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    Today, 4:07 AM · 7 replies and 91 views.
    You guys did see what happened to the Mandalorians, right? ;)
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Today, 4:01 AM · 1 replies and 18 views.
    What are the maternity leave provisions? (the bump is free btw :) )
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Today, 1:45 AM · 17 replies and 354 views.
    I'm gonna start a thread whining about this 'threat'! LOLZ. Yeah, colour me scared. Jeez. 'Gankers of the galaxy unite. Oh wait, stop firing at me. HEY! that was my best buddy. Have some of this you git!' etc. Yeah A bunch of gankers are going to 'escort' Yuri. Cockwombles
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 AM · 1389 replies and 106743 views.
    Noted. Friended. Your form will be sorted soon. Welcome to Deep Recon X. I hope you're ready!
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:01 PM · 16 replies and 123 views.
    ^^ totally. All the basics are well mapped. The rest can come with time, and as I said, we're always here to help iron out specifics. This is the most helpful and friendly community I know of. I'm proud to be a part of it. (btw +1 Biscuit. Also are you Proton Biscuit elsewhere, perchance?)
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:53 PM · 1389 replies and 106743 views.
    Well, DRX is always ready to welcome you aboard. Also, yes, there are a lot of ED things that interest us all, but that's the beauty of DRX - We don't give orders, everyone's free to do what they want. We do organise those big trips you might have noticed, and we've got a new one for May - 'Spring Break' (details soon). Most CMDRs who dip their toe into DRX stay for the social side. I think you'd fit in well, judging by your forum posts. - - - Updated - - - An explorer, eh? Well, I happen to know of a group that might suit you. LOL See the above posts, then check us out at: :)
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:24 PM · 16 replies and 123 views.
    Not certain I agree with this. Yes, most of us have done the boost into the back of the station thing, BUT If OP's wife gets used to holding the B button until the contextual options appear, she'll avoid this issue. Then as she progresses she will get the 'feel' of what ED considers a 'press' and what it considers a 'hold'. It's kind of a muscle memory timing thing. OP, if you wife holds the Contectual buttons until the options appear on-screen, she won't go wrong. (+1 for Akimu for a fine ninja))
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:21 PM · 16 replies and 123 views.
    FDev have done an amazing job of mapping the very complex ED scheme onto the pad. It's excellent work. When she starts your missus will go through the usual Pre-Flight setup that gets the basics sorted and then she can tweak as she goes. And we're always here if your wife needs any more help with specifics.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:41 PM · 1389 replies and 106743 views.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Loki. I'm flattered. (why haven't you joined yet? ;) ) (so love your ship name - I'm sure I've told you before. What a show!)
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:09 PM · 11 replies and 160 views.
    It's very specific the Controls menu. Every aspect of controls is broken down into the tiny parts. You need to scroll down a way, until you get to +driving. Click the + and that opens the individual driving options. Select 'Drive Assist Default' to 'off'. Set Steering Axis to 'LS' (left and right) Set Steering Axis to 'LS' (left and right) Set Pitch to 'LS' (up and down) That'll get you moving. I'm sure you can figure the rest out.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:00 PM · 11 replies and 160 views.
    This is the Xbox sub, so, erm, 'no'.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:59 PM · 11 replies and 160 views.
    Occasionally updates and the like can mess with your controls set-up. As Bassie says you just need to spend a little time in Options sorting it out. Oh, and a word of advice - don't use the Drive Assist - it's bobbins. (double ninja)
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:46 PM · 1389 replies and 106743 views.
    Hey there, I think you'd be a great fit for my crew - Deep Recon X. Check us out here: We're friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable. We're also a tight bunch of guys who look out for one another. You'd be welcome. BTW I've friended you on Live (gt's same as on here)
  • Godnamedthor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:44 PM · 8 replies and 247 views.
    You're welcome! Don't forget to post a picture of your price when it arrives :D
  • Godnamedthor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:46 PM · 9 replies and 212 views.
    Godnamedthor replied to a thread Count to Earl in Xbox One
    Just keep on grinding, the right promotion mission will come. The missions you do beyond 100% will count towards the next rank so don't sweat it. Meantime here's something for the Count:
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:07 PM · 33 replies and 1157 views.
    iconoclypse replied to a thread What's the update. in Xbox One
    Thanks Brett. At least I was right about the Packhounds! :) And right about the multicrew-related lockouts :(
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:58 PM · 33 replies and 1157 views.
    iconoclypse replied to a thread What's the update. in Xbox One
    yeah, the in-game System notice says see the form, but I've not seen a thing. Best guess it's a hot fix to the Packhounds, but Multicrew won't be fixed yet, just my opinion.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:55 PM · 31 replies and 676 views.
    You could tag along with DRX. We'll be formally announcing our next big expedition, 'Spring Break' soon.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:30 PM · 4 replies and 230 views.
    You didn't visit Dangerous Discussions again, did you?! You know, we've all warned about that!
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:46 PM · 31 replies and 676 views.
    Congratulations! Right on, CMDR. PS. good for you not doing it the easy way. I'm on 28% Pioneer and heading back home from a 60Kly trip for a passenger. Hoping that'll knock a chunk off... Back in 3 hours
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:33 PM · 211 replies and 15929 views.
    You missed the window, CMDRs. For security reasons the Premonition Fleet server is now in lockdown pending the operation tomorrow. Your best bet now is keeping your ears to the ground and attempt to keep up.
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:54 PM · 3 replies and 93 views.
    Alternatively, you might take a look at Deep Recon X ( Take a wander around the forum and you'll stumble over plenty of us. We're primarily an exploration team, but we do plenty of other stuff, including regular CQC nights. - - - Updated - - - Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City? Me likee. ;)
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:22 AM · 3 replies and 99 views.
    iconoclypse replied to a thread Crashing in Xbox One
    +1 Blu. Good man yerself! I hadn't found time to dig out the relevant URL. Busy as shipoopy right now!
  • iconoclypse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:51 AM · 3 replies and 99 views.
    iconoclypse replied to a thread Crashing in Xbox One
    This isn't really the place, my friend. But yes, these are known issues, and will be resolved with the early May patch at the latest (hopefully!) - if not before.
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