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    Today, 9:59 PM · 83 replies and 4589 views.
    goemon replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Expanding Maia - Empire in Community Goal Discussions
    a war will block lockdown, minimum duration 4 ticks/days after it went active (not sure when that was) you can always transfer moduls and ships to another station, even when the station where the module or ship are is in lockdown.
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    Today, 7:33 PM · 120 replies and 20249 views.
    Are non-pmf imperial rebels gone with the extinct of emperors dawn? if not, any exampels? those given by are just corrupt data.
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    Today, 3:01 PM · 11 replies and 562 views.
    goemon replied to a thread FDL or Gunship in Xbox One
    i own both. FDL is a beauty, and surely excells at bountyhunting, but also every other way of combat. it's the largest ship which still is a small fighter ;-) FGS is my preferred fighter carrier. if you like to pilot larger ships (like python and conda), get both.
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    Today, 2:51 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    I'm pretty sure that the effect you are experiencing is not down to the buffed influence effect of bounties, but an effect of multiplying positive actions per superpower aligned minor faction. as the number of actions goes up, the effect of each action goes down ... to back that up, here quoted a carefully worded support answer: "lots of positive influence effects" and "actions for other factions" are the important words here imho, as the system mentioned has 4 superpower aligned minor factions. each single superpower bounty redeem would count as 4 actions, creating 4 "positive influence effects" - at least that is what i believe is the case. so reducing the influence effect of bounties wouldn't be a solution to the underlying problem.
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    Today, 1:58 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    reducing the influence effect of bounties would be no solution to the multiplication of actions via superpower bountie redeems, which leads to diminuishing effects for any other action in system, and is a large part of the current frustration of many player groups. i'm with schlack here, basically, the superpower bounty effect as we probably see it currently requires a lot of cmdrs and random traffic. i still remember the original implementation of powerplay, when only after beta the effect of that many crimes in systems were visible (and FDEV later on changed powerplay action to non-crime in BGS terms).
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    Today, 1:52 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    well, i also can't really have a good suggestion... as said before, i think there are 3 problems with the implementation. - multiplication of actions (superpower bounty redeem) by number of factions leading to diminuishing effects (if that is the case, which i belive). I have no idea, how FDEV fixed the 1-t trading exploit, but i assume that they somehow collect several small transactions per cmdr per instance or something, counting several actions as one action. maybe they have introduced a gate, like only trade actions of 10 t counting... i don't think that could be a solution for superpower bounty redeems, as those are redeemed by different commanders, though. if the BGS algorythm can work with fractions of actions, that would be another way (in a 3 superpower alligned minor faction system with 60%, 30%, 10% give them a 0,6 action, 0,3 action, and a 0,1 positive influence action)... but i assume, that both things aren't possible with the current way influence is calculated, so i simply would suggest to...
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    Today, 11:02 AM · 51 replies and 1796 views.
    Hmm interesting, yes they seem to be missing. I can only theorize that it is related to the massacre missions. I remember with the skimmer exploit Frontier said it is not straightforward to fix, presumably because their "type" system, ie what is classified as what, is rather clunky. Perhaps some overhaul is going on, but while that happens all missions that rely on "types" have to be disabled.
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    Today, 10:40 AM · 11 replies and 295 views.
    bitstorm replied to a thread Holo-Me !!! in Dangerous Discussion
    Aye I believe that to be the case, but think about it too hard and you will find holes. :( I mean there's possibly an argument that says that the helm pilot being a holo-me actually makes more sense, since it then provides an explanation for the ED death-respawn mechanic. But as you say, if the helm pilot is a holo-me too it really starts to undermine the game and much of the "meaning" for your character. Also if the helm is a holo-me, we can throw Frontier's lore argument against implementing long hair out the window. :rolleyes:
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    Today, 10:28 AM · 11 replies and 295 views.
    bitstorm replied to a thread Holo-Me !!! in Dangerous Discussion
    Well you at the helm is actually the real you, everyone else appearing are holo-mes. But obviously there's a slight discrepancy there that changing your holo-me changes your appearance at the helm. Whichever way you look at it there will be holes I think. It all ultimately stems from trying to make the game as part simulation and part game, you end up having to make trade-offs in both areas.
