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  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 11:23 AM · 28 replies and 357 views.
    Haha! Boy I worded that badly!
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 12:07 AM · 28 replies and 357 views.
    Honestly I just needed to vent.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM · 28 replies and 357 views.
    I've had a lot of guys on various gaming boards. I'm trying to have a civil debate, and they come in and it feels like they're trying to bully me out. A quick read of their profiles, and they all say they're 20-somethimg men. Obviously this isn't necessarily true, but I do get the impression that testosterone causes a lot of guys to show their worst on the Web. This is on other gaming forums BTW. Mostly MMORPG's.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:56 PM
    You notice how anyone who is male tries so hard to make themselves look as threatening, and intimidating as possible? Are we just talking about basic gender behaviour here? Discuss.
    28 replies and 357 views.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:28 PM · 2 replies and 46 views.
    This is awesome, amazing work cmdr! I'm truly impressed with the effort put into this submission. Hopefully this sort of thing is within bounds of what FDev can do with a CG, as far as I know nothing similar has been done before. It would make a great story in itself and also adds to and moves along the Zurara storyline. Opens up opportunities for very unique gameplay mechanics and further storylines. Once again, great work, and thankyou for taking the time to put this together and submit it o7
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:15 PM · 140 replies and 2901 views.
    I'm disgusted by it.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:10 PM
    Hi. I believe that I speak for all Martians when I say that we are appalled by FD's blatant disregard for our timezones. Frontier, this is unacceptable. We, the people of Mars, demand you set the clock to represent our timezones. I feel we are owed this as Mars will be the first line of defence when the Errjelflerjell invasion fleet comes. Thank you.
    6 replies and 253 views.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:43 AM · 11506 replies and 902049 views.
    I agree with all this I can appreciate what others have said about leaving Zurara where it is. It's current location does add to the atmosphere, well worth the trip.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:27 AM · 11506 replies and 902049 views.
    Oh I think I get ya now, if the highest possible tier is reached then Zurara and its crew get a spot in TOG, lower tiers just the bodies are brought home and the ship is left there. Makes sense. I was thinking that the ship itself could just be a monument and the bodies be delivered to next of kin originally, but I like your idea better.
  • madbilly's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:31 AM · 40 replies and 1999 views.
    Hey Brett, This is a welcome improvement, thanks. Should we resubmit any CGs we consider to be long forgotten? Those we never received a reply about? I probably will anyway, I've thought of improvements since. Cheers :)
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:16 AM · 11506 replies and 902049 views.
    Ah is quite a significant difference in that example, left quite a bit out :/ I have been slowly collecting them in game anyway, so will keep going about recording them for personal use but the spreadsheet you linked looks like the best way to keep track for those that can use it
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:55 AM · 11506 replies and 902049 views.
    I had thought it likely to be the exiles personally. Although it could just as easily be the AI, or one of the races the Guardians hunted for sport, a lifeform the Guardians engineered or another alien race completely. I will have to read back through the messages but from memory there are more details pertaining to the end of the Guardians. Could be some info to help narrow down who or what the adversary was.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:32 AM · 11506 replies and 902049 views.
    I thought that site I linked had a summary, but then went on to list all the in game messages at what I thought were word for word? I cant access google docs spreadsheets so would you know if there are many significant differences between the two lists? I'm pretty sure I have a decent grasp on what facts each message gave from the link I provided, but would hate to be wrong because something was written differently :/ The thread is mainly just speculation, but good food for thought and does provide some solid info. Of course, not everything in the thread should be taken as fact, but definitely worth a read in my opinion.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:24 AM · 11506 replies and 902049 views.
    Fair call on the exiles, had skipped my mind. The main Guardians are all gone, but the exiles could have survived and evolved drastically. The acceptance of AI sentience and complete integration could mean the exiles have ascended beyond being as we humans do, living in bodies that don't die, with extreme bio-mechanical upgrades. If the exiles found a way to communicate with humans like Halsey, warning them that if they continued with the way things are as a species they are at risk of activating the Guardians automated battle fleets, biological weaponry, or even some sort of genetically manipulated for war lifeform. Too many possibilities to know for sure. The threat could be any number of things. I believe humans will be viewed as a scourge by the Guardians. Destruction and ravaging of natural resources and even entire races, wherever humans go in the galaxy it happens. If I were an ancient alien tasked with protecting the natural order of the galaxy I sure as frak wouldn't let pests like humans keep...
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    NP = (I hear he'll be in Ibiza this summer) - made me lol
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    No worries CMDR o7
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    Your welcome, anyone willing to take over the Sag A* visitors page deserves some rep
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    Have a virtual rep over here too.
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    May the Rep be with you!
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    No worries mate. Peace out!
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    Thanks for the help
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    Your welcome!
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    No problem
    Thank you for sharing your write up of the amazing rescue!
    I t was great to read
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    Thank you for the rep, kind Sir!
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