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    Today, 11:59 AM · 242 replies and 12458 views.
    Why is everyone acting all confused and dumbfounded by a "rule change" in a PG? Consensual PvP was once allowed in CZ's, this was abused (of course) by a certain player type (of course!), and now it's not allowed at all. Seems simple enough.
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    Today, 11:32 AM · 11 replies and 143 views.
    Oh, don't get me wrong... I did manage to get one of my game saves up to "Dangerous" before resetting it. All of my combat experience is pre-2.0 though. My suggestion isn't just about combat ranks. Should effect Trade and Exploration equally. Just a general feeling that in-game death should carry a consequence.
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    Today, 11:08 AM · 11 replies and 143 views.
    It's all pretty moot from my perspective. I've barely engineered any of my ships (mostly just the FSD). Death is only optional for me because ... I choose not to die. I also choose not to play as a combat pilot so, there you have it. I've ranked two of my accounts to "Elite" in exploration with only one death between them. I have no idea how hard or easy it is to kill an Elite NPC because my ships don't have guns.
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    Today, 10:58 AM · 5 replies and 230 views.
    And as any good combat pilot ... you took full advantage of your opponent's weakness. If he was Wanted in Open Play then he was fair game. More than fair.
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    Today, 10:54 AM · 11 replies and 143 views.
    Yep. If I were in charge of the rank system I'd divide your number of kills by your number of deaths and base your rank off of THAT total.
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    Today, 10:51 AM · 11 replies and 143 views.
    I've suggested something similar. A "Prestige" system whereby a player could willingly reset their ranks upon reaching "Elite". Under such a system, combining your idea and mine, a player reaching combat Elite could elect to reset their rank to "Harmless+" which would allow them to continue to progress and the "+" would act to warn other players that just because the rank says "Harmless" you might still want to watch your back. Reach Elite+ rank and you can reset to "Harmless++" with each additional "+" indicating how many times you've climbed the ranks. Currently the only way to reset your progress is by clearing your game save ... which clearly isn't in every players interest (I've done it several times myself but I can understand why others would be hesitant).
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    Today, 8:39 AM · 2 replies and 105 views.
    DukeIronHand replied to a thread Lakon Type-9 Heavy Any News of a Type-9 update in 2.4? in Ships of Elite
    No news OP on a much needed buff. Sandro said it would be coming - to make sense of it - but we are still waiting.
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    Today, 5:25 AM · 48 replies and 2431 views.
    With the Thargoids about to be on our doorstep on September 26th it's my opinion that wrapping what little we know about them in Spoiler tags is counterproductive. It's not as though any of my statements spoil any major content from any of the books or haven't been discussed openly in other threads on these forums. Specifically I recall the spoiler from And Here the Wheel being discussed in much greater depth in the 1st Formidine Rift thread.
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    Today, 1:15 AM · 242 replies and 12458 views.
    Agree on both counts.
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    Yesterday, 10:07 PM · 39 replies and 4467 views.
    DukeIronHand replied to a thread Lakon Type-7 The Lakon Type-7 Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    You are exactly correct Cmdr. Nicely phrased! And if the T7 had to be on large pads for a logical reason it would be "Oh well, I'll just take the 9." But it's frankly idiotic for it to be on large pads. You can sit almost 4 T7's abreast on a large pad so why? It is (as someone smarter than me calculated) 1.5 meters too high. Dumb. And the designers at the Lakon Design Bureau (aka FDev) didn't think this odd or non-sensical? I sure do and it needs to be fixed. The T7 is, otherwise, a great ship. I'd never buy a Python again if the 7 was medium pad capable. it wasn't obvious I am a T-Ship fan. Got one career just for them. :D
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    Yesterday, 3:13 PM · 4 replies and 55 views. Can be as casual or serious as you like. 2 hours a week or 200...all are welcome!
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    Yesterday, 3:12 PM · 4 replies and 95 views.
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    Yesterday, 3:08 PM · 21 replies and 609 views.
    Lakons are things of beauty combined with functionality. Or should there been a /s at the end of your post? :)
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    Yesterday, 10:28 AM · 82 replies and 3482 views.
    Thank you for the post. Now that all parties seem to understand each other (on here anyway) I find your explanation a refreshing change. Guess we have to make hay, or fight, with the tools provided. Normally I would end with "Cya in the combat zones" but unless you like to lag and rubber-band around an Open instance I will have to do any "combat" with my trade ship. Now with that said...may the best faction win!
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