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    Yesterday, 6:44 AM · 64 replies and 1349 views.
    I remember somebody complaining on the Elder Scrolls Online forums about why the devs were fixing a sound bug while there's some other bug around for ages, and the community manager answered with a picture of a guy with a guitar sitting in front of lots of sound-tech, and asked the question: "Would you really want our sound designer to play with the code?". Silence. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure Fdev are a good team doing stuff as good and fast as possible. Creating games is just not a piece of cake, and things that seem to be easy to make/fix are most of the times way harder than people tend to believe. That said: I want fluff and exactly the stuff they announced for 2018. Space legs are totally one of the last things on my list, though I'd take atmospheric landings anytime. But as somebody in the thread already said: step by step. I'm patient .
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    21/10/2017, 7:50 AM · 364 replies and 10833 views.
    I think this thread starts to be an example of how threads (especially on gaming forums) evolve and drift into meaningless discussions about opinions and off topic stuff. This it also the point where many participant stop participating, because the original topic is dead anyway and it turned into a narcissistic shoot-from-cover ping pong game. I think that's also why many, many threads are so very long and it's mostly really no use to read beyond page 5 of any thread. I'm signing off now, for example. :D
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    21/10/2017, 7:44 AM · 32 replies and 1460 views.
    Valorin replied to a thread No 5th Aegis CG in Aliens
    Weren't those new Guardian based weapons announced for 2018? They showed them when they were talking about new guardian content and questlike missions for players, and rewards for those. Guardian weapons make a lot of sense given that Thargoids seem to hate their tech, but I really think that the weapons shown were for 2018. We'll see, but I'd gladly take more scientific stuff instead of more pew pew.
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    21/10/2017, 7:38 AM · 33 replies and 1270 views.
    So far it's all experimental stuff and makes a lot of sense that it's not comfortable to use. You have to switch a fire group and activate with a the right timing. In return you don't end up as a punching ball. I think that's pretty fair. :D
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    20/10/2017, 8:57 AM · 364 replies and 10833 views.
    Criticism is one thing "FDEV CHANGE THIS OR THAT UNTIL IT FITS MY NEED AND IT'S ALL GRIND AND ANYWAY EVERYTHING SUCKS!" is _not_ criticism. It's complaining and raging. And also "UH, FDEV DOESN'T CARE, ARE TOO FEW, SHOULD HAVE FIXED THIS LONG AGO!" is not criticism as well, because, apart from the horrible social posture, it's based on assumptions made from thin air because, in this example, you don't know if the care, you don't know how many people are needed to do stuff if you're not a programmer/game designer yourself and know the guts of the product those people are working on. Same goes for the "FIX THIS" thing. Google the term "heisenbug" to have a slight idea what programmers have to deal with, which is only the tip of the eisberg. And what most people get wrong often, is this "opinion" thing. Of course everybody can have an opinion, but those example sentences above are not opinions but accusations and wild guessing while venting frustration. An opinion, and also criticism, is something like "I...
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    20/10/2017, 7:09 AM · 364 replies and 10833 views.
    I think gaming forums are just the new aggression-venting social playground. It has a topic you can get passionate about, there are lots of people who love and defend the topic and who also oppose you with their reasonable opinions. You can openly apply your schoolyard-bully behavior, or just scream around in rebellion. You also have the freedom to be a ambivalent fan! Means, you can make the impression to be very interested in the topic, while in contrast you just use that stance to vent frustration. Last but not least you can really like the game in a way, but it doesn't support your playstyle, which isn't too big a surprise if the playstyle is "get all the good stuff in minimum time". That never worked, especially in games like Elite. But this is mmorpg (anti)culture again, and you know, if a game frustrates you, it's _always_ the game...
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    20/10/2017, 6:53 AM · 364 replies and 10833 views.
    People carry over their mmorpg mentality to Elite. Lots of entitlement and complaints. Also implying that games take a much too high priority in their life. It's also a way of venting frustration collected elsewhere. In other words: it's immature belching. Also, those people are just a loud minority. If you substitute "Fdev" with "mom/dad" in these posts you often might get closer to the their meaning.
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    19/10/2017, 3:21 PM · 89 replies and 2255 views.
    I kinda like how AEGIS screwed us by first talking about research and all and then, like INRA, weaponize whatever results they get. Shows again that humans are the real aggressors here. People, and I am one of those, are against instant violence as a reaction to anything new, be it threatening or not, but government, military and triggerhappy cowboys don't agree and this is what we get. It's almost a parody... Concerning gameplay I'd really like to have another approach too. Weapons to keep the arcade-shooter crowd happy, okay. I get that. But where's the science stuff for the people who play Elite because of immersion and the science in it?
