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  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:22 PM · 1 replies and 44 views.
    @Mods this can be closed, i just learned that corrosive shell has a secondary effect of minus 20% ammo, didnt know that.
  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:54 PM
    Severity Moderate Frequency Once (<1%) Time of occurrence 14.30 MESZ Date of occurrence
    1 replies and 44 views.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:02 AM · 42 replies and 902 views.
    "It's a good job I found you first" doesn't even scan grammatically. "Good job! I found you first." Grammatically correct but makes no sense. (Musing to himself) "This is a good job...oh, hey! I found you first!" sloppy, unlikely and awkward. Whereas a thing can also be a good thing. It can be a good thing that you found somebody first. This from the island that invented​ the language.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:44 AM · 80 replies and 5629 views.
    Over her dead weebos.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:39 AM · 43 replies and 680 views.
    Oh, the sanctimony and hatred associated with the assumptions of personality based on entertainment preferences and the convoluted language that attempts to veil it. The spirit of what you say can count as much as what you say so don't be surprised if you insult a lot of people by not hiding your feelings better. Gotta get that barb in and show everyone how smart I am. If the forums validate you, you got a good deal. I think both sides have points and I know where I stand but the whole thing is a mess where they keep wagging the dog. They may fix a lot of things about this game over the years but without separating the BGS for Open and Solo/PG there can only be one real way to play and one sucker's way to play. Fine if you play just for fun but when you're competing you go with the more sure thing.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:29 AM · 80 replies and 5629 views.
    This whole thread makes me want to join ALD.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:23 AM · 148 replies and 2537 views.
    You "deploy" your pilot from your ship or SRV just as you deploy your SRV from your ship. Maneuvering thrusters for strafe, crouch and jump Decelerate to walk Accellerate to run Boost for sprint Deploy hardpoints pulls gun out Fire groups switch weapons/scanners etc. Just another vehicle, slower and more fragile but capable of finer tasks.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 5:54 AM · 42 replies and 902 views.
    1. "The rumor was right...good JOB I found you first.", I wish they would change it to "The rumor was right...(it's a) good THING I found you first." 2. The way most body kit parts don't fit properly, lay right over other parts or mess up the color scheme. 3. I want gold and chrome for all my Gutamaya/Kruger vessels (and FDL) 4. I had to get rid of my double chin because it didn't fit my lean figure (even with the new jackets). 5. When I accidentally press the launch button at the station, especially right after I land.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 5:26 AM · 218 replies and 9727 views.
    My sympathies, OP. Sounds pretty bogus. Hats off to you for contributing to the BGS and also for making your discontent known.
  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 7:39 PM
    I need some clarification from the Devs regarding shields because i asked the support team and they coulndt answer my question. Does the maximal shield strength whos shown in the informations in outfitting on your shield module have any influence regarding pips in system on the raw absolute shield strength? Because as far as i know 4 pips to system give you allways 58% damage reduction or 2.38 times stronger shield as shown in your right tab in statistics correct? As an example if you have 1000mj with 50% resistances over the board you have 2000mj raw absolute shield strength with 0 pips in system and 4760mj with 4 pips to system correct?
    1 replies and 136 views.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 9:48 AM · 19 replies and 711 views.
    Nice find!
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 9:42 AM · 18 replies and 411 views.
    Try T9 smuggling for a rush.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 8:10 AM · 40 replies and 791 views.
    ^This Post
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 12:27 AM · 539 replies and 27027 views.
    Ship Kit for Viper Mk IV Gold Orca, Clipper and IEagle paintjobs
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 11:09 PM · 206 replies and 15380 views.
    Ca$hback replied to a thread COMPLETED CG Remembrance Week (Rares) in Community Goals
    Remembering the good times.
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 11:01 PM · 244 replies and 7651 views.
    Alan Parsons Project, AspX
  • Ca$hback's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 9:03 PM · 28 replies and 584 views.
    Ca$hback replied to a thread Multis or Cannons in Xbox One
    I only like the look of the medium cannon so it's the only one I use and I prefer medium cannons to medium multi-cannons. I also use turreted mounts because I can't hit anything with them myself. Despite their damage penalties for being turreted, cannon spam seems decent against shields and absolutely shreds hulls. I spam 4 medium turreted rapid fire cannons on my FDL with a long range fixed beam laser for the shields. It sounds like an airship from Super Mario 3.
  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 6:10 PM · 373 replies and 6861 views.
    I have no clue why you draw such conclusions! And im not a jackass by the way but thanks. I just participated at a combat CG, if i attack bigger ships thats more than fair. How should i know his ship is damaged if his hull is at 100%?! But anyway it was just an excuse from him, i would gladly post the video of said Cmdr but that would be naming and shaming. ;) He was flying a Corvette and i was flying a Gunship so he just stayed too long in the fight because his shields dropped and i destroyed his FSD. He could just highwake 20 seconds earlier but he didnt. Dont know if he was to proud or just too late but thats no excuse for clogging right?! True, but they also agreed to the terms of service right?!
  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 4:02 PM · 373 replies and 6861 views.
    Hahaha no, im doing almost daily pvp and my connection is fine. Instancing with them works allways perfect but the moment you destroy engines or FSD they vanish. Also as i have said before i just report people who admit in messages to me that they logged, like this one:
  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 3:45 PM · 373 replies and 6861 views.
    Hm strange because they are still playing in open, days, weeks later, i track certain players and go after them to see if something happend if they clogged repeatedly on me...
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    Thanks for the rep Commander o7.
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