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  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 2 replies and 67 views.
    Hey CaseyWilliams121, Thanks for the report. By not rendering properly what do you mean exactly? Do you have a screenshot of the issue? Any additional information would be helpful to this investigation.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 8:41 AM · 11 replies and 178 views.
    Have you considered showing them tea and no tea?
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:31 AM · 11 replies and 139 views.
    The game has been designed from the outset to both offer every player (regardless of game mode and now platform) the opportunity to experience and affect the single shared galaxy state (BGS initially, followed by CGs and PowerPlay) and offer every player the choice as to how many players they might encounter during their game session (none, members of a Private Group or everyone playing in Open on that platform). In that regard it would seem to be working as it was designed. It's not a game where direct PvP is, in any way, a requirement - nor was it designed to be.
  • Galactic Midden's Avatar
    Today, 8:22 AM · 1987 replies and 138499 views.
    Smelly one. There! Bag of squishy, hair and noxious fumes. Grab it and shove it in the probulaytor. Isn't that Klaxcksvll's personal play toy? He might get angry, click click. Miiddeyen says train it. I say we start by teaching it to be less of a walker. Obviously, that's where we start. Let's see, where to plug it in. Do we know how far the probe must reach? Only that it needs to be turned up to eleven to have any effect on this one. Switch it on.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 6 replies and 70 views.
    How many passenger missions have you and your friends completed (and when)? Passenger missions initially had a significant effect on Exploration rank although this was toned down in an update.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:14 PM · 266 replies and 9086 views.
    You seemed to completely miss my point. I was not comparing the games, in fact I didn't even bring SC up, the post I was replying to did. I was simply responding to the point about Chris Roberts, he is by far not anywhere near as successful as many other people in the games industry. They don't do references, only FUD :p
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:49 PM · 61 replies and 4172 views.
    Tier 1 reached: Tier thresholds 2 to 5 look like 2.5Mt; 10Mt; 25Mt and 50Mt.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:41 PM · 14 replies and 890 views.
    Indeed it is - a few more posts and you'll be able to.
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:18 PM · 50 replies and 1702 views.
    It's difficult to say and compare, honestly. You have the nostalgia factor, the vastly different scopes of the game and what it was trying to achieve, the difference of focus and priorities. I couldn't say with any real certainty which I like more because over time my needs and wants from a game has evolved, and ED fills a section of that perfectly right now.
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:51 PM · 44 replies and 2131 views.
    I saw this before the alien sign, honestly. It's fast-approaching my dinner time, clearly. Like all encounters in life, I'm going to sit back and watch as the first wave or five of eager explorers and scientists test the waters. I'll stay behind and gather intelligence from their failed attempts at making contact with the Thargoids!
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:38 PM · 31 replies and 1099 views.
    I'm with Max on this one. *shakefist* And yes, the GalNet article isn't about the weapons testing that took place in the cinematic. But heck, I can see why you'd think that way because the timing one after the other was a little close. :)
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:32 PM · 130 replies and 3597 views.
    The tone isn't flying well with people, and I totally agree with that. You could say exactly the same thing, but your tone and delivery will garner vastly different reactions... but that's by the by and not really what I wanted to address. Exploration. One of the big parts of the game. Arguably the biggest, consider that over 99% for the galaxy is yet to be explored, so I would say this was pretty stonkin' huge. Sandro has said on a previous livestream (a week or two ago) that more will be revealed about the 'improvements' plan at Frontier Expo, which is actually only a couple of weeks away. He's hinted at various things and made mention to exploration as one of the various aspects that the team is thinking about and... yes, it's being thought about seriously, just like with all of the other parts of the game that the team want to improve. Understand, though, that these thoughts and discussions internally may or may not happen so I really want to stress that part. No promises or guarantees, as many of you...
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:27 PM · 1 replies and 95 views.
    Hey Misaniovent, We're aware of this issue and currently looking into it.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:26 PM · 1 replies and 49 views.
    QA-Mitch replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] Community Goal stuck on 0H0m in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey xhovisx, Sorry for the delay getting back to this. If this issue happens again please let our customer support team know so they can get it looked into when its happening: Customer support]
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:23 PM · 1 replies and 74 views.
    Hey gcase, Thanks for the report and sorry for the delay getting back to this. If this happens again after the 2.4 update, can you please provide a screenshot of the mission details screen to assist in this investigation.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:08 PM · 1 replies and 73 views.
    Hey sirnumbskull, Thanks for the report. We're aware of this issue and currently looking into it. If this continues after the 2.4 update is out can you please let me know.
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