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    Today, 1:38 AM · 54 replies and 2937 views.
    I'll tidy up the OP and add a summary of the results. (edit - done)
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    Today, 12:55 AM · 54 replies and 2937 views.
    I always count fragments before picking them up. so it's fragments per roid. I have the cargo hatch closed when I start drilling a new roid. Once I have depleted a roid, I switch to the Contacts tab to count how many fragments and record what they are. Then I open the cargo hatch to clean up so these fragments don't interfere with the next sample. Then I close the cargo hatch and move onto the next roid to start again. The collectors are bound to the same fire group as the lasers, so collector limpets always deploy when I start drilling. The thing I have to be careful of is that when new collectors deploy, the cargo hatch opens briefly, so if other collectors are waiting with a material fragment, it loads the ship automatically.
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    Yesterday, 8:59 PM · 54 replies and 2937 views.
    I haven't tried without prospectors yet. it is something i have been meaning to do, but without a baseline of the low/med/high distribution and the expected numbers from each type, it would be difficult to get meaningful results without prospectors. I have enough for a baseline now, so I might give this a go sometime soon. I don't think the ore content of a roid has any effect on the materials, though I have no proof for this theory. I am pretty certain that the reserves don't matter at all. I haven't noticed any difference between the materials in a pristine ring compared to a depleted one. Yinyin might be able to offer some insight as to whether prospectors make any difference to the material yield from a roid or not, since he regularly mines persistent roids. - edit - Ha, didn't see that he had already replied.
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    Yesterday, 8:17 PM · 18 replies and 341 views.
    I read it occasionally, about once a week. It mostly automated lists, which are boring and I skip over them.
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    Yesterday, 8:02 PM · 90 replies and 3481 views.
    I agree with a lot of what has been said. I just followed along by watching the Twitch broadcasts. Here's a few ideas that might help a similar future event: A week or 2 before the event, there should be interceptable messages in-game listing some planned waypoints and planned arrival times. That way there's no need to be a "friend" to follow the route. There should be some way to indicate which side you want to represent (not just for multi-crew). There should be many more "target ships", which are guaranteed to be in different instances. Match-making should try to mix targets and players in the same instance. Ideally, there would be 1 or more targets and roughly even numbers of opposing players. Instancing wouldn't be such a problem, if there were many more instances with interesting ships and events.
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    Yesterday, 7:42 PM · 48 replies and 677 views.
    Unless you're a woman, I'd have to disagree. :D
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    Yesterday, 7:27 PM · 25 replies and 828 views.
    It reminds me of the too-light and shiny Asp dashboard which was added a while back (and later darkened, when there were a lot of complaints). Hopefully, FD will tone it down in a future patch). Consider posting in the feedback and suggestions forum. It's much more likely to get attention there. I addition, everyone who thinks it's not dark enough should add a "me too" comment to the feedback post. I'd suggest adding a link to it, in this thread, to make it easy to find. I'd write a feedback post, but honestly, I don't care. I don't like the Anaconda very much, because of the restricted cockpit view. Of course, having a too-light dashboard means I'd like it even less.
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    Yesterday, 7:17 PM · 57 replies and 1203 views.
    That's exactly what I was thinking. Rep++
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    Yesterday, 8:51 AM · 24 replies and 490 views.
    That 1,000 materials is less than 14 per each material, so that's not really that many at all. Some of these materials may be easy to get, or useless at the moment. But look at biotech conductors, they were more common than mud and less useful, now they don't exist and have a couple of blueprints they are in.
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    Yesterday, 5:21 AM · 10 replies and 149 views.
    Here's another one. Here are my mining stats from about 20 months. To put this in perspective. If the 27,000 tons that I have mined was all one solid block of ice (the least dense thing we mine) it would be a 30m per side cube.
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