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    Today, 10:22 AM · 51 replies and 967 views.
    Don't you guys lose all your "visited systems" data when you delete the save? Like the galaxy map "visited systems" filter thing?
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    Today, 10:13 AM · 5 replies and 118 views.
    bitstorm replied to a thread Frontier Store issue in Xbox One
    Not on XBox, but can you select one of the other suits in game? On PC it sends you right to a purchase page for that suit.
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    Today, 10:07 AM · 582 replies and 63241 views.
    "who haven't updated since before last night GMT" not sure how to read that. =p but it updated fine for me just now. I last updated a few days ago
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    Today, 9:42 AM · 169 replies and 6804 views.
    Gotta say these spike packs are a bit out of the blue, it is hard to see how they might have came about. All we really have is footage of these Raiders finding an alien base. Did the spike kits come out of folk commenting on how great the ships in the trailer looked, or were they already done or in the pipeline at that stage? Perhaps the Raider alien base discovery hasn't actually happened yet? Will the Raiders play a major role soon, and the ship kits came about as required adornments for NPCs initially?
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    Today, 8:52 AM · 54 replies and 1526 views.
    Bit confused, everyone calling it "gravity braking (or sometimes breaking)". It's not is it? It's more of an artifical effect of mass on supercruise that Frontier just added. In that it's not realistic at all and is absolutely nothing to do with slingshots and gravity wells as people know them from conventional space flight, ie as you might hear from NASA. Although I do not know if it is specifically mass, as in a high mass body will have more of a slowing effect than a low mass one.
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    Today, 8:39 AM · 27 replies and 640 views.
    Not sure why the finger is being pointed at the CMDR in question, although this player is clearly a ****, this is Frontier's issue to sort. I do not understand why killing non-wanteds next to Engineer stations is a thing. Revoke their privileges for that engineer, just a couple of rep levels should do it. I also do not understand why killing non-wanteds in permit systems like Shinrarta is a thing.
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    Today, 8:23 AM · 19 replies and 217 views.
    Holy moley, your sig is a blast from the past. Nintendo DS, 2005, Meteos. I imported this game from Japan, to play on my imported DS!
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 8:09 AM · 18 replies and 250 views.
    Unfortenately the issue with this is exactly the same as with all bounty systems. Griefer's best mate, or alt just claims the bounty, it's then win win for the griefer. Grief has been successfully caused and this adds a nice profit bonus with it too, which is not really a disincentive.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 4:09 AM · 5 replies and 118 views.
    This should anser a lot of your questions with any luck ---> Should have pledge to Antal and been independent :D if you dont mind me say sir
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 2:49 AM · 9 replies and 184 views.
    This guide will help you farm them about 5 to 10 times quicker than random scanning or sitting outside a station
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    Today, 1:29 AM · 13 replies and 331 views.
    did you check/reset your filters in the left panel? you can filter out signal sources.
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    Today, 12:16 AM · 3 replies and 176 views.
    i intend to take my surface explorer out there.
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    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 7 replies and 142 views.
    the bottleneck will be the corrosive.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:21 PM · 7 replies and 142 views.
    1 corrosive, rest auto-loader?
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    Yesterday, 9:00 PM · 55 replies and 1853 views.
    the point where we chime in and tell the op, that there are only sidegrades, no upgrades to a cobra mkIII pve (even if some rather interesting sidegrades), and he can enjoy and survive anything in game in his cobra, is the point where you can explain how one can finance the rich mans hobby pvp most efficiently without spending too much time on CR earning :D
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    Thanks for the rep Commander o7 Have fun and fly smart
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    Thanks for the Rep
    Safe travels
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    Hah, thanks! Jefferson was awesome (as far as I can tell, as a non-American 200 years after his time). Unfortunately Franklin's quote (if it's actually his quote; some people think it wasn't him) is more pithy for a signature than a whole biography.

    Whom to you fly for? Did you know that the Alliance appears to be what Jefferson would have liked the most in Frontier's galaxy? Just wondering.

    Fly safe and free, Cmdr!
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    Thank you for the rep, kind Sir!
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