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    Today, 5:32 PM · 1 replies and 139 views.
    Please update OP, I am curious :)
  • andicoombes's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 PM · 3 replies and 111 views.
    All I can suggest is to read the smaller notes on the CG first page, and subsequently the thread itself, and I don't mean that in a condescending way. It is rare nowadays for all the bounties you get in a CG to count to the CG tally, in fact nowadays it is normally only ONE of the local minor factions. Ergo your experience very accurately matches those of others, and so I think it is fair to say that what you experience is actually correct and how it is intended to be. Have a read of the thread and post if you feel you need more explanation, but hopefully this will solve the mystery. Above all, I promise that your experience is right, that only one minor faction counts. Cheers mate, The Hat :)
  • andicoombes's Avatar
    Today, 5:20 PM · 15 replies and 357 views.
    Thanks for spoiling the spoilers, nice one guys :/
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 12:46 PM · 52 replies and 2178 views.
    I can't imagine ever wiping my save. If i get bored, i take a break, or find something different to do in game. Still lots of things i haven't done despite tending to do everything.
  • andicoombes's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:21 PM · 152 replies and 10988 views.
    I only just saw your post so will have to check mine out tomorrow before leaving the system for Kaal. Perhaps somebody uploaded the wrong 'news article' to the systems and did the failure one as opposed to the success one? Or perhaps its just another disappointing cork-up?! Well spotted dude! o7
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:00 PM · 3861 replies and 323969 views.
    Hold on! It think you are onto something! :D
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:34 AM · 4853 replies and 260025 views.
    I think Blizzard might like a word with you. :P But that's what we have, a game that can be single player or multiplayer... so everyone can be happy. Except for people who want a pure MMO.... so, quite clearly, those who want a pure MMO should look elsewhere.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:28 AM · 182 replies and 5927 views.
    I think we need some clarification here. You don't like the golden paintjobs, but where do you stand on the issue of gold paintjobs? Do chrome or other mettalic shades offend you? These are highly important questions than we, the community, must have answers for!
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 AM · 51 replies and 2211 views.
    Generally speaking, anything you sell to the back market is pure profit, and i've made quite a bit of money from them selling stolen goods. So they are far from useless. Could they do with more functionality? Sure, why not? But they are useful right now for those who play shady characters.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:47 AM · 3861 replies and 323969 views.
    I can't believe it, i really can't. Not only that CIG are doing this again, but the fans are lapping it up. Its completely and utterly #censored#
  • mistohise's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:16 AM · 14 replies and 304 views.
    Excellent. Fwiw, i do have horizons. Posted this because of threads elsewhere. Glad it's resolved.
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    Big fan of Father Jack.... ...feckneedjits thalotofya!
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    o7 Cmdr, I appreciate your favour
  3. YVW mate - never a problem where REP is deserved, it shall be given lol
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    Thanks or the rep Commander o7
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    Mate, not sure if you saw my earlier post here.... Was wanting to apologise for just not turning up again last night when I took off. Also I saw you had sent me a farewell note via direct, which I only saw in the main menu. Where I was due to server/instancing/connection(?) issues last night. Didn't have the patience to wait for it to resolve so dropped out.
    Not my usual style, to be sure, and I will return to fill any takers. After all: it's for bourbon for c@@@@ sake! The greater good.
    Also wanted to say how much I appreciate you looking out for the less experienced players. Cheers mate
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    Bad thunderstorms here in sw Florida right now internet is down can't get back on line yet will as soon as I can
  7. Likewise buddy And apologies for all the confusion - I think it was presumption on my part from a lonf time back when I first started playing this verison of Elite, so probably 4 - 5 months ago lol
    Cheers for being congenial though mate, it's a good thread here and much nicer than steam anyway lol
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    Thank you for the rep CMDR!
    Safe and fun adventures in space
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