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    Today, 7:55 AM · 3 replies and 12 views.
    Nope, nothing definite.
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    Today, 7:00 AM · 33 replies and 683 views.
    I have an A-rated Type 9, which I mostly use for trade CGs in Solo. I've ditched the shields, which adds some excitement back into the game and significantly increases my cargo capacity. I've gotten gud at avoiding PvE interdiction and I've been in the top 10% of the last few CGs I've participated in. I like the Lakon "fishbowl" cockpit a lot, so I prefer the T9 over the Anaconda. The other nice thing is when I switch back to my AspX, it's so much fun to fly a nimble ship again. The variation helps to keep ED interesting for me.
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    Today, 6:48 AM · 72 replies and 19707 views.
    I wouldn't trust that 100 day figure. I've posted in a thread on that section just last week. Though my last thread was two months ago. It does seem a bit silly when this week there are no CGs.
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    Today, 6:07 AM · 4 replies and 64 views.
    Is subtracting 273 so hard?
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    Today, 5:52 AM · 7 replies and 166 views.
    And if you're getting cargo, you need space anyway. So one limpet per one canister isn't a hardship.
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    Today, 5:33 AM · 20 replies and 312 views.
    Aarrgg! My thing hurts. :D I did the CG and I got the Eagle Chrome paint job. As others have said, contact Support.
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    Today, 5:24 AM · 2 replies and 79 views.
    NW3 replied to a thread 6 months later... in Exploration
    Yes, that was a successful trip! Good job.
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    Today, 5:00 AM · 2 replies and 76 views.
    NW3 replied to a thread post your jump range ? in Exploration
    I've got you beat, just barely. :)
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    Today, 4:32 AM · 26 replies and 434 views.
    I held my breath and jumped into the deep end of the pool, hoping that I hadn't done something stupid... My first exploration trip was the Distant Worlds Expedition. I made it to Beagle Point and back to the bubble, barely. I had done my research and had a newly-purchased AspX with a 32 ly jump range and an appropriate load-out. I had a lot of fun, but it was a brutal trip; I had to spend 3-5 hours every day, to keep up with the front of the pack. I made it back, just, with 6% hull remaining.
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    Today, 4:02 AM · 13 replies and 316 views.
    I'd imagine that a 1-ton limpet drone would do a lot of damage, even if he was wearing a hard-hat. :D
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    Today, 3:47 AM · 5 replies and 86 views.
    FD said that the comms panel time was a bug, which (I think) was fixed in 2.4. I just mentally subtract a few hours from the displayed time; the actual number varies, depending on daylight savings time. If that's too much effort, put a clock, phone, or watch near your system. The reason that the local time is not shown is because you really need game-time for in-game meetings. Back when I was doing the Distant Worlds Exploration, the ship clock had not yet been implemented and I missed several rendezvous because I didn't get the timing right. The current clock is a big quality-of-life improvement, but I would still like to see a second "local time" clock in-game.
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    Today, 3:36 AM · 74 replies and 1549 views.
    You can have a ship cat now: I'm fond of cats (my wife and I have 6 rescues), but this was a bit too cheesy for me, so I opted for the Obsidian Ant voice pack instead.
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    Today, 3:15 AM · 599 replies and 54185 views.
    Yes, the bonus for the "Ancient Ruins mission" has been nerfed to 10 million, iirc. It's still quite worthwhile at 111 mcr. These days, a lot of people don't bother finishing the mission. The fastest way to earn credits is to concentrate on the 60-70 monoliths at the sites with the most active monoliths and repeat the mission as many times as you can stand it. You can make 2 trips for ~70 mcr in the time it takes to do the full mission, gaining 140 mcr instead of 111. To retrigger the mission invite, simply leave the station and redock.
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    Today, 3:05 AM · 102 replies and 1430 views.
    ^ Exactly. Rep++
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    Today, 2:39 AM · 102 replies and 1430 views.
    Yes, and that's why rewards can be "too high". In this game, much of the actual content is the ships. New players often think they must get in an Anaconda to have fun, but nothing could be further from the truth, imo. Skipping over the early ships is just cheating yourself out of much of the fun and enjoyment there is in this game. Personally, I hate the Anaconda: It's slow, can't land at outposts, and the cockpit view is quite restricted. If you can't have fun in an Eagle or a Cobra, it's unlikely you'll have fun in an Anaconda. Exactly. Don't focus on the exploits. Learn to play the game as it was intended. The thing is, when some activities pay a lot more than others, players tend to stick to those activities and then complain that the game is boring, because they only do the same activity over-and-over. If payouts were more balanced, I think we'd see less of that. If the repeated activity was an exploit, of course there will be complaints when it's fixed "nerfed". I think that's...
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    Today, 12:31 AM · 102 replies and 1430 views.
    Granted players that have been at it for a couple of years probably have a "comfortable bank account", but they earned it the hard way (at least a lot of them did). FD has continually raised the mission payouts over time. Aside from fixing some exploits, money has never been as easy to earn as it is today. The "old timers" aren't trying to "ruin the fun"; they just want the game to have reasonable dynamics. The thing is, credits are the least useful measure of your progress. I'm not sure why so many people seem to think they are the only meaningful measurement. I think people should concentrate on having fun, not their bank account. The big ships aren't all that much fun, imo. I've flown them all (in betas) and I have no desire for any of the "big 3". Flying my AspX is a lot more fun, than a big, slow ship.
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    Today, 12:16 AM · 102 replies and 1430 views.
    As long as your credits are increasing, you'll get to be a billionaire, eventually. I've spent months at a time, doing engineering, trying to have a Thargoid encounter, and generally farting around, basically earning nothing. I still wound up with over a billion, in a couple of years, using NO exploits.
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    Yesterday, 11:58 PM · 599 replies and 54185 views.
    Credits are already easy to earn. (Granted FD has closed some exploits, which is appropriate.) Learn how to play the game: Earn rep with the local factions and they will offer much bigger mission rewards. Do some non-mission trading, using EDDB to find a profitable circuit to run. Take some passenger missions. Go exploring for a few weeks. Do some community goals. Be frugal with your spending: Get a fuel scoop. Don't fly a big, expensive ship. The smaller ships are more fun anyway, imo. Just play the game and credits will accumulate. I've earned over 1 billion credits, with NO exploits. How did I earn it? The biggest chunk came from flying to Beagle Point (on the far rim of the galaxy) and back, scanning stuff along the way. Yes, it took months, but I earned hundreds of millions of credits, when I sold my exploration data.
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    Yesterday, 11:30 PM · 6 replies and 106 views.
    Very few permit systems are still controlled by the faction that issues the permit. It's definitely the Dukes of Jotun that issue the Jotun permit. They control several systems near Jotun, but you'll onlyget the permit from a system within 15ly of Jotun. edit - Blanquichu is just under 15ly, so the mission generator might not like it. Try Djaujang.
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    Yesterday, 10:29 PM · 31 replies and 380 views.
    That is SO true! :D Rep++
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