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  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 7:54 PM · 7 replies and 201 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread SALOME LIVES! in Dangerous Discussion
    Duplicate thread I'm afraid:!
  • Steve Kirby's Avatar
    Today, 7:46 PM · 469 replies and 15063 views.
    I came 9th in my first race...pity it's only a game otherwise I'd be the next lewis hamilton, minus the crashing and going boom in space...and the coming 9th. So i'm not lewis hamilton, I'm sure i'll get over it. Yey for 9th.
  • Sir Tj's Avatar
    Today, 7:28 PM · 5178 replies and 123970 views.
    Ok, I've pretty much had enough of the bickering, thread closed either take it to PM or put each other on the ignore list. DO NOT continue this on the forum. Consider yourselves lucky the infractions didn't get handed out.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM · 67 replies and 1320 views.
    Not in the original DDF discussion they didn't - instant was seen as the quickest / cheapest way to introduce the feature into the next point release. Indeed.
  • Sir Tj's Avatar
    Today, 7:23 PM · 1 replies and 30 views.
    Was sad to hear this earlier, he was very much my Bond.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 6:59 PM · 10 replies and 122 views.
    Achernar : the true home of humanity. :)
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:05 PM · 13 replies and 265 views.
    Yeah, the fact that you can do it with MC somehow isn't. If they are worried about wing balance, one way would be to make active crew count as wing members. Or perhaps limit to 2 NPC crew to solo mode only? Although can't really support that myself. Oh, and of course, NPCs to actually appear in the cockpit with you would be nice ;)
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 PM · 13 replies and 218 views.
    Can you name something specific? There are always small things to do if you want them. Do a bit of mining, its rather zen and relaxing, and you can stop whenever you want, take what you have, go cash in. You can help your faction's security level a bit by popping into USS and killing pirates for a bit. Or you could go pirate something yourself. Run a mission or two that looks fun (don't worry about the credits if your aim is to get away from the grind, pick something fun, like bombing a base). Take a sightseeing passenger mission and enjoy the sights along with the tourist, some of them are quite spectacular. Or join a MC session and jump in a SLF for some fun. If none of those are fun for you then... erm... i guess you have the wrong game.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 6:00 PM · 13 replies and 218 views.
    See? :D Build a mining rig but only dig beyond the bubble edge in unexplored space? (Get to know your geologies, explore like a surveyor and fight pirates, all in one go) Go pirating yourself, somewhere off your own turf? (If you're a Fed attack Imperial Traders, and vice versa). Become a Doctor and trade only with systems with medical emergencies or famines (Or attack traders, in systems only in medical emergency or famine, mwihaha). Shoot some security vessels and see what happens. Try to beat the Jump Range record? Try to find, and kill, Harry Potter?
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 PM · 32 replies and 1136 views.
    Maybe just logging in from the grave to get her canonn decal. :D
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 12 replies and 383 views.
    When people say "as intended" they could be referring to something specific the devs have said, or what they believe were the design intentions, or something they have just pulled out of their rear end. Depends on what it is. Things like Quince etc, were probably not intended by the devs. So its fairly safe saying the devs didn't intend the game to be played that way (Although if you want to be cautious, you might stick a probably in that sentence). Also like with naval ranks. I think i can say with some confidence, that when people grind navel ranks, the devs didn't intend people to gain ranks that way. They probably intended people to slowly gain ranks while working for the feds/empire, and perhaps for it to take months or even years to get the top rank... instead of weeks like can happen if you grind it.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 PM · 42999 replies and 2910602 views.
    That whole bed thing got me thinking, so i questioned it in the reddit thread, but ill post the same questions here:
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 PM · 67 replies and 1320 views.
    Yeah, no idea where i got 30 seconds from, must have been a brain fart. Not sure i've ever got 10 seconds though, i think 15 seconds is the norm for the actual jump sequence for me. I should time it properly.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 PM · 13 replies and 218 views.
    Grab an Eagle, make and overcharge load out with 0 jump range and start intercepting wanted ships around your system? (works like patrol sorties because reloads / repairs). Can also consider dropping in on every USS you see in it, no matter the threat level. Also enjoy scavenging in SRV myself. Pretty relaxing, might climb a mountain or just pick up what you find while working on your drifting skills. If you happen to find escape pods .. maybe consider burying them at sea, by dropping them into a star?
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 PM · 15 replies and 335 views.
    Yeah I have to admit - I don't get it. Misleading title at the very least.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 PM · 67 replies and 1320 views.
    I suppose they could, if they wanted to - except they don't seem to want to - as the galaxy is big (see implementation of delayed ship transfer).
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 5:28 PM · 1 replies and 56 views.
    Hey Runis, Thanks for the report. I'll pass this on to get checked out.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 5:19 PM · 1 replies and 68 views.
    Hey RebeccaHayden, Thanks for the report. If this happens again can you please provide us with a video to assist in this investigation.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 5:13 PM · 32 replies and 1136 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread She lives ! in Dangerous Discussion
    You could say.... it's a REPLICAnt.
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