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    Yesterday, 9:15 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    They're not. The premises and requirements to strip a person or organization from their constitutional rights are extremely clear cut and can only be permitted by the judicative in form of the highest court. As Robin already said, fighting Propaganda that tries to topple the constitution and the democratic principle needs to be countered, in extreme cases with extreme measures. That's the official definition of the constitutional court in Germany which sets the frame for declaring a party(in this case: political party, organization, person. German law can be very confusing with the wording) unconstitutional: "A party is not even unconstitutional if it refuses to recognizes, rejects or opposes the highest principles of the liberal democratic order. It has to have an active militant, aggressive stance against the existing order, it has to infringe the functioning of said existing order tactically, has to aim for the removal of the existing order in the further course of events." As I've said,...
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    Yesterday, 8:11 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    Because the constitution needs to defend itself against tries to abolish the democratic system and itself. It's not about how they feel about it, it's about what they do against it. That's called 'Streitbare Demokratie' and it works pretty well with keeping politicial extremism in check. An opinion is different from an ideology. This is an opinion on a single issue.
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    Yesterday, 7:48 PM · 825 replies and 22092 views.
    No, I prefer answers being answers. Are you suggesting then, that the actions in a video game are crimes punishable by law? Or even comparing them to real-life crimes? (See, when you answer a question with another question, it just begs another question and we get nowhere.)
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:17 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    Extremism is already half submerged in the underground on both sides of the political spectrum. We had hard-left and hard-right terror cells on German ground, but no movement like the alt-right or the KKK for example. It's a trade-off between a lot of moderate dangerous extremists and a small number of highly dangerous extremists. Imo, latter can be easier controlled than former. Those who talk can't be punished. It's simply not able to get sufficient evidence without establishing an surveillance state (something we had over here, too). If those people however go on the street and openly advertise the destruction of our democracy and the abolishment of everyones right to freedom of expression, except theirs of course, while glorifying the horrible acts their ideology did in the past by waving their respective symbols they shouldn't respect their own rights to be protected by the very same constitution they're rejecting. It's not 'my ideology', it's pretty exactly how this kind of behaviour is...
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    Yesterday, 4:31 PM · 3569 replies and 116234 views.
    You misunderstand something here. The EU cannot negotiate a trade agreement with the UK unless it is clear and in dry sheets how exactly the UK will leave. The divorce bill is part of that process, there is no way around it. As you can't build a skycraper on sand, you can't negotiate on changing or unknown premises. There won't be any trade agreement for the day after the negotiations either. As I've said: Those agreements take years to negotiate, considering the size of EU and UK it should take between five and seven years to come to a conclusion, not including the ratification process in the EU memberstates. You don't address my points at all. There can be no such thing as a soft border without a free trade agreement as such a border would undermine the EUs regulatory regime by allowing uncontrolled entry of goods to a third-state. Without a trade-agreement the only possibilities would be to create a hard border between EU/RoI or between UK/NI. First is not going to happen as it'd render the...
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:46 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    I left the parts out I agree with. It seems like our approach to extremism is fundamentally different. I prefer it being stopped at the very source from the beginning, way before it comes to any violent acts (which are still not always prevented). Your approach is to react with force once the damage is done. Both are valid. It seems like I'm just a lot less tolerant towards extremism than you are.
  • Marra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:25 PM · 825 replies and 22092 views.
    My question was to Minonian. You his lawyer?
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:23 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    Then you don't have to wonder when your country becomes undemocratic and intolerant towards you at one point. It's a fact that democracy and ideologies like nationalsocialism or communism aren't compatible. As I've said in the part you left out of the quote: Take a look at the physical evidence of what those ideologies have caused and then tell me that it's a good idea to let people promote them yet again. As for the 'purported democracies' being 'tyrannies of the majority'. The US is a lot of things, but sure af not a tyranny of a majority, nor are any of the european democracies. If it were, DT wouldn't be POTUS.
  • Marra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:17 PM · 825 replies and 22092 views.
    Why are you using words like "atrocities" and "sin"?
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:30 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    I don't know you. I don't know whether you'd react the same way. My own experiences suggest that its possible and unless you visit those sites we won't find out whether it'd change your opinion or not. It's not a reaction to one thing. It's the reaction to the actual physical evidence of what the ideology neo nzis, white supremacists, or the KKK support can cause and has caused. Sure, you can read all day about the holocaust and the third Reich, but standing in the same place where millions of people were crammed in trains, imprisoned, gassed and finally burned is something entirely different. You can't be tolerant against intolerance. There are ideologies both on the right and on the left which have no place in a democracy. Nationalsocialism and the promotion that goes along with it, is one of these. Waving a swastika flag makes it pretty clear where someone stands. And that's not the side that'd respect your right of freedom of speech, let alone your right to live if you're jewish or black. ...
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:12 PM · 3569 replies and 116234 views.
    Funny stuff coming from a guy who's obviously stuck in the Brexit echo chamber. You've failed to respond to posters who have countered your point and to source the statements you made, but now it's everyone else burying their heads in the sand? Cool stuff, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:03 PM · 276 replies and 6269 views.
    Seeing an actual chamber where tens of thousands were gassed from the inside has changed a lot of opinions of people who claimed the same thing. It's a powerful, horrific experience.
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    appreciate the rep. I also enjoy reading the reaper diaries. Thank you for both
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    Safe & fun adventures in space
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