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    19/10/2017, 8:47 AM · 62 replies and 1942 views.
    I tried the docking computer shortly after starting to play, only for the music. Then got rid of it... :D
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    19/10/2017, 8:38 AM · 11 replies and 716 views.
    Yeah, it's the arrival music. I always found that to be very handy when on exploration. I mean, before we were able to plot 20k ly jumps.
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    18/10/2017, 9:24 AM · 25 replies and 2245 views.
    Valorin replied to a thread Merope 5c in Aliens
    I am pretty sure humans shot first in the war back then, and I am pretty sure they shot first this time as well. Also looking at INRA and their focus on warfare and genocide. AEGIS is heading in the same direction now. Merope is clearly a center of something Thargoid related. The crashed Thargoid ships that have been found are dated back about 100 years, so there's something going on for a while now and I am pretty sure the superpowers new all along, and according to all the conspiracy stuff they used the cold war as an excuse to gear up on weaponry. Perhaps Merope is some kind of beacon and that's why the Thargoids swarm it?
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    18/10/2017, 9:00 AM · 349 replies and 32312 views.
    That's some elaborate theorycrafting! Awesome! Some criticism on the pictures: I miss the long and thin limbs and I think the eyes should be smaller and darker. The logs found in the Obelisks say their home planet had a lower gravity than earth and the sun was much brighter, which lead to black eyes and an overall thinner body shape. Faces should be much smaller according to logs and those big eyes doesn't seem to fit at all.
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    18/10/2017, 8:35 AM · 113 replies and 2498 views.
    Same here. I have lots of ships, hundreds of millions of credits left and I never grinded anything in this game. I think this whole talk about grind is part of this modern mmorpg mentality, where it's all about the max level, best gear, dropchances, and, of course, flaming, bashing and screaming demands in the dev's faces. I guess that last part is not true for everybody, to be fair, but I think people try to apply their progamer mmorpg mentality to Elite and that's why there's lots of complains about grinding. But it's, at its heart, a space sim. Triple Elite doesn't equal max level (also there will never be something after Elite rank. Really.), but it means your pilot is flying since forever. Ranks in Federation or Empire means you're dedicating a significant time of your life to military service, which translates to lots of hours of game time, because that's the role you chose in that moment. Same goes for faction reputation. If you want a Sirius permit you have to be an employee for Sirius for some...
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    17/10/2017, 8:28 AM · 246 replies and 4737 views.
    There really is no grind. There is only the idea of players to have everything as fast as possible, as good as possible and best yesterday. If you want a Cutter, or a Corvette for example, you have to part of the Imperial/Federal navy, which doesn't mean you do a few jobs for them but dedicate a part of your career to the service. Being an Elite pilot means you're... well, Elite. Not that you "grinded" your way up in a few days. Getting your ship engineered doesn't mean you have to get the best of best results, but at some point you should be satisfied with what you get, because that's how life works. If you find yourself grinding in Elite it's either a matter of impatience or perhaps OCD. Both are on your end. mmorpgs might work that way, but in a space sim game (and Elite already compromised a lot here) you have to invest some time and get used to the thought that there's no such thing as an "end game" and also that it's not about "leveling up" as fast as possible. Yeah, there are things you can...
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    16/10/2017, 4:27 PM · 20 replies and 633 views.
    You just need to spend a day in service of Sirius to unlock Palin's prequisite Engineer, then gather some Modular Terminals for the guy, do some modding there and done. People keep complaining about stuff like that but it took me two days really relaxed Elite playing. You can't just grab it, that's something you need to accept, the rest takes some time and done. After Palin's invite you just need to go to a Thargoid crash site, shoot some Sensors and collect the pieces. That way you can also unlock Palin.
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    16/10/2017, 8:27 AM · 7 replies and 206 views.
    Valorin replied to a thread Little Help Please in Newcomers Forum
    Also you won't have any hud while using the outside cameras. To be honest, I think a feature like that, like flying third person constantly wouldn't be something Elite should do. space sims should always be about cockpit view when flying, in my opinion.
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    16/10/2017, 7:04 AM · 40 replies and 1178 views.
    Actually I always take out skimmers and any other ground scum in my ship if not encountering them coincidentally... Dumbfire is excellent for that.
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    16/10/2017, 6:34 AM · 40 replies and 1178 views.
    I really see no use in new SRVs at the moment. As soon as there is more to do on planet surfaces new SRVs make sense, but at the moment I think new ships are of much more use. It's not that I wouldn't love to have more surface vehicles, but I the resources are of more use elsewhere.
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