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    Today, 4:30 PM · 10 replies and 224 views.
    Class 4 fuel scoop. Sorry, I was just sick in my mouth a little. :D I know it's not as bad as the DBX because it's only a 16 ton tank but even so, ewwwww.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 PM · 10 replies and 224 views.
    Just to clarify (since I think I might have made one of the posts you're thinking of) I don't think they're useless at all, I just can't see any need for any more of them.
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    Today, 3:29 PM · 7 replies and 195 views.
    Walking around - if there is compelling gameplay created around it which is available from day one, yes. If there is just a crap-tier FPS created around it and the ability to stand in my Python's cargo bay looking at a crate, nope. NPC wingmen. Depends really. Could be fun but it would depend entirely on the actual implementation and after seeing what multi-crew became compared to the original suggestions (how are you enjoying that engineering role?) then although I don't doubt that FDev could code it, I do wonder what kind of timescale we'd be looking at. The Krait - as with any other ship, only if it fills a niche which is currently unfilled. From my recollection it was a small ship with two guns. Are we really short of small ships with limited firepower? I'd say not. Edit: Oh and two words. Panther Clipper. :D
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 3:19 PM · 2886 replies and 174379 views.
    The crazy in the closet. Thanks Jonny! I sift through the intarweb just for this thread. o7
  • DeVaStAtOr's Avatar
    Today, 1:09 PM · 64 replies and 1143 views.
    No but then again my life doesnt revolve around Elite and it is just one of many games I play.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 12:03 PM · 64 replies and 1143 views.
    I didn't ever have a problem with the season pass expansion as a concept but as you say, it's abundantly clear that FDev just can't deliver the amount of content they planned to do on a 13 week per point update schedule, so from that perspective I think they've done the right thing by ditching it. I have no idea what to think about future updates because we don't know anything about how they're actually going to be delivered.
  • DeVaStAtOr's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 AM · 41 replies and 1427 views.
    Who is replacing Brooks? Perhaps not a person but a roadmap?
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 5:46 AM · 43 replies and 931 views.
    Pah! When I were 3 months old and had to work down mill programming swathe machines - we had to set dip jumpers using our tongues as contacts. Mill owner were too poor to buy coal to fire up the boiler - so he used all our food and clothes and worldly posessions as fuel.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 32 replies and 834 views.
    I can hardly hear the ship computer in any ship since they messed around with the sound balance for no conceivable reason whatsoever in 2.3
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 3:59 AM · 13 replies and 269 views.
    Just pick a direction and go, even in a Sidey :D Make sure you have a discovery scanner and a fuel scoop though. Return after a few hours, sell your data, get a better discovery scanner and fuel scoop - and go out again wherever you like. As the games has been out a few years, you'll have to travel a bit to make a "first" discovery, but if you head to unusual areas and pick short jumps, you will definitely find somewhere no-one else has been.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 AM · 43 replies and 931 views.
    Luxury!!! I had to type it in from a magazine listing - which had a typo in the hex - using a rubber keyboard that couldn't get into extended mode. And I were lucky to have that!
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 AM · 9 replies and 346 views.
    Agreed. I have no idea why everything seems so lit up now, cockpits and that bloody scanner. Really when I'm flying around I want to be focused on what's outside the window. Granted that means looking at planets that are still waiting for some colour work, oh and for the terrain height variation to be fixed so that we can actually have dramatic, narrow canyons again instead of every hmc and metallic looking like a slightly hillier version of Norfolk - I've given up landing on them to look for interesting scenery completely now out of sheer boredom, which means that since I hate driving on ice worlds about 75% of what I enjoyed about exploration has left the building, but never mind at least I can invite a player into my ship which has no guns or fighter bay. :rolleyes:
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 AM · 3 replies and 130 views.
    That's disappointing to read. I picked up Elite for the PS4 after work (the one and only copy they had received, apparently), but Gamestop were out of new-boxed Pros. Hopefully FD can resolve whatever performance or render issue is going on here before I get one.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:21 PM · 25 replies and 1233 views.
    I was more concerned with the name on the mission board in-game than the thread mate, you've just copied the official text. It wasn't a criticism of the thread titling at all, should have made that clearer probably. It's still showing the old name on the mission board now, I guess they just decided it wasn't worth changing it for the sake of a couple of days. I didn't realise the system name had only just changed in the last update because I didn't get out here until after it was released. :D
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:17 PM · 49 replies and 2946 views.
    They already said in that comical announcement from what, a year ago now, that someone repeatedly entering a PG for the sole purpose of causing a ruckus (i.e. getting banned by the group owner and then clearing save etc to get readmitted) would be considered harassment, i.e. something they can do something about. For a single occurrence though, private group rules are not FDev's rules - they have been very clear about that. As such it falls to the group owner to deal with any issues because it's their rules that are being broken. Fdev literally cannot enforce private group rules because they are not FDev's rules. Know what's funny about these threads? Every time I see one and Mobius (y'know, the guy whose group everybody is atually playing in) comments, all he usually says is 'yeah, it's sorted, I banned him'. Considering that he's the guy who is doing all the spadework, if he can deal with is with so little drama maybe following his lead would be the best policy.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:43 PM · 49 replies and 2946 views.
    Lulzbunnies are delightful in their predictability :D
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 122 replies and 2509 views.
    I'm looking forward to 2.4 when we'll have to use an Etch-A-Sketch.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:28 PM · 122 replies and 2509 views.
    Traveling to a specific location to solve a mystery is extremely common in gaming, in fact it's a staple of RPGs for a start. Using a third-party audio tool to record part of the game sound, then accessing another third party tool in order to perform a spectrographic analysis of it and reveal a picture, all without any indication in-game that any of this may be necessary is, well let's say less common. Sufficiently so that in 35 years of gaming I can name exactly one game that has required it. Locking content that is seemingly central to driving forward your recently-announced ongoing plot for the final part of a paid-for update behind that? Let's be generous and call it 'brave and innovative' shall we? Mainly because it sounds much better than the alternatives.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:07 PM · 122 replies and 2509 views.
    I would probably have thought to do it, just because there's been a previous occurrence of it. Whether I would have done it is open to considerably more debate though and that's speaking as someone who is fortunate enough to have music production software on his PC and so would have the option of doing so. If we start with the total player base, reduce to the number of people who might think of the need to use a spectrograph to begin with, then reduce to the number of people who are able to access suitable software, I suspect we're into 100-200 tops. The game has shipped 2 million copies without taking into account any PS4 sales. That's content relating to the major plot development of 2.4 which is being pitched at a very, very small proportion of players. My opinion of it as a way of delivering content would ultimately depend on how key to the whole mystery/plot the spectrograph actually is. If it's the only way that the information is to be delivered, making it key to moving the whole plot...
  • DeVaStAtOr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:18 PM · 13 replies and 423 views.
    I've spoken with my associates and you're now on the list for a alien probing.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:53 AM · 73 replies and 1313 views.
    For anyone like me who can't remember what they were doing last week, the forum's advanced search allows you to search for your own posts from a year ago. :) I was heading out to the Bubble Nebula. I arrived on 1 July, when I took these screenies: By day... ... and by night
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    Yesterday, 10:42 AM · 14 replies and 571 views.
    Map on the passenger seat, wow is it 1984 again? :D
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:36 AM · 129 replies and 5358 views.
    If you've only just read that post, you may want to bear in mind that it was considerably longer and more ranty before it was edited by someone.
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