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    Yesterday, 5:59 PM · 153 replies and 101554 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread [COMMUNITY] Voice Attack profile sharing. in Worlds of Elite
    I've downloaded your profile but i can't use it because I have all sorts of customised key-bindings for my X52. There's a link to some keybindings in post~1 but it doesn't work. Do you have a link to keybindings used in your profile. I'm using X52 at the moment, soon to change to Virpil. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Yesterday, 4:41 PM · 108 replies and 3581 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread 21000000 loss in Dangerous Discussion
    Can I join in? OP, in case it isn't already clear from 6 pages of telling you, there is no pause button. You have to log-out if you want to go AFK. Is that clear enough now, or do we need another 6 pages to say the same thing? I'll be back after 12 pages to check.
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    Yesterday, 11:06 AM · 8 replies and 147 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread Murder? in Newcomers Forum
    You should hae reported him to the police for threatening behaviour, not murdered him. I've been caught like that. Most are already wanted, but not all of them. I guess that's just to keep you on your toes.
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    Yesterday, 11:02 AM · 4 replies and 85 views.
    Interdictions also depends on what you're doing and whether you're carrying anything. If you forgot to sell those microweave cooling hoses that you got as a mission reward, the NPCs go nuts for them. Any mission to go and fetch cargo will get you interdictions. If you have an active murder bounty on you in any system, NPC bounty hunters come after you.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 9:25 PM · 9 replies and 154 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread Two Questions in Newcomers Forum
    Unplug the USB connector of your HOTAS, Then plug it straight back in to recentre your joystick.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 6:52 PM
    d8veh started a thread Modular terminals in Engineers
    Did I read somewhere that there's a problem with them at the moment? I used to get them from Ceos, but there's none there at the moment. I need them for my Sidewinder, so I can't do many types of missions. Can you still get them anywhere?
    2 replies and 74 views.
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    20/10/2017, 12:48 PM · 59 replies and 1851 views.
    How is that?
  • d8veh's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 12:29 PM · 11 replies and 185 views.
    I don't agree. Some people like to grind. The whole point of the game from the first version in 1984 has been to grind your way through the ranks. It's fun to set targets, then grind your way through them. Just like real lfe, some people (probably most) are target oriented, and others are just happy to amble through life taking what comes. He's asked for help in how to grind out Empire rank. Thats what we should give him. AFAIK, Aditi and Wui Guinagi data delivery missions are probably the fastest now that surface scans have been nerfed.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 12:17 PM · 29 replies and 439 views.
    Bounty hunting in a high RES is very safe in the basic Sidewinder. That should get you about a million an hour so that you can get your first ship for whatever you want to do. As long as you don't upgrade the SW's weapons, nobody will shoot back at you as long as you only shoot ships that are already engaged with the cops and you completed the scan to show "wanted" in red on the left of your HUD. As a general rule, hybrid builds are not a good idea. It costs nothing to change modules, so whatever you want to do, sell the modules you don't need for that activity and buy the ones you need. When you've made 100 million, you can buy a decent Python, which is a ship that can do many different things without refitting.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 12:40 AM · 107 replies and 1718 views.
    Those git gud guys haven't a clue. They need to get off their high horses and get real. I'd like to see them miss this one:
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    19/10/2017, 12:23 PM · 7 replies and 240 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread Double interdiction ! in Horizons
    It was very common when doing the old Robigo smuggling runs, where you were chased by everyone.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 5:06 PM · 20 replies and 308 views.
    There's a ready made list of things to scan for maximum reward. You just follow the list for 300 million cr. It's a bit of a spoiler, so don't read it if you prefer the excitement of the unknown:
  • d8veh's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 10:34 AM · 79 replies and 3054 views.
    That's a very good suggestion. I have a Cutter in my other account. I didn't know that trade profits were shared - though it would be sort of cheating.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 7:31 PM · 6 replies and 169 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread Where's my SRV? in Dangerous Discussion
    OK. Time to kick myself. It's the reputation that's missing not the SRV. I though it used to say in red when you didn't have the reputation. Did that change?
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 7:26 PM · 6 replies and 169 views.
    d8veh replied to a thread Where's my SRV? in Dangerous Discussion
    Yup. I have the hanger + SRV. I can switch it on and off. I'm in the station, so I can't get in it, but it's definitely there. I tried logging, leaving the station + logging, but back in the station it still says "need SRV for the surface scan missions and "accept" is red, so I can't accept them.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 7:16 PM
    I'm sitting in Quince. I bought an SRV hanger and SRV before I set off. Just to make sure that I definitely have one, I solde it when I got to Quince and bought another one and SRV at Millerport. Now, please help me. I'm suffering from brain fade after weeks of dogfighting. When I look at the mission board, all the surface scan missions can't be accepted because I need an SRV. I even tried taking it off-line and back on again just to make sure. I know I'm going to kick myself when you tell me, but please put me out of my misery.
    6 replies and 169 views.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 5:47 PM · 79 replies and 3054 views.
    That would normally be true, but the constant ramming by ships trying to scan you can be resisted by 4 pips on your shields. Without shields, you'd be frequently going back to the station for repairs. here's a vid I made to help you understand:
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 5:41 PM · 79 replies and 3054 views.
    Yes, You're right. It's 10 tons not 5. That makes it half as difficult then.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 9:47 AM · 79 replies and 3054 views.
    I did most of the fighting in high RESs in Brani, Aphra, Freng, Kremainn and Asellus Primus. It would have been much safer if I did more engineering before I started the combat grind. Speed is what you need. I made the mistake of using the materials/data I had to upgrade the standard thrusters, to grade 3 dirty drives, but I got more speed with standard enhanced thrusters. The other mods I had were some low level ones for the PP and PD to be able to boost more often. Obviously, I got a level 5 FSD for the exploration. I was using standard 2C shields , which were too weak to withstand the constant ramming and scanning. Thanks for the trade rank suggestions. BTW, the combat is not that difficult in the Sidewinder. I was exploring how the game mechanics work. It seems that the NPCs are programmed to shoot the highest risk ship, so as long as somebody else is shooting them, they dont shoot back at you. The trick therefore, is not to upgrade the basic pulse lasers. It's different with the SLFs. The moment...
  • d8veh's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 9:25 AM · 26 replies and 493 views.
    It's not just security ships that do it. Pirates do it too or any ship that wants to scan you. I've recently been doing a lot of RES farming in a Sidewinder. The ramming is a real nuisance. I got about 4 significant rams per visit, which took down my shields and up to 40% of my hull with a single ram. I had to keep going back for repairs. Several times, I had only just arrived, and not even shot a single ship, when bang "shields offline" and 10% of my hull gone. I then managed to compose myself and get ready for a fight, then bang "shields offline", another 20% of my hull gone and still not fired a shot.
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  1. i really your you tube posts. hope that you continue to make many more. I learnt so much from you. well done!
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