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    Today, 2:13 PM · 8 replies and 52 views.
    ED is so niche, i cant even describe it to my gamer friends without sounding boring. Many people kinda want wham bam thankyou man, this is more like wham bam (your thankyou man is waiting in Colonia).
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    Today, 11:15 AM · 31 replies and 1397 views.
    Bit confused by the point of this response..? Its not like im condoning what happened, its disgusting, but facts are facts. I could point out that statistically air travel is the safest way to travel, that statement might not be any condolence to anyone who's ever lost a friend/relative in an air crash but its still a fact. I was using the statistic to make a point about scare mongering, lets not get in to a discussion about RL events :).
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    Today, 11:04 AM · 31 replies and 1397 views.
    Clipper is also my fav ship, love that thing :D. People dismiss it because of its shields but like you say, that things hull <3 - - - Updated - - - Like social media :D.
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    Yesterday, 8:27 PM · 33 replies and 589 views.
    People already said it but, install software, put hat on/clip on load game, look at the middle of the screen press F12 to centre the screen and your good to rock. Edit smoothness/speed to your taste :).
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    Yesterday, 7:27 PM · 39 replies and 5432 views.
    Honestly ive invited friends back in the early day who said "i'll stick to solo/private group at first until ive learnt the ropes". They never ended up leaving, its almost like they built up a bad image of what Open is throughout the playing until they felt uncomfy making the switch. For that reason id say Open from day 1. Bit like drivers who have just passed there test but dont get a car for a year or so, when they do they have lost all confidence to get back on the road.
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    Yesterday, 7:22 PM · 79 replies and 3078 views.
    I agree, we have different opinions on it, which is fine. I also totally agree with what your saying about wishing the game was another, literally could not word it better myself, infact i believe i used those exact words in a thread last month. I am happy with ED, i do like it, every single player has aspects they wish the game had that know never will, all we can do is talk about it really. You are also correct that the change would not affect my game play but it would affect yours, thats an interesting way of looking at it. To a degree you are also right about the RP side, i'm not much of an RPer, i love being immersed in a game (infact i have to be or i lose interest) but not to the degree of many. For me the biggest immersion hit is the big ships, which i recently realised why i don't enjoy the holy trinity ships as much as i should....They are empty. I just cannot shake the feeling of how daft it is that a ship is large as the Anaconda, with 3 seats and presumably a massive area within the ship to...
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    Yesterday, 3:51 PM · 53 replies and 1026 views.
    At the risk of being shot, PCs are just better. If your a casual gamer you can get a good console for a fraction of the price but the PC is just so much more customisable, powerful and enjoyable imho :). Not had a console since the Master System.
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    Yesterday, 3:30 PM · 79 replies and 3078 views.
    I have told FD, that's what we do, we give opinions on the board. Your opinion (Stated in bold) is that when you die there should be no loss and you should get everything back with the same button you press to to retrieve your ship. Mine, is that the game needs some form of loss and crew members are a good start however too little too late, and now that people are so used to "easy mode" will put up more of a fight against any form of loss in this game in future rather than accepting it. If you boil down every thread on this board its essentially about people putting their opinions forward followed by arguments followed by insults followed by Yaffle with a big stick. Yes, i did the last CG in Mobius because more people were around, I've been doing this one in Open because theirs lots more people in Open at this one. You probably noticed, its teeming with people, not unlikely we wouldn't end up in the same instance, unless your trying a subtle accusation. I have not lost a crew member, as i said, unless i...
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    Yesterday, 2:51 PM · 10 replies and 210 views.
    Thanks :D i thought so!
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    Yesterday, 12:50 PM · 10 replies and 210 views.
    Dont take planetary scan jobs full stop, they are buggier than Klendathu
  • Noctover's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:17 AM · 31 replies and 1397 views.
    Barely never. Its like people screaming that the worlds about to break due to terrorism when terrorism is at its lowest level in decades. People scare mongering about Open are usually players that don't play in Open. Over the weekend i went to the CG to test the theory that Open is full of rabid crazy greifer gankers; so i set off in my shieldless clipper and did 4 runs of reactive armor. Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, nothing, no one interested. I figured maybe they thought a Clipper wasn't worth the hassle, so i did the same thing, 4 more runs, in my shield less T7. Guess what....Same outcome. Getting ganked in Open is a rarity, but the people who do fall victim are the ones that shout loudest.
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    Yesterday, 10:06 AM · 79 replies and 3078 views.
    No what you want mate is a game where you can fly happy happy knowing 1 button will restore everything in the event of death. I've lost non, losing an Annie is pretty hard to do, but also i prefer to fly my Clipper. When i do fly my Annie in haz rez, combat zones, CGs in Open, i still take my crew member.
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