developers, and the next time a group of them don't think there's enough communication... Well we'll just have to see. A toned down approach would suit me :) NDA's? Can't see it myself.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 9:04 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    I just want to know what we should ask for .. If we club together and send EDDB a tenner, presumably I can get the lockdown on my local station removed?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 8:56 PM · 1800 replies and 73176 views.
    I wouldn't put it like that, because volunteers. More likely, while engrossed in the beta / game build, API porting is bound NOT to be the first thing on the dev's list (and shouldn't be) but when the main build is in big flux, which it was in 2.3, that causes a problem to the 3rd party developers, who really are right to point out that they provide a cracking support system, despite not being core game code. In all these things, you always need things to come to a head so the communication goes on the checklist for next time there's an update, and if nothing else FD now know exactly who to contact .. So the major 3rd party API devs now have a Trade Union Committee .. lets see what happens if they decide they don't want 2.4 to go ahead from beta (for example) because it messes with their 3rd party code !? Tongue in cheek, but the point stands .. prior notice to API devs potentially (could) spell .. spoilers. Expect NDA's?
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