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  • Wishblend's Avatar
    Today, 10:40 PM · 91 replies and 5162 views.
    Each expedition is created my one or more player deciding that they want to go somewhere and asks if anyone else is intrested. Then there is the planning phase where waypoints / basecamps are located. Followed by a test flight and asking others to sign up if they are intrested. As for the meet ups at the waypoints / basecamps - you can go ahead or lag behind, but the main point of said meet ups is to join together with your fellow expedition members for a social event. Sometimes silly things for fun things happen but the waypoints are also milestones to tick off on the big journey. You can leave the expedition at anytime, as for what happens at the meet ups, some things are srv fights / races - group resource gathering and other events that someone has thought up.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 10:38 PM · 205 replies and 7593 views.
    That is genuinely frightening. It has to be on par to a gambling problem. I can't conceivably see how a game/software can ever equate to 60K of value unless it functionally makes you more money.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 10:38 PM · 162 replies and 2264 views.
    Kerrash replied to a thread Aliens are ruining PvP in PvP
    It's a shame because I feel that was one of the goals. But all the will in the world can't make the player base interact in a way they do not want to. You know what, I take back my previous post, it was incredibly naive. Some kind of in game flag, much like "Report crimes", would make much more sense.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 10:23 PM · 205 replies and 7593 views.
    Isn't there one that has supposed to have put 30K into it?
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 10:11 PM · 234 replies and 5666 views.
    I mean, it looks stunning and great fun to watch. But it has more plot holes than the hull of a Borg cube :(
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 PM · 2 replies and 29 views.
    He's taking about premium content for Lifetime Expansion Pass holders on PC. It's not even clear what this is yet. But Ed Lewis made it clear on the live stream it's not pay to win. So I guess we will find out. It's highly likely we will be able to buy it if we so wish. The fact we are getting Beyond for free is good enough. Most PS4 games expect us to buy DLC weeks or months after release.
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:41 PM · 6 replies and 58 views.
    Looking back at the timing of the original film. I can't help but think It was a conspiracy to stop children eating McDonald's. Did you see some of their advertisements back then ? Really creepy. Flimley.
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:34 PM · 1 replies and 17 views.
    I have been secretly wanting this for so long. A more muffled sound would seam realistic to me. And best not boost while talking to someone else, you won't here them hehe. But what can you do. Flimley
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:31 PM · 6 replies and 58 views.
    There was a deleted scene where Pennywise ate a baby.... I hope he seasoned it first with some salt n pepper. Flimley
  • _trent_'s Avatar
    Today, 9:30 PM · 158 replies and 11422 views.
    _trent_ replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Fourth Aegis Initiative (Trade) in Community Goals
    The devs do monitor the forums, you only need to watch the livestreams to see things that have been flagged up on the forums get mentioned when they discuss aspects of the game. As with any feedback, you are far more likely to get their attention with constructive suggestions about ways that the CGs could be improved rather than complaining that you don't like something about the way they're done right now. Put yourself into the position of a dev, what sort of thing would you want to see if you were reading the forums for feedback? Posts that said 'i don't like 'x', its rubbish' or posts that say 'if we could do 'y' then that would improve on the experience for players.' The best place to raise concerns and put suggestions is the suggestions and feature requests.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 9:28 PM · 205 replies and 7593 views.
    Much like CR's design methodology :D :D
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 PM · 234 replies and 5666 views.
    It's not Star Trek. It might be wearing its skin, but that is as far as it goes :(
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 9:23 PM · 12 replies and 1020 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Newsletter #196 in Newsletters
    Whatever floats your boat. :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 9:23 PM · 27 replies and 580 views.
    Long live the new Robigo! (You know there's gonna be a new meta.... lol)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 9:21 PM · 12 replies and 343 views.
    We talkin' about the same mod? :p Congrats, OP! :)
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 PM · 5 replies and 42 views.
    Due to the strict licensing agreements. STD will be ......wrong, in many ways. Somehow it doesn't interest me what so ever. And I'm not wanting to watch a program where the main female character is called Micheal. Its all stupid. Flimley
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:12 PM · 6 replies and 58 views.
    Ah yes, I remember the original and how the ending was......Oh it's an alien spider thingy...oh ok.... But there was a positive buzz regarding this new version. So me and Flimicity went off to the cinema to watch it. She liked it lots, me? Unfortunately I was mostly bored.....mostly, and I think it's because I bought into the hype monster surrounding the film and it raised my expectations a little too high. But looking back now it was entertaining enough. With the sequel door left wide open. Oh yes Vasea, Tim curry....and excellent performance ! I have been Flimley.
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:02 PM · 42 replies and 1850 views.
    Ooooo new thread. Let me stick this here. Me and my old forum matey. Flimley
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 9:00 PM · 9 replies and 165 views.
    Wise words Mr Indigo. ...did you mean to say, good book and hot woman. :D I would swap my 23weeks game time for one of those ! And I'm not much a a reader. Flimley
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 3 replies and 30 views.
    Flimley replied to a thread [Controller] Saitek F.L.Y 5 keeps losing connection in Elite Support
    Interestingly my FLY5 broke, the second one .....broke, and believe me when I say I used it respectfully and never wongled it around to the Max. In the end I bought an X52pro. And all is good. Is your FLY5 plugged into a USB2 ? As usb3 make it go no no. Flimley